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St Martin-in-Meneage Baptisms 1600 - 49
listed in surname order

ADAM Jhone F 22 Jul 1632 James ADAM 440-1PR p.15
ADAM Ursula F 29 Mar 1637 James ADAM 484-1PR p.16
ANDA James M 20 Feb 1612 Gyllian ANDA base son 286-1PR p.10
BANFAT Anne F 26 Aug 1611 Raph BANFAT 272-1PR p.9
BANFELL Anthony M 14 Jun 1640 John BANFELL 522-1PR p.17
BANFELL Sebble F 29 Mar 1637 John BANFELL 483-1PR p.16
BANFELL Thomas M 30 Sep 1635 John BANFELL 465-1PR p.16
BARNES Henry M 05 Aug 1638 Frances BARNES base son 498-1PR p.17
BARTELL Anne F 25 Sep 1610 Anne BARTELL base daughter 265-1PR p.9
BARTELL Aves F 01 Nov 1620 Sier BARTELL 349-1PR p.12
BARTELL Edward M 09 Sep 1622 Sier BARTELL 362-1PR p.12
BARTELL Elizabeth F 09 Apr 1647 Edward BARTELL 579-1PR p.21
BARTELL Marie F 01 Nov 1605 William BARTELL 225-1PR p.8
BARTELL Mathias M 12 Oct 1642 Edward BARTELL 547-1PR p.19
BARTELL Maude F 13 Aug 1626 Sier BARTELL 384-1PR p.13
BARTELL Prudence F 24 Apr 1636 Marie BARTELL 472-1PR p.16
BARTELL Thomas M 12 Oct 1642 Edward BARTELL 548-1PR p.19
BAUDEN Marie F 09 May 1605 Martin BOUDEN 221-1PR p.8
BAUDON Mary F 20 Jan 1637 Wally BAUDON 495-1PR p.16
BAWDEN William M 21 Mar 1606 Martin BAWDEN 236-1PR p.8
BOCHER Asdruball M 08 May 1647 Francis BOCHER 580-1PR p.21
BOCHER Dorithie F 06 Apr 1628 Hasereball BOCHER 400-1PR p.13
BOCHER Edward M 29 Jan 1622 Frances BOCHER 365-1PR p.12
BOCHER Elizabeth F 17 Mar 1632 Frances BOCHER 446-1PR p.15
BOCHER Elnor F 24 Feb 1605 William BOCHER 229-1PR p.8
BOCHER Fraunces M 12 Apr 1640 Fraunces BOCHER 519-1PR p.17
BOCHER Grace F 18 May 1611 William BOCHER 269-1PR p.9
BOCHER Henrie M 28 Oct 1627 Edward BOCHER 397-1PR p.13
BOCHER Jane F 16 Jan 1624 Fraunces BOCHER 372-1PR p.12
BOCHER Lowdie F 22 Jan 1625 Frances BOCHER 378-1PR p.13
BOCHER Margerie F 20 May 1632 Edmond BOCHER 434-1PR p.14
BOCHER Marie F 20 Mar 1635 Fraunces BOCHER 471-1PR p.16
BOCHER Richard M 20 Dec 1628 Fraunces BOCHER 402-1PR p.13
BOCHER William M 28 May 1643 Frances BOCHER 558-1PR p.19
BOCKER James M 21 May 1637 Frances BOCKER 489-1PR p.16
BOCKER Jane F 22 Jan 1603 William BOCKER 209-1PR p.7
BOES Richard M 15 Mar 1606 Lawrance BOES 234-1PR p.8
BONFAT Bonfat M 14 Nov 1613 Ralph BONFAT 292-1PR p.10
BONFAT Grace F 12 Apr 1607 Raph BONFAT 238-1PR p.8
BONFAT Jhone F 20 May 1620 Raph BONFAT 344-1PR p.12
BONFAT Margaret F 07 Apr 1618 Ralfe BONFAT 331-1PR p.11
BONFAT Willmote F 26 Feb 1615 Ralph BONFAT 315-1PR p.11
BONFATE John M 09 Apr 1609 Ralfe BONFATE 252-1PR p.9
BONFATTE John M 03 Sep 1643 John BONFATTE 560-1PR p.19
BORNONE John M 19 Nov 1609 Humphrie BORNONE 258-1PR p.9
BOSISTOW Mary F 12 Feb 1635 Anne BOSISTOW base daughter 470-1PR p.16
BOSSOROW Barbara F 23 Nov 1609 Margerie BOSSOROW 259-1PR p.9
BOSSOROW Florance F 03 Apr 1619 Thomas BOSSOROW 336-1PR p.11
