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Lostwithiel Burials 1813 - 1901

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25-Feb, 1813, William, ROWE, 6m, Lostwithiel, John Baron
17-Mar, 1813, Edward, CALVERT, 50, St Winnow, N. Kendall Junr.
26-Mar, 1813, John, CHAPEL, 6m, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
25-Apr, 1813, William, VANDERSLUYSE, 1y6m, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
03-May, 1813, Elizabeth, BECKERLEG, 5, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
18-May, 1813, Mary, STEVENS, 86, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
08-Jun, 1813, Nicholas, CARBIS, 66, St Winnow, "John Clapp, Curate"
09-Jul, 1813, William, HOSKIN, 82, Lostwithiel, "Nicholas Kendall Junr., Curate of Lanlivery"
09-Jul, 1813, Ann, MEGSON, 66, Lostwithiel, "Nicholas Kendall Junr., Curate of Lanlivery"
01-Aug, 1813, James, DEWING, 1, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
22-Aug, 1813, Benjamin, DAYMAN, 1, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
14-Jan, 1814, Ralph, HALLS, 60, St Winnow, "John Clapp, Curate"
04-Mar, 1814, Thomasin, BLATCHFORD, 74, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
11-Mar, 1814, Thomas, DEWIN, 64, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
17-Apr, 1814, Robert, RESCORLE, 24, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
18-Apr, 1814, James, WILLIAMS, 66, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
02-May, 1814, Richard, WHITE, 73, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
17-May, 1814, William, OLVER, 78, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
26-May, 1814, Elizabeth, NANJULIAN, 82, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
09-Jun, 1814, Elizabeth, PENGELLY, 86, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
23-Jun, 1814, Ann, SAUNDERS, 19, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
26-Jun, 1814, Benjamin, ROWE, 43, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
09-Jul, 1814, William, GREENSLADE, 19, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
23-Aug, 1814, Joseph, BURNETT, 42, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
09-Oct, 1814, Elizabeth, DYMON, 1, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
11-Nov, 1814, Walter, DAVY, 57, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
18-Nov, 1814, John, POWELL, 1, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
26-Dec, 1814, Joseph, FURZE, 21, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
04-Apr, 1815, Sarah, EDWARDS, 54, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
23-Apr, 1815, Sarah, SANDERS, 11, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
30-Apr, 1815, Susanna, MARSHALL, 36, Lanlivery, "John Clapp, Curate"
12-Jun, 1815, Nevill, NORWAY, 75, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
13-Jun, 1815, Thomas, STURTRIDGE, 84, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
30-Jun, 1815, Thomas, BESWARICK, 70, Lostwithiel, "John Bower, Curate of Lanteglos"
03-Jul, 1815, Richard, SNELL, 25, Lostwithiel, "John Bower, Curate of Lanteglos"
16-Aug, 1815, John, FORTESCUE, 16, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
21-Sep, 1815, Thomas, HODGE, 79, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
07-Oct, 1815, John, WILLS, 1, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
19-Dec, 1815, Mary, RESCORLE, 53, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
28-Jan, 1816, John, DANIEL, 27, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
07-Mar, 1816, Joseph, PAWLEY, 54, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
06-Apr, 1816, Sarah, TUCKER, 80, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
30-May, 1816, Jane, HICKS, 89, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
23-Jun, 1816, Elizabeth, SNELL, 19, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
02-Jul, 1816, Jane, BENNETT, 3, Lostwithiel, "Nicholas Kendall, Curate of Lanlivery"
16-Sep, 1816, John, LEAN, 1, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate"
17-Nov, 1816, James, WAINWRIGHT, 76, Lostwithiel, "John Bower, Vicar of Lostwithiel"
14-Jan, 1817, Grace, MAY, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Feb, 1817, Richard*, PARKIN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Feb, 1817, Elizabeth, NETHERTON, 67, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate of Lanhydrock"
15-Mar, 1817, Joseph, BROWN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Mar, 1817, John, EDWARDS, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Apr, 1817, Sarah, NORWAY, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Apr, 1817, James, LEWIS, 1, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate of Lanhydrock"
30-Apr, 1817, Thomas, THOMAS, 14, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Curate of Lanhydrock"
16-Jun, 1817, Elizabeth, GASSEY, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jun, 1817, Susanna, EASTCOTT, 44, Lostwithiel, "Nic. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery"
30-Jun, 1817, Jane, NETHERTON, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Jul, 1817, Thomas, MORRISH, 48, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Sep, 1817, John, LEAN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Oct, 1817, Littleton*, OLVER, 16, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Oct, 1817, Jane, SANDERS, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Nov, 1817, Thomas, RUNDLE, 1, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Nov, 1817, Cordelia, BECKERLEG, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Dec, 1817, Samuel, THOMAS, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jan, 1818, Edmund*, SCOTT, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Clapp, Curate of Lanhydrock"