BOSSOROW George M 15 May 1612 Anthonie BOSSOROW 281-1PR p.10
BOSSOROW Henry M 09 Oct 1608 Anthonie BOSSOROW 250-1PR p.9
BOSSOROW John M 01 Aug 1613 Thomas BOSSOROW 289-1PR p.10
BOSSOROW John M 17 Sep 1619 Anthonie BOSSOROW 339-1PR p.11
BOSSOROW SIer M 10 Jan 1615 Anthonie BOSSOROW 312-1PR p.11
BOSSOROW Sier M 20 Apr 1649 Henry BOSSOROW 586-1PR p.21
BOUDEN Anthony M 03 Dec 1640 Elizabeth BOUDEN base son, Bouden ales Thomas 529-1PR p.18
BOUDEN John M 31 Aug 1640 Wally BOUDEN last of August 527-1PR p.18
BOUDEN Martyn M 27 Nov 1643 Wally BOUDEN 565-1PR p.19
BOWDEN Avis F 29 Feb 1609 Martin BOWDEN bap. last February 260-1PR p.9
BOWDEN Josias M 07 Mar 1611 Martin BOWDEN 278-1PR p.9
BOWDEN Peter M 21 Jun 1615 Martin BOWDEN 306-1PR p.10
BOWDEN William M 16 Sep 1610 Richard BOWDEN 264-1PR p.9
BOWDEN Zephoronia F 09 Feb 1611 Richard BOWDEN 277-1PR p.9
BOWLES Aves F 22 May 1632 John BOWLES Irishman 435-1PR p.14
BRIANT Anne F 21 Jun 1604 John BRIANT 212-1PR p.8
BRUSH Eleoner F 08 Sep 1644 Jams BRUSH 570-1PR p.19
BUCHER Anes F 03 May 1635 Edmond BUCHER 463-1PR p.15
BUCHER Anthonie M 11 Mar 1626 Hasereball BUCHER 391-1PR p.13
BUCHER Edward M 14 Feb 1629 Edmond BUCHER 414-1PR p.14
BUCHER Eleoner F 10 Nov 1629 Hazereball BUCHER 413-1PR p.14
BUCHER Elizabeth F 30 Mar 1630 Fraunces BUCHER 415-1PR p.14
BUCHER Grace F 07 Oct 1625 Edward BUCHER 375-1PR p.13
BUCHER Haniball M 01 Aug 1624 Hasereball BUCHER 370-1PR p.12
BUCHER Haniball M 23 Nov 1627 Frances BUCHER 398-1PR p.13
BUCHER John M 11 Dec 1621 Hezereball BUCHER 360-1PR p.12
BUCHER John M 29 May 1631 Frances BUCHER 422-1PR p.14
BUCHER Josias M 07 Sep 1643 John BUCHER 562-1PR p.19
BUCHER Mary F 28 Jan 1637 Edmond BUCHER 496-1PR p.16
BUCHER Phillip F 20 May 1623 Hezereball BUCHER 366-1PR p.12
BUCHER Richard M 19 Jun 1620 Hasereball BUCHER 346-1PR p.12
BUCHER Simon M 04 Dec 1625 Hazereball BUCHER 377-1PR p.13
BUCHER Susanna F 19 Jun 1636 Edward BUCHER 475-1PR p.16
BUCHER William M 21 Aug 1608 William BUCHER 248-1PR p.9
BURGES John M 03 Sep 1636 Anne BURGES base son 478-1PR p.16
BURLLY John M 06 Mar 1649 Richard BURLLY 585-1PR p.21
CALENSOW John M 04 Apr 1607 William CALENSOW 237-1PR p.8
CALLENSAW Peter M 05 Oct 1605 William CALLENSAW 224-1PR p.8
CALLENSOW Margeret F 21 Dec 1608 William CALLENSOW 251-1PR p.9
CALLENSOWE Grace F 17 Feb 1610 William CALLENSOWE 267-1PR p.9
CARBENS Anthony M 21 Sep 1626 John CARBENS 385-1PR p.13
CARBENS Asdraball M 02 Feb 1621 John CARBENS 361-1PR p.12
CARBENS Elizabeth F 27 Aug 1629 John CARBENS 411-1PR p.14
CARBENS Fraunces F 19 Feb 1631 John CARBENS 430-1PR p.14
CARBENS John M 20 Jun 1624 John CARBENS 369-1PR p.12
CARBENS Margerie F 09 Feb 1633 John Carbens 458-1PR p.15
CARBENS Marie F 19 Feb 1631 John CARBENS 429-1PR p.14
CARBENS Peter M 29 Jun 1636 John CARBENS 477-1PR p.16
CARBENS Phillip F 09 Dec 1638 John CARBENS 501-1PR p.17
CARBENS Ursula F 17 Mar 1619 John CARBENS 341-1PR p.11
CAREN Katheren F 08 Nov 1635 Jeranymo CAREN 466-1PR p.16
CARNE Alice F 05 May 1639 Jeranimo CARNE 508-1PR p.17
CARNE Ane F 28 Apr 1641 Jeranymo CARNE 532-1PR p.18
CARNE Henrie M 09 Mar 1633 Jeranimo CARNE 457-1PR p.15
CARNE Joranymo M 01 Nov 1648 Joranymo CARNE 583-1PR p.20
CARNE William M 05 Nov 1643 Jeranymo CARNE 564-1PR p.19
CARREN John M 18 Dec 1636 Joranymo CARREN 481-1PR p.16
CASTOCKE Peter M 24 Feb 1641 Robert CASTOCKE 543-1PR p.18
CEAMEALL Trystrume M 29 Aug 1618 Henrie CEAMEALL 333-1PR p.11
CHENHALL Annes F 17 Sep 1637 Edward CHENHALL 493-1PR p.16
CHENHALL Anthony M 30 Nov 1633 Edward CHENHALL last of November 453-1PR p.15
CHENHALL Aves F 08 Jun 1623 John CHENHALL 367-1PR p.12
CHENHALL Elizabeth F 19 Mar 1619 John CHENHALL 342-1PR p.11
CHENHALL Grace F 27 Mar 1631 Edward CHENHALL 420-1PR p.14
CHENHALL James M 07 Jan 1605 John CHENHALL 226-1PR p.8
CHENHALL Jhone F 14 Oct 1627 Edward CHENHALL 396-1PR p.13
CHENHALL John M 26 Mar 1625 Edward CHENHALL 373-1PR p.13
CHENHALL Laurance M 17 Sep 1643 Edward CHENHALL 563-1PR p.19
CHENHALL Marie F 09 Sep 1620 Edward CHENHALL 347-1PR p.12
CHENHALL Rabishe F 08 Oct 1609 John CHENHALL 256-1PR p.9
CHENHALL William M 13 Jul 1617 John CHENHALL 322-1PR p.11
CHENHALL William M 22 Sep 1622 Edward CHENHALL 363-1PR p.12
CHINOWETH Anthonie M 19 Jan 1615 John CHINOWETH gent. 313-1PR p.11
CHINOWETH John M 18 Nov 1630 John CHINOWETH gent. 419-1PR p.14
CLEARKE Tamsen F 20 Jan 1632 John CLEARKE 444-1PR p.15
CORNAW John M 21 Oct 1610 Andrew CORNAW 266-1PR p.9
CORT Richard M 29 Feb 1601 Katheren CORT last February, base son 205-1PR p.7
CORTE Agnes F 06 Jun 1620 Alice CORTE base daughter 345-1PR p.12
CRAB Symond M 26 Oct 1614 Embling CRAB base son 301-1PR p.10
CUTBERT Anthonie M 22 Aug 1629 Thomas CUTBERT 409-1PR p.14
CUTBERT Edward M 27 Jul 1634 Thomas & Constance Leane CUTBERT 460-1PR p.15
CUTBERT Florance F 16 Apr 1639 Thomas CUTBERT 507-1PR p.17
CUTBERT John M 22 Aug 1629 Thomas CUTBERT 410-1PR p.14
CUTBERT Marie F 14 Sep 1631 Thomas CUTBERT 423-1PR p.14
DEACOMBE Martin M 21 Jan 1631 Genefeare DEACOMBE base son 426-1PR p.14
DEGORIE Christian F 22 Dec 1611 Henrie DEGORIE (surname: Degorie or Dogorie) 276-1PR p.9
DEGORIE Fraunces F 12 Apr 1629 Henrie DEGORIE 406-1PR p.14
DEGORIE Henrie M 02 Oct 1631 Henry DEGORIE 424-1PR p.14
DEGORIE Peter M 30 Apr 1626 Henrie DEGORIE last day of April 381-1PR p.13
DEGORIE Robert M 21 Sep 1617 Hynrie DEGORIE 323-1PR p.11
DEGORIS Jhone F 03 Jun 1621 Henrie DEGORIS 353-1PR p.12
DONSCOMB Tawpsom F 17 Mar 1631 Thomas DONSCOMB 432-1PR p.14
DONSCOMB William M 26 Sep 1628 John DONSCOMB 401-1PR p.13
DONSKOMB Eleoner F 31 May 1626 John DONSKOMB last day of May 382-1PR p.13
DONSKOMBE Thomas M 07 Nov 1629 Thomas DONSKOMBE 412-1PR p.14
EARLE John M 11 Jun 1633 Michell EARLE 448-1PR p.15