30-Jan, 1818, Elizabeth, KESTLE, 13, Lostwithiel, John Clapp
03-Feb, 1818, Elizabeth, REYNOLDS, 14, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Feb, 1818, Jane, TRELEAVEN, 51, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Mar, 1818, Thomas, COURTNEY, 7, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Mar, 1818, Christiana, KNIGHT, 11, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-May, 1818, Richard, SAUNDERS, 2, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Master Lostwithiel Grammar School"
14-Jun, 1818, Joanna, REED, 32, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jun, 1818, William*, ROWDEN, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jun, 1818, Joseph, WHETTER, 52, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Jul, 1818, Jenifer, HAMLEY, 74, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Jul, 1818, Richard, SNELL, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Aug, 1818, Jane, STEPHENS, 10, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Aug, 1818, Mary, WILLS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Aug, 1818, William, BLEWETT, 68, Lostwithiel Prison, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Sep, 1818, Elizabeth, DAYMAN, 1, Lostwithiel Poor House, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Oct, 1818, Elizabeth, BARTLETT, 69, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Oct, 1818, Grace, FERRIS, 63, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Oct, 1818, Mary*, LEAN, 1, Lanlivery, "John Clapp, Off. Minister"
10-Dec, 1818, George, REED, 33, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Dec, 1818, John, GILL, 64, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Dec, 1818, Ann, BESWARRICK, 2, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Dec, 1818, Elizabeth, HOSKIN, 80, Poor-House, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jan, 1819, William, STURTRIDGE, 66, Poor-House, "John Clapp Jr., Curate Stokenham, Devon"
30-Jan, 1819, Elizabeth, QUILLER, 95, Lostwithiel, John Clapp Sn.
03-Mar, 1819, John, HAWKEN, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Mar, 1819, Henry, POLKINGHORNE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Apr, 1819, George, REED, 73, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-May, 1819, Ann, HORE, 78, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-May, 1819, John, MAY, 76, Lostwithiel Poor House, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-May, 1819, James, PARKIN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-May, 1819, Grace, MARTIN, 6, Lostwithiel Poor House, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-May, 1819, Joseph, WHETTER, 1, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Off. Minister",
27-May, 1819, John, MARTIN, 1, Lostwithiel Poor House, John Clapp,
23-Jun, 1819, John, REYNOLDS, 69, St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Jul, 1819, Thomas, PHILLIPS, 1, Lostwithiel Poor House, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Jul, 1819, Sarah, WILLIAMS, 34, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Sep, 1819, Catherine, COOBAN, 46, Bridge-end, John Clapp,
21-Sep, 1819, Mark, COCK, 1, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Oct, 1819, Elizabeth, HALSY, 78, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Oct, 1819, Mary, RUNDLE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Thos Pearce, P. Curate of St Sampson's",
08-Oct, 1819, Ann, RUNDLE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Thos Pearce, P. Curate of St Sampson's",
14-Oct, 1819, Mary*, RUNDLE, 22, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Mother of the above
29-Oct, 1819, Richard, BECKERLEG, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Dec, 1819, William, DYER, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Dec, 1819, Mahala, DYER, 1, Lostwithiel, John Clapp,
18-Dec, 1819, Elizabeth, HAWKEN, 8, Lostwithiel, John Clapp,
19-Jan, 1820, Thomas, BLEWETT, 58, Lostwithiel, John Clapp
24-Jan, 1820, Phillipa, HALSY, 55, Tangier, John Clapp
08-Mar, 1820, James, DEWEN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Mar, 1820, Samuel, BENNETT, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Mar, 1820, Richard, PAWLEY, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Apr, 1820, Charity, MATTHEWS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-May, 1820, Jane, CHAPPLE, 38, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jun, 1820, Jane, THOMAS, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Jul, 1820, Elizabeth, LAWRENCE, 1, "Collan, St Veep", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Aug, 1820, Susanna, JEFFREY, 35, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Aug, 1820, Margaret, LAWRENCE, 3, "Collan, St Veep", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Oct, 1820, Nicholas, KNIGHT, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Nov, 1820, Mary, JEFFREY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Jan, 1821, Sarah, ELIOT, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Jan, 1821, John, GREY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Feb, 1821, Mary, GROSE, 28, Falmouth, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Feb, 1821, Mary, RESCORLE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Mar, 1821, Elizabeth, BLEWETT, 22, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Apr, 1821, John*, BONE, 50, Sojourner in Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", A Seaman-native of America