FABIE Alexander M 02 Jan 1624 Alexander FABIE 371-1PR p.12
FABIE Frauncis M 01 Dec 1622 Alexander FABIE 364-1PR p.12
FABIE Jane F 22 Dec 1633 Alexander FABIE 454-1PR p.15
FABIE Joane F 19 Apr 1607 William FABIE 239-1PR p.8
FABIE John M 17 Apr 1614 William FABIE 298-1PR p.10
FABIE Ralph M 01 Jan 1616 Alexander FABIE 319-1PR p.11
FABIE Thomas M 15 Jul 1604 Will FABIE 215-1PR p.8
FABIE William M 30 Jul 1630 Alexander FABIE 418-1PR p.14
FABIE William M 18 Sep 1608 William FABIE 249-1PR p.9
FABY Barnard M 16 May 1627 Alexander FABY 399-1PR p.13
FOSTER Ester F 22 Oct 1615 Peter FOSTER 307-1PR p.10
FOSTER Grace F 11 Jan 1617 Peter FOSTER 328-1PR p.11
GARDE John M 27 Aug 1609 John GARDE 255-1PR p.9
GEARE Barbara F 01 Nov 1611 Symon GEARE 275-1PR p.9
GEARE Dorithy F 13 Jun 1636 Thomas GEARE 474-1PR p.16
GEARE Henry M 07 Nov 1641 Thomas GEARE 541-1PR p.18
GEARE John M 01 Nov 1600 William GEARE 196-1PR p.7
GEARE John M 15 Mar 1610 William GEARE 268-1PR p.9
GEARE Phillip F 16 May 1639 Thomas GEARE 509-1PR p.17
GEARE Richard M 29 Jan 1614 William GEARE 304-1PR p.10
GEARE Thomas M 11 Mar 1607 William GEARE 243-1PR p.8
GEARE William M 24 Nov 1644 Thomas GEARE 572-1PR p.20
GEORG Avis F 05 Aug 1607 Nicholas GEORG 241-1PR p.8
GEORGE Alice F 05 Jan 1600 Nicholas GEORGE 198-1PR p.7
GEORGE Anthony M 10 Jul 1604 Nicholas GEORGE 214-1PR p.8
GEORGE Henry M 06 Feb 1613 Nicholas GEORGE 297-1PR p.10
GEORGE Margerie F 10 May 1619 Nicholas GEORGE 338-1PR p.11
GEORGE Martha F 26 Nov 1615 Nicholas GEORGE 309-1PR p.10
GEORGE Phillip F 16 May 1610 Nicholas GEORGE 263-1PR p.9
GEORGE Tamsen F 14 Feb 1602 Nicholas GEORGE 208-1PR p.7
GILES Jhone F 05 Aug 1627 Katrenica GILES base daughter 395-1PR p.13
HARVIE Zenobie F 09 Mar 1642 Robert HARVIE 553-1PR p.19
HARVY Bartholomew M 17 Dec 1639 Robert HARVY 515-1PR p.17
HARVY John M 17 Dec 1639 Robert HARVY 514-1PR p.17
HARVY Katheren F 05 Nov 1644 Robert HARVY 571-1PR p.20
HARVY Susan F 15 Aug 1641 Robert HARVY 534-1PR p.18
HEARD Margeret F 28 Apr 1610 John HEARD (surname: Heard or Hoard) 262-1PR p.9
HELIGIE Dorithy F 16 Jun 1644 Barnard HELIGIE 568-1PR p.19
HELIGIE Elizabeth F 26 Jun 1636 Bernard HELIGIE 476-1PR p.16
HELIGIE John M 22 Aug 1641 Barnard HELIGIE 535-1PR p.18
HELLIGIE Wilmet F 13 Apr 1639 Barnard HELLIGIE 506-1PR p.17
HEYDEN Ane F 18 Apr 1632 William HEYDEN 433-1PR p.14
HEYMON Richard M 14 May 1647 Richard HEYMON 581-1PR p.21
HEYMON John M 25 Dec 1642 Richard HEYMON 551-1PR p.19
HEYMOND Frances F 27 Apr 1606 Edward HEYMOND 230-1PR p.8
HEYMOND Thomas M 14 Feb 1602 John HEYMOND 207-1PR p.7
HEYMOND Wallie M 06 Jul 1604 Edward HEYMOND 213-1PR p.8
JAMES Aves F 11 Feb 1631 Jane JAMES base daughter 428-1PR p.14
JENKEN Pedericke M 02 Mar 1642 Raph JENKEN 552-1PR p.19
JOHN John M 05 Jul 1640 Robert JOHN 523-1PR p.17
JOHN Lowdy F 07 May 1637 Robert JOHN 487-1PR p.16