20-May, 1821, Elizabeth, RUNDLE, 1, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Jun, 1821, James, HICHENS, 54, Helstone, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Jul, 1821, Elizabeth, OLIVER, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Jul, 1821, John, PHILLIPS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Aug, 1821, Elizabeth, TRETHEWY, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Sep, 1821, George, FERRIS, 37, Lanlivery, John Clapp,
12-Oct, 1821, Elizabeth, BEARD, 11, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Oct, 1821, Joseph, HALSY, 18, Luxulian, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Nov, 1821, Richard*, PARKIN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Nov, 1821, Elizabeth, CADDY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Nov, 1821, Joseph, PASCOE, 65, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Dec, 1821, Charles, SYMONDS, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Jan, 1822, Susanna, TESTICK, 82, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Minister",
31-Jan, 1822, Mary, GREY, 29, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Feb, 1822, Thomas, HEXT, 59, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Feb, 1822, Sarah, BONE, 82, Lostwithiel, "John Clapp, Minister",
28-Apr, 1822, Elizabeth, GREY, 1, Boconnoc, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-May, 1822, Grace, CULLIS, 66, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Jul, 1822, Amy*, LAWRENCE, 20, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Late entry
28-Aug, 1822, William, VANDERSLUYS, 2, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "John Clapp, Minister",
02-Nov, 1822, Hester, FORTESCUE, 11, Lostwithiel , "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Nov, 1822, Susanna, WHETTER, 1, Lostwithiel , "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Nov, 1822, Joseph, DREW, 1, Lostwithiel , "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Nov, 1822, John, KNIGHT, 73, Lostwithiel , "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Dec, 1822, John, OLVER, 54, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Dec, 1822, Catherine, LEAVERS, 73, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Dec, 1822, Mary, NANJULIAN, 76, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Jan, 1823, Rebecca, HAYNES, 2, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Jan, 1823, Edward, QUILLER, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Jan, 1823, Elizabeth, PARTRIDGE, 31, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1823, Henry, OPY, 8, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Feb, 1823, Mary, KNIGHT, 81, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Feb, 1823, Mary*, WESTLAKE, 23, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Feb, 1823, Catherine, BARON, 80, St Winnow, "Robt Walker, Vicar of St Winnow"
27-Feb, 1823, Catherine*, WESTLAKE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Mar, 1823, Catherine, PARKIN, 8, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Mar, 1823, Grace, PASCOE, 5, Lostwithiel Poor-house, John Clapp
25-Mar, 1823, John, GEACH, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-May, 1823, Joseph, BESWATHICK, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-May, 1823, Mary, SPERNON, 74, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-May, 1823, William, JONES, 1, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Aug, 1823, Elizabeth, WILLS, 11, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Oct, 1823, George, BURTON, 72, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Oct, 1823, Grace, CARNSEW, 73, Lostwithiel, "Edwd Wood, Curate of St Austell"
12-Nov, 1823, Elizabeth, RUNDLE, 60, Lostwithiel, "Thos Pearce, P.Curate of Tywardreath"
22-Nov, 1823, Mary, WHETTER, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Dec, 1823, Caroline, MICHELL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Dec, 1823, William, GLANVILL, 24, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Dec, 1823, Elizabeth, STEAPHENS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Dec, 1823, Sarah, WHERRY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Dec, 1823, Elizabeth, HAYNES, 4, St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Dec, 1823, Caroline, DANIEL, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Dec, 1823, John, TRIGGS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-Dec, 1823, Thomas*, ARTHUR, 26, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Jan, 1824, Jane, NICHOLLS, 18, Lostwithiel, "R. Houlditch, Ottery St Mary, Devon"
30-Jan, 1824, Elizabeth, DREW, 42, Tangier, "Nic. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery"
03-Feb, 1824, John, MILLER, 1, Bath, "Nic. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery"
10-Feb, 1824, William, HAMLEY, 82, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Feb, 1824, Jenny, MICHELL, 18, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Feb, 1824, Jane, BURNETT, 18, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Feb, 1824, Sarah, EDWARDS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Feb, 1824, William, MATTHEWS, 71, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Mar, 1824, William, JULIAN, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Mar, 1824, Joseph, REYNOLDS, 19, St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Apr, 1824, Mary, FRETHEY, 62, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Apr, 1824, John, WESTLAKE, 49, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-May, 1824, Margaret, SHAW, 73, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Jun, 1824, Elizabeth, SOLOMON, 6, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Jul, 1824, Catherine, DREW, 3, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Jul, 1824, Mary, WILLIAMS, 1, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jul, 1824, William, FORTESCUE, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Aug, 1824, Samuel, WILLCOCK, 75, Rosevale, "Ed. Houlditch, Curate of St Sampson's"
24-Aug, 1824, Jane, MATTHEWS, 14, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Sep, 1824, Mary*, DREWE, 25, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Oct, 1824, Edward, MATTHEWS, 59, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Nov, 1824, Susanna, JEFFERY, 7, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Nov, 1824, Charlotte, FORTESCUE, 37, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Dec, 1824, Catherine, LEWIS, 7, Lanlivery, "Ed. Houlditch, Curate of St Sampson's"
14-Dec, 1824, Mary, JULIAN, 93, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Dec, 1824, Jane, SANDERS, 35, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Feb, 1825, Catherine, HARRIS, 4, Sweets-house in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Feb, 1825, William, NICHOLLS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Feb, 1825, Ann, BARON, 74, Lostwithiel, "Thos Pearce, P. Curate of Tywardreath"
22-Mar, 1825, Frances*, BURGESS, 62, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Apr, 1825, Elizabeth, BUNT, 86, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Apr, 1825, Richard, JONES, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-May, 1825, William, FURZE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-May, 1825, Alicia, THOMAS, 57, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-May, 1825, Thomasin, COLLETT, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-May, 1825, Mary, BURT, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jun, 1825, Elizabeth*, SAMPSON, 40, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jun, 1825, Peter, TRIGGS, 79, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jul, 1825, John, BLEWETT, 77, Devonport, "H.A. Glasse, Off. Minister"
13-Jul, 1825, John, READ, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jul, 1825, William, FERRIS, 68, Tangier-Mill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Sep, 1825, John, NETHERTON, 7, Poor-House, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Oct, 1825, Benjamin, STEPHENS, 40, Rosevale, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Dec, 1825, Eliza, DREWE, 22, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Dec, 1825, Jane, RUNDLE, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Dec, 1825, Sarah, NETHERTON, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Dec, 1825, Michael, AVER, 85, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Dec, 1825, Elizabeth, BROWN, 79, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Jan, 1826, Richard, JULIAN, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jan, 1826, James, PARKIN, 71, "Rose Hill, Lanlivery", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jan, 1826, Richard, GUM, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Feb, 1826, Thomas, BENNETT, 76, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Feb, 1826, Mary, HAWKEN, 61, Devonport, "Ed. Houlditch, Curate of St Sampson's"
22-Feb, 1826, Henry, COLLINGS, 59, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Mar, 1826, John, HOCKIN, 25, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Mar, 1826, Richard*, WARN, 1, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Mar, 1826, Elizabeth, KEAST, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Apr, 1826, Grace, WARN, 27, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-May, 1826, Thomas, PARKIN, 15, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Aug, 1826, Jenefer, CORY, 61, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Sep, 1826, Elizabeth, WALLIS, 85, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Sep, 1826, Dorothy, HOSKIN, 53, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Oct, 1826, William, HILL, 23, Mount Edgecumbe, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Dec, 1826, Elizabeth, YEO, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jan, 1827, Joseph, HILL, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jan, 1827, Jane, MASTERS, 76, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Feb, 1827, Nancy*, BECKERLEG, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Feb, 1827, Mary, RICHARDS, 1, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Mar, 1827, Mary, TOLL, 7, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Mar, 1827, Elizabeth, SYMONDS, 70, Lostwithiel, "Thos Pearce, P. Curate of Tywardreath"
26-Mar, 1827, Joseph, RUNDLE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Edw. Houlditch, Curate of St Sampson's"
26-Mar, 1827, William, WALKER, 3, Travellers' Lodgings in Lostwithiel, "Edw. Houlditch, Curate of St Sampson's"