JOHN Robert M 12 Jul 1635 Robert JOHN 464-1PR p.15
JOHN Susan F 16 Jan 1632 Robert JOHN 443-1PR p.15
JOHN Ursula F 11 Dec 1642 Robert JOHN 550-1PR p.19
JOHNSON Anthony M 04 Apr 1647 Barbara JOHNSON same day 577-1PR p.21
JOHNSON James M 10 Mar 1638 Barbara JOHNSON base son 504-1PR p.17
JOHNSON Nicholas M 11 Sep 1642 John JOHNSON 545-1PR p.19
JOHNSON Richard M 04 Apr 1647 Barbara JOHNSON same day 578-1PR p.21
JOHNSON Wilmet F 05 Jan 1636 Barbara JOHNSON base daughter 482-1PR p.16
JONSON Jone F 22 Jun 1633 John JONSON 450-1PR p.15
JULIAN Alexander M 12 Apr 1640 John JULIAN 520-1PR p.17
JULIAN Elizabeth F 20 Nov 1642 John JULIAN 549-1PR p.19
JULIAN John M 15 Mar 1634 John & Marie Shepherd JULIAN 462-1PR p.15
JULIAN John M 26 Nov 1637 John JULIAN 494-1PR p.16
JULIAN Katheren F 09 Aug 1629 John JULIAN 408-1PR p.14
JULLIAN Anthonie M 26 Jan 1626 John JULLIAN 390-1PR p.13
JULLIAN Elizabeth F 17 Apr 1621 Florance JULLIAN 351-1PR p.12
JULLIAN Elloner F 03 Jun 1632 John JULLIAN 436-1PR p.14
KEMALL Jane F 24 Apr 1627 Henrie KEMALL 393-1PR p.13
KEMEALL Heny (Henry) M 07 Oct 1621 Henrie KEMEALL 358-1PR p.12
KENSHAM Ales F 29 Jan 1613 Josias KENSHAM 295-1PR p.10
KENSHAM Fraunces F 18 Jun 1617 Josias KENSHAM gent. 320-1PR p.11
KENSHAM Jhone F 15 Jul 1612 Josias KENSHAM 282-1PR p.10
KENSHAM Josias M 29 Jul 1621 Josias KENSHAM 356-1PR p.12
KENSHAM Katheren F 04 May 1620 Josias KENSHAM gent. 343-1PR p.12
KENT John M 19 Aug 1621 Jhone KENT base son 357-1PR p.12
KENT Nicholas M 27 Mar 1625 Jhone KENT base son 380-1PR p.13
KESTELL Avis F 06 Nov 1615 Walter KESTELL 308-1PR p.10
KESTELL Grace F 29 Oct 1612 Walter KESTELL 284-1PR p.10
KESTELL James M 23 Dec 1613 Walter KESTELL 294-1PR p.10
KINGE Elizabeth F 15 Apr 1637 George KINGE 485-1PR p.16
KINGE Joseph M 09 Feb 1639 George KINGE gent. 517-1PR p.17
KINGE Mary F 11 Jun 1641 George KINGE 533-1PR p.18
LAWRENCE James M 26 Jul 1612 Thomas LAWRENCE 283-1PR p.10
LAWRIE Anne F 28 Oct 1604 Thomas LAWRIE 218-1PR p.8
LAWRY Jane F 02 Mar 1607 Thomas LAWRY 242-1PR p.8
LYES Richard M 02 Dec 1643 Hen(ry?) LYES (an interlineation) 566-1PR p.19
MANKEA Alerander M 03 May 1629 John MENKEA 407-1PR p.14
MARTIN John M 30 Mar 1619 John MARTIN 335-1PR p.11
MENKEA Ages F 27 Sep 1618 John MENKEA 334-1PR p.11
MENKEA Alce F 02 Jan 1626 John MENKEA 388-1PR p.13
MENKEA Andrew M 09 Mar 1644 Nicholas MENKEA 574-1PR p.20
MENKEA Florance F 14 Mar 1615 John MENKEA 316-1PR p.11
MENKEA Hasereball M 10 Mar 1623 John MENKEA 368-1PR p.12
MENKEA James M 21 Aug 1642 Nicholas MENKEA 544-1PR p.19
MENKEA Jane F 07 Apr 1613 John MENKEA 288-1PR p.10
MENKEA Mary F 15 Jun 1621 John MENKEA 354-1PR p.12
MENKEA Richard M 08 Jun 1632 John MENKEA 438-1PR p.15
MENKEY Elizabeth F 10 Apr 1641 Nicholas MENKEY 531-1PR p.18
MENKEY Nicholas M 10 Mar 1609 John MENKEY 261-1PR p.9
MICHELL Haniball M 21 Dec 1615 Hunfrie MICHELL 310-1PR p.10