10-Jun, 1827, Elizabeth, KEAST, 74, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jun, 1827, Mary, SPRATT, 50, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jul, 1827, Jane, SAUNDERS, 74, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Aug, 1827, Glanvill, BROWN, 4, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Aug, 1827, Ann, MORRISH, 61, Lanivet, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Sep, 1827, William, HAMLEY, 16, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Oct, 1827, Thomas, SMART, 74, Lostwithiel, "Edw. Houlditch, Curate of St Sampson's"
25-Oct, 1827, Thomas, STEPHENS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Oct, 1827, Elizabeth, DAYMAN, 51, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Nov, 1827, John, TALLING, 15, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Dec, 1827, Henry, OPIE, 37, Linkinghorn, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Dec, 1827, William, BLATCHFORD, 77, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Jan, 1828, Blanch, BONE, 77, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Feb, 1828, Jane, MATTHEWS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Feb, 1828, James, COURTNAY, 77, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Feb, 1828, John*, BORLASE, 3w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Apr, 1828, John, SAMWELL, 84, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Apr, 1828, Jane, BENNETT, 52, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Apr, 1828, John, COUCH, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-May, 1828, Richard, FOSTER, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-May, 1828, Jane, PARKIN, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Jun, 1828, Richard, HICKS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Jun, 1828, Thomasin, MARKS, 81, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-Jun, 1828, Elizabeth, ROGERS, 49, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Jun, 1828, Ann, REYNOLDS, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Jul, 1828, Richard*, HAWKEN, 50, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Sudden death
18-Jul, 1828, Jane, TRIGGS, 83, Lostwithiel, "Nic. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery",
27-Jul, 1828, William*, RICHARDS, 4, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Drowned
06-Aug, 1828, Mary*, BICE, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Oct, 1828, Joseph, FURZE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Ed. Houlditch, Curate of St Sampson's",
19-Oct, 1828, George, HARVEY, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Nov, 1828, Mary, McDONALD, 77, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Dec, 1828, Elizabeth, DANIEL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Dec, 1828, William*, HARVEY, 50, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Sudden death
06-Jan, 1829, John, STACEY, 59, Broadoak, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Jan, 1829, Richard, DAVIS, 86, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Jan, 1829, Richard, COCK, 67, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Feb, 1829, Mary*, BAWDEN, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Feb, 1829, Mary*, WILLCOCK, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Feb, 1829, Sarah, GRAY, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-Feb, 1829, Susanna, BAWDEN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Mar, 1829, William, GRAY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Mar, 1829, Susanna, PROBERT, 19, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Apr, 1829, Joseph, RUNDLE, 24, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Apr, 1829, William, FURZE, 32, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Apr, 1829, Mary*, BECKERLEG, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Late entry
26-Apr, 1829, John, PASCOE, 48, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-May, 1829, John, WILLIAMS, 49, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-May, 1829, John, PYNE, 38, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Jun, 1829, Henry, STEPHENS, 18m, Luxulyan, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Jun, 1829, Sarah, WILLIAMS, 14m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-Aug, 1829, James, STEPHENS, 9, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Sep, 1829, Alexander, BAWDEN, 69, Lostwithiel, "C.C. Walkey, Curate of St Sampson's",
17-Oct, 1829, Samuel, NETHERTON, 53, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Oct, 1829, George, REED, 9, Bodmin, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Nov, 1829, Jane, GALSWORTHY, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Sep, 1829, Simon*, BONE, 80, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Parish clerk 30yr. - late entry
28-Dec, 1829, James, PAUL, 80, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-Jan, 1830, Samuel, BROWN, 78, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Feb, 1830, William, NETHERTON, 84, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Mar, 1830, James, WATERS, 79, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "C.C. Walkey, Curate of St Sampson's",