MICHELL Jane F 22 Nov 1612 Humphrie MICHELL 285-1PR p.10
MICHELL John M 25 Nov 1604 Oumphrie MICHELL 220-1PR p.8
MICHELL Robert M 25 Nov 1604 Oumphrie MICHELL 219-1PR p.8
MICHELL William M 19 Oct 1606 Oumphrie MICHELL 231-1PR p.8
MORGAN Fraunces M 27 Nov 1625 John MORGAN 376-1PR p.13
MUNDAY Catheren F 03 Jun 1632 William MUNDAY 437-1PR p.14
MUNDAY John M 01 Jun 1636 William MUNDAY 473-1PR p.16
MUNDAY John M 04 Jan 1634 William & Temperance Nicholas MUNDAY 461-1PR p.15
MUNDAY Marie F 12 Jan 1633 William MUNDAY 455-1PR p.15
MUNDAY Nicholas M 04 Aug 1639 William MUNDAY 511-1PR p.17
NICHOLAS Elizabeth F 15 Oct 1614 John NICHOLAS 300-1PR p.10
NICHOLAS Elizabeth F 23 Oct 1611 John NICHOLAS 274-1PR p.9
NICHOLAS James M 02 Feb 1605 John NICHOLAS 227-1PR p.8
NICHOLAS Richard M 10 Nov 1613 John NICHOLAS senr. 291-1PR p.10
NICHOLAS Temperance F 24 May 1607 John NICHOLAS 240-1PR p.8
OLLIVER Elnor F 14 Oct 1609 John OLLIVER 257-1PR p.9
OLLIVER William M 30 Jun 1605 John OLLIVER 223-1PR p.8
OULDE Barnarde M 29 Mar 1640 John OULDE 518-1PR p.17
PEARES Henrie M 12 Nov 1617 Elnor PEARES base son 327-1PR p.11
PEARS Agnes F 28 Oct 1620 Elnor PEARS base daughter 348-1PR p.12
PEARS Mary F 07 Oct 1614 Florance PEARS base daughter 299-1PR p.10
PENDEGRASSE Frances F 11 Jun 1633 Teage PENDEGRASSE 449-1PR p.15
PENDEGRASSE Margeret F 02 Feb 1635 Teage PENDEGRASSE 468-1PR p.16
PENROSE Charitie F 02 Jun 1616 Ales PENROSE base daughter 318-1PR p.11
PENROSE James M 26 Aug 1611 Simon PENROSE 271-1PR p.9
PENROSE Jhone F 23 Dec 1640 James PENROSE 530-1PR p.18
PENROSE John M 21 May 1609 Barnard PENROSE 254-1PR p.9
PENROSE Mary F 03 Sep 1643 James PENROSE 561-1PR p.19
PENROSE Nora F 15 Jun 1604 Bernard PENROSE 210-1PR p.7
PENROSE Rolland M 14 Oct 1649 Jams PENROSE 584-1PR p.21
PENROSE Simon M 05 Oct 1617 Simon PENROSE 324-1PR p.11
PENROSE Sire M 06 Jun 1601 Margeret PENROSE 201-1PR p.7
PENROSE Susan F 26 Mar 1638 James PENROSE 497-1PR p.17
PENROSE Thomas M 16 Mar 1606 Symond PENROSE 235-1PR p.8
PENROSE William M 03 Dec 1639 James PENROSE 513-1PR p.17
PENROSE Willmote F 20 Jul 1604 Barnard PENROSE 211-1PR p.7
PENTICOST Elleonor F 24 Aug 1640 Anthony PENTICOST 526-1PR p.18
PENTICOST Grace F 28 Oct 1638 Anthony PENTICOST 500-1PR p.17
PENTICOST Josias M 04 Jan 1639 Richard PENTICOST 516-1PR p.17
PENTICOST Margeret F 23 Apr 1643 Anthony PENTICOST 556-1PR p.19
PENTICOST William M 16 Apr 1637 Richard PENTICOST 486-1PR p.16
PERKINS Nicholas M 30 Jan 1613 William PERKINS 296-1PR p.10
PHILLIP John M 12 Mar 1625 Simon PHILLIP 379-1PR p.13
POLKERTH Barnard M 16 Feb 1605 Joseph POLKERTH 228-1PR p.8
POORE Elizabeth F 10 Jun 1632 Edmond POORE an Irish 439-1PR p.15
PURCHAS Fraunces F 05 Jul 1637 Alice PURCHAS base daughter 491-1PR p.16
QUENELL Henry M 28 Dec 1641 Henry QUENELL 542-1PR p.18
RANDALL Bowden M 03 Apr 1643 John RANDALL 555-1PR p.19
RANDALL Elizabeth F 07 Nov 1641 William RANDALL 540-1PR p.18
RANDALL Elizabeth F 24 Dec 1638 John RANDALL 502-1PR p.17
RANDALL Grace F 21 Aug 1613 Bawden RANDALL 290-1PR p.10
RANDALL Haniball M 12 Oct 1617 Boulden RANDALL said day 326-1PR p.11
RANDALL John M 05 Nov 1640 John RANDALL 528-1PR p.18
RANDALL Mary F 16 Jan 1644 William RANDALL 573-1PR p.20
RANDALL Simon M 04 Apr 1647 John RANDALL 576-note p.21
RANDELL William M 30 Apr 1609 Bawden RANDELL 253-1PR p.9
RICHARD Ann F 16 May 1647 John RICHARD 582-1PR p.21
RICHARD Jane F 03 Sep 1644 John RICHARD 569-1PR p.19
RICHARD John M 19 Jul 1640 John RICHARD 524-1PR p.18
RICHARD Tamsen F 01 Oct 1642 John RICHARD 546-1PR p.19
ROBERT Grace F 11 Apr 1612 Charles ROBERT 280-1PR p.10
RUNNALL Grace F 29 May 1608 Wallie RUNNALL 245-1PR p.9
RUSALL Mary F 27 Feb 1638 John RUSALL 503-1PR p.17
RUSSALL Robert M 07 Feb 1635 John RUSSALL 469-1PR p.16
RUSSALL William M 11 Jun 1633 John RUSSALL 447-1PR p.15
SECCOMB Phillip F 20 Jul 1634 William & Marie Hudie SECCOMB gent. 459-1PR p.15
SECOMB Benjamin M 19 May 1605 William SECOMB 222-1PR p.8
SECOMB Blandine F 05 Apr 1601 William SECOMB 200-1PR p.7
SECOMB Jane F 10 Jul 1608 William SECOMB 246-1PR p.9
SECOMB Katheren F 14 May 1637 William SECOMB 488-1PR p.16
SECOMB Katheren F 28 Dec 1606 William SECOMB 233-1PR p.8
SECOMB Mary F 14 Nov 1635 William SECOMB gent. 467-1PR p.16
SECOMBE Jane F 10 Oct 1641 William SECOMBE 539-1PR p.18
SECOMBE John M 10 Oct 1641 William SECOMBE 538-1PR p.18
SECOMBE William M 14 Jul 1639 William SECOMBE gent. 510-1PR p.17
SKEWES Elizabeth F 03 Dec 1626 John SKEWES 387-1PR p.13
SLEEPE John M 05 Dec 1613 Grace SLEEPE base son 293-1PR p.10
SLEEPE Margeret F 18 Jan 1617 Grace SLEEPE base daughter, day aforesaid 330-1PR p.11
SLEEPE William M 13 Feb 1619 Henrie SLEEPE 340-1PR p.11
TAYLDER William M 24 Feb 1631 William TAYLDER gent. 431-1PR p.14
TAYLER Grace F 04 Apr 1629 William TAYLER gent. 405-1PR p.14
TAYLOR Gartherea F 08 Jan 1626 William TAYLOR 389-1PR p.13
THOMAS Hester F 13 Sep 1641 John THOMAS gent. 537-1PR p.18
THOMAS Jane F 20 Mar 1611 John THOMAS 279-1PR p.9
THOMAS Jane F 22 Aug 1638 John THOMAS gent. 499-1PR p.17
THOMAS John M 04 Feb 1614 John THOMAS 305-1PR p.10
THOMAS Joseph M 02 Feb 1633 John THOMAS gent. 456-1PR p.15
THOMAS Margerie F 03 Apr 1608 John THOMAS 244-1PR p.9
THOMAS Mary F 13 Sep 1641 John THOMAS gent. 536-1PR p.18
THOMAS Samuell M 17 Apr 1631 John THOMAS gent. 421-1PR p.14
THOMAS Susan F 29 Jul 1632 John THOMAS gent. 441-1PR p.15
TIPPET Barnard M 14 Apr 1621 John TIPPET 352-1PR p.12
TIPPET James M 01 Jul 1617 John TIPPET 321-1PR p.11
TIPPET Temperance F 26 Apr 1619 John TIPPET 337-1PR p.11
TREVEDER Marie F 02 Feb 1601 Thomas TREVEDER 199-1PR p.7
TREVESA Edward M 05 Feb 1631 William TREVESA 427-1PR p.14
TREVESA Fraunces F 18 Feb 1620 William TREVESA 350-1PR p.12