29-Mar, 1829, Joseph, HOCKIN, 1, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Apr, 1830, Thomas, CORY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Mar, 1830, Eleanora*, WESTLAKE, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-May, 1830, Elizabeth, REYNOLDS, 8m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-May, 1830, Edward, LAWRANCE, 12, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Jun, 1830, Richard, SAUNDERS, 45, Restormel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jun, 1830, Ann, MATTHEWS, 3, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-May, 1830, Jane, PROBERT, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jun, 1830, Hannah*, RUNDLE, 3, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jun, 1830, Catherine, RUNDLE, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jun, 1830, Amelia, HICK, 5w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Jul, 1830, William, TONKIN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Jul, 1830, Elizabeth, OLVER, 73, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jul, 1830, Elizabeth, SMITH, 61, Tan-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Jul, 1830, Mary, PAYNE, 10, Lostwithiel, "Nic. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery"
30-Jul, 1830, Francis*, RICHARDS, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Aug, 1830, Jane, NETHERTON, 3, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Sep, 1830, Selina, TONKIN, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Sep, 1830, Joyse, MILFORD, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Oct, 1830, Robert, ROWDEN, 18, Fowey, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Nov, 1830, Mary, QUILLER, 6, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-Nov, 1830, Henry, COWLING, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Nov, 1830, Susanna, BOUND, 27, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Jan, 1831, Rose, NETHERTON, 22, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Jan, 1831, Thomas*, TAYLOR, 60?, Travellers' Inn, "Jn Bower, Vicar", supposed about 60 years
11-Feb, 1831, Jonathan, CROWL, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Mar, 1831, Sarah*, GRAY, 9m, Lostwithiel, "C.C. Walkey, Curate of St Sampson's",
10-Apr, 1831, Christiana, KNIGHT, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Apr, 1831, Abraham, STEPHENS, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-May, 1831, Elizabeth, BURTON, 70, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-May, 1831, William, STEPHENS, 8m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-May, 1831, Georgiana*, KINGDON, 3y9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-May, 1831, Augustus*, KINGDON, 11m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-May, 1831, Mary, JEFFERY, 45, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-May, 1831, Christopher, RICHARDS, 67, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-May, 1831, William, SAUNDERS, 7, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-May, 1831, Mary*, PENROSE, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-May, 1831, James, WHEELER, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Jun, 1831, Richard, SAUNDERS, 3, Lostwithiel, "C.C. Walkey, Curate of St Sampson's"
06-Jun, 1831, William, RUNDLE, 6, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Jun, 1831, John, NICHOLLS, 30, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Aug, 1831, Mary*, CURTISS, 11w, Traveller's Inn Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of Helland"
08-Aug, 1831, Mary*, HODGE, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Aug, 1831, Mary, ROGERS, 86, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Sep, 1831, Elizabeth, HARRIS, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Sep, 1831, Richard, REYNOLDS, 9, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
04-Oct, 1831, Thomas, MOOR, 8, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Oct, 1831, Samuel, KNIGHT, 5, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Nov, 1831, Charity, MATTHEWS, 6, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Nov, 1831, George, MARTIN, 2, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Nov, 1831, Samuel, WOOLCOCK, 2, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Nov, 1831, Robert, SOUTHAM, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Dec, 1831, George, WOOLCOCK, 5, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Dec, 1831, Jonathan, REED, 5, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Dec, 1831, John*, REYNOLDS, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Dec, 1831, Mary, JEFFERY, 32, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jan, 1832, Jonathan, BOUND, 14m, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Feb, 1832, Henry, BLIGHT, 27, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Feb, 1832, Jenefer, FRETHEY, 84, "Bridge-end, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-Mar, 1832, Catherine, RIDER, 83, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Apr, 1832, Phillippa, CROWL, 34, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Apr, 1832, Thomas, GILES, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Apr, 1832, Ann, LEAVERS, 81, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jun, 1832, Mary, DADDOW, 15, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Jul, 1832, John, BLEWETT, 47, "Stannary Prison, Lostwithiel", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Jul, 1832, Benjamin, FREATHEY, 61, Tangier, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
17-Jul, 1832, Charles, BALL, 24, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
21-Jul, 1832, John*, LANGMAN, 62, Plymouth, "Jn Bower, Vicar", passing thru - died of cholera
25-Jul, 1832, Ann*, LANGMAN, 64, Plymouth, "Jn Bower, Vicar", passing thru - died of cholera
18-Aug, 1832, James, KEMP, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Oct, 1832, Nicholas, JENKINS, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Oct, 1832, George, HARVEY, 42, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Oct, 1832, James, BROWN, 60, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Oct, 1832, Mary, HICKS, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Nov, 1832, John, BROKENSHIRE, 78, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Nov, 1832, Ann*, BENNETT, 84, Bodmin, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Dec, 1832, Amy, BONE, 62, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Dec, 1832, Elizabeth, STEPHENS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Dec, 1832, Sarah*, SANDERS, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", late entry
19-Dec, 1832, Francis*, HENDER, 1 m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Jan, 1833, Susan, HAMBLY, 77, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Feb, 1833, John, LOBB, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Mar, 1833, Anna, GRAY, 10m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Mar, 1833, John, SAUNDERS, 82, Bodmin Poor-House, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Mar, 1833, Grace, PEARCE, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Mar, 1833, Ann, WOOLCOCK, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Apr, 1833, Mary, NICHOLLS, 57, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Apr, 1833, Jane, CRIPPS, 89, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-May, 1833, John, PAYNE, 10w, Lostwithiel, "I.S. Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
07-May, 1833, Abraham, STEPHENS, 4 m, Lostwithiel, "I.S. Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
16-May, 1833, Anna*, BARON, 61, Lostwithiel, "I.S. Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
21-May, 1833, James*, CARNSEW, 41, Lostwithiel, "I.S. Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
23-May, 1833, Catherine*, STATTON, 38, Summer Lane, "I.S. Avery, Curate of St Sampson's", Statton or Stratton?
23-May, 1833, Thomas, RICHARDS, 2, Summer Lane, "I.S. Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
29-May, 1833, Joseph, MAYELL, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Jun, 1833, John, MOORE, 2, "Bridge-end, St Winnow", "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
12-Jun, 1833, Elizabeth, JEFFERY, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Jun, 1833, John, COURTS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Jul, 1833, Edward*, REED, 1, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Jul, 1833, Henry, REED, 29, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Jul, 1833, Samuel, HILL, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-Jul, 1833, Jane, JAMES, 71, Summer Lane, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
01-Aug, 1833, Nicholas, ARTHUR, 69, Tangier, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
14-Aug, 1833, Sarah, PAYNE, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Aug, 1833, William*, LILLICRAP, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Aug, 1833, Susanna, BONE, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Sep, 1833, Barbara, FOSTER, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Sep, 1833, Thomas, CORY, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Sep, 1833, Mary*, PARKIN, 25, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Oct, 1833, Dorothy*, FOSTER, 67, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Oct, 1833, Grace, PASCOE, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Oct, 1833, Elizabeth, BLIGHT, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Oct, 1833, Jane*, PAIN, 19, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Nov, 1833, Margaret, STEPHENS, 25, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Nov, 1833, Elizabeth*, STEPHENS, 1m, Bridge-end, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Nov, 1833, Mary*, MOODY, 20, Sailor's Arms in Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Drowned herself
27-Nov, 1833, Richard, REYNOLDS, 2m, "Mumper's Inn, Lostwithiel", "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Dec, 1833, William, GLANVILL, 82, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Dec, 1833, Mary*, WILLIAMS, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", The first in New Burying Ground
18-Dec, 1833, Mary, HAWKEN, 31, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Dec, 1833, Mary, RUNDLE, 43, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Dec, 1833, Francis*, JOHNS, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", The 2nd in New Burying Ground
08-Jan, 1834, James*, HOSKIN, 6, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Jan, 1834, Ann, HICK, 46, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Jan, 1834, Ann, OLIVER, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Feb, 1834, John, STEPHENS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Mar, 1834, Mary*, JENKINS, 34, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