TREVESA James M 10 Feb 1601 John TREVESA 204-1PR p.7
TREVESA John M 11 Aug 1633 William TREVESA 451-1PR p.15
TREVESA Margeret F 18 Jan 1617 William TREVESA 329-1PR p.11
TREVESA Marie F 10 Jul 1630 William TREVESA 417-1PR p.14
TREVESA Marie F 27 Dec 1615 William TREVESA 311-1PR p.11
TREVESA Marie F 28 Oct 1604 John TREVESA 217-1PR p.8
TREVESA Richard M 28 Mar 1625 William TREVESA 374-1PR p.13
TREVESA Richarde M 18 May 1627 Marie TREVESA base son 394-1PR p.13
TRUREN Elizabeth F 08 Mar 1628 Thomas TRUREN gent. 403-1PR p.13
TRUREN Henrie M 01 Apr 1627 Thomas TRUREN gent. 392-1PR p.13
TRUREN Susan F 04 Nov 1632 Thomas TRUREN gent. 442-1PR p.15
TRUREN Tamson F 10 Nov 1633 Thomas TRUREN gent. 452-1PR p.15
TRUREN William M 28 Jun 1630 Thomas TRUREN gent. 416-1PR p.14
WAYNE Mary F 02 Jun 1644 John WAYNE (surname: Wayne or Warne) 567-1PR p.19
WEATHAN Marie F 02 Feb 1601 Martin WEATHAN 203-1PR p.7
WETHAN Honor F 15 Nov 1600 Nicholas WETHAN 197-1PR p.7
WHITEFEILDE Frances F 20 Nov 1636 Ellis WHITEFEILDE 480-1PR p.16
WHITFELL Elice M 22 Mar 1642 Elize WHITFELL 554-1PR p.19
WHITFELL Mary F 12 Apr 1640 Ellis WHITFELL 521-1PR p.17
WHITFILL Mary F 06 Apr 1639 Ellis WHITFILL 505-1PR p.17
WILL Anthony M 12 Aug 1604 Henrie WILL 216-1PR p.8
WILL Anthony M 16 Nov 1636 Richard WILL 479-1PR p.16
WILL Barbara F 05 Jul 1601 John WILL 202-1PR p.7
WILL Elizabeth F 11 Nov 1606 Henrie WILL 232-1PR p.8
WILL Henry M 24 Jun 1637 Anthony WILL 490-1PR p.16
WILL Katheren F 14 Aug 1608 Martin WILL 247-1PR p.9
WILL Martyn M 05 Aug 1611 Henrie WILL 270-1PR p.9
WILL Mary F 05 Nov 1639 Anthony WILL 512-1PR p.17
WILL Pearce M 16 Sep 1602 John WILL 206-1PR p.7
WILL Richard M 12 Nov 1614 Henrie WILL 302-1PR p.10
WILL Thomas M 03 Apr 1616 Temprance WILL base daughter 317-1PR p.11
WILL Ursula F 23 May 1643 Anthony WILL 557-1PR p.19
WILLIAM Fraunces M 09 Aug 1640 John WILLIAM 525-1PR p.18
WILLIAM John M 28 May 1643 John WILLIAM 559-1PR p.19
WILLIAM Margeret F 21 Jul 1621 John WILLIAM 355-1PR p.12
WILLIAM Ursula F 31 May 1618 John WILLIAM the last of March 332-1PR p.11
WILLIAM William M 06 Jan 1614 John WILLIAM 303-1PR p.10
WILLIAMS Elizabeth F 06 Aug 1637 John WILLIAMS 492-1PR p.16
WILLIAMS Fardinando M 11 Dec 1631 Fardinando WILLIAMS 425-1PR p.14
WILLIAMS Jane F 03 Feb 1632 Fardinando WILLIAMS 445-1PR p.15
WILLIAMS Marie F 15 Nov 1626 Ferdinando WILLIAMS 386-1PR p.13
WILLIAMS Robert M 06 Aug 1626 John WILLIAMS 383-1PR p.13
WILLIAMS Simon M 14 Mar 1628 Ferdinando WILLIAMS 404-1PR p.13
WILLIAMS William M 24 Nov 1621 John WILLIAMS 359-1PR p.12
WOOD Haniball M 28 Jan 1615 Edward WOOD 314-1PR p.11
WOODE James M 22 Feb 1612 Edward WOODE 287-1PR p.10
WOODE Nicholas M 12 Oct 1617 Edward WOODE 325-1PR p.11
WORTHEN Jane F 18 Oct 1611 Thomas WORTHEN 273-1PR p.9
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