31-Mar, 1834, William, VINE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Apr, 1834, Grace, PHILP, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Apr, 1834, John, BELLMAN, 40, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-May, 1834, Susan*, DEWEN, 17, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-May, 1834, John, DAYMOND, 80, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jul, 1834, Sarah, NETHERTON, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Aug, 1834, Martha, KEMP, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Sep, 1834, Elizabeth, BOWER, 85, Lostwithiel, "Tho Pearce, P. Curate of Tywardreath"
04-Oct, 1834, Ann, PHILP, 58, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Nov, 1834, Ann, ABRAHAM, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Nov, 1834, Francis*, DAYMOND, 1, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
21-Nov, 1834, Grace*, PARKIN, 49, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Nov, 1834, Joseph*, STEPHENS, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Dec, 1834, William, BROWN, 85, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
02-Dec, 1834, John, WILLIAMS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Dec, 1834, Ann, WHETTER, 42, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Dec, 1834, Jane, MATTHEWS, 2, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
08-Dec, 1834, Thomas, COLMER, 1, Plymouth, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Dec, 1834, Samuel*, DANIEL, 48, Windsor Cottage, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Dec, 1834, Elizabeth, KNEEBONE, 65, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Jan, 1835, Ann, OLIVER, 1m, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
15-Feb, 1835, Thomas, REED, 6w, Summer Lane, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
02-Mar, 1835, John, LEVERS, 88, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Mar, 1835, Edith, BARON, 69, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
08-Apr, 1835, Ann, EASTCOTT, 59, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Apr, 1835, John*, WARD, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-May, 1835, John, HILL, 56, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
11-May, 1835, Paternel, STURTRIDGE, 91, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-May, 1835, Mary*, WILLIAMS, 3, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
27-Jun, 1835, Joan, MATTHEWS, 80, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
04-Jul, 1835, Elizabeth*, JACOBS, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Jul, 1835, Henry, JAMES, 79, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Jul, 1835, William, RUNDLE, 46, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Aug, 1835, William, RUNDLE, 74, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Sep, 1835, Thomas, MORRISH, 92, St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Oct, 1835, Jane, MAYNARD, 11m, Tywardreath, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Oct, 1835, Samuel, JEFFERY, 7m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Nov, 1835, James, LONSDALE, 35, Leicester, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Nov, 1835, Richard, KEMP, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Dec, 1835, Elizabeth, TALLING, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Dec, 1835, Betsey*, LEAN, 15m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Dec, 1835, Harriot*, REED, 2, "King's Arms Inn, Lostwithiel", "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Dec, 1835, Emma, BANASHAM, 2, *, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Daughter of travelling Italian musician
31-Dec, 1835, Alice, ROBERTS, 87, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Jan, 1836, Caroline*, COREY, 3, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Jan, 1836, Alexander, BAWDEN, 36, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Jan, 1836, Elizabeth, SKELTON, 37, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
14-Jan, 1836, Joseph*, STEPHENS, 26, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Drowned
17-Jan, 1836, James, PEARCE, 27, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
28-Mar, 1836, Samuel*, KNIGHT, 3, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-May, 1836, Catherine, WHITE, 81, St Columb, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Jun, 1836, George, REED, 4m, King's Arms Inn, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Jun, 1836, Ann, DAWE, 1m, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-Jun, 1836, Ann, NICKELLS, 1, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Jul, 1836, John, OLVER, 81, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Jul, 1836, Edwin*, SKELTON, 6m, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Aug, 1836, Richard, WHERRY, 1, Summer Lane, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
17-Aug, 1836, Hannah, SOUTHCOTT, 72, Bridge Street, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
26-Aug, 1836, Joseph, BEARD, 75, Bridge Street, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
27-Sep, 1836, John*, MELLOW, 18m, Bridge-end in St Winnow, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's", * or MELLON
14-Oct, 1836, Mary, REED, 80, Summer Lane, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
05-Nov, 1836, Grace, OLVER, 79, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Nov, 1836, Mary, PARKIN, 46, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Nov, 1836, Thomas*, JEWELLS, 49, Barngate in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar", * alias GILES
29-Nov, 1836, Sarah, MATTHEWS, 39, Smeltinghouse Lane, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
19-Dec, 1836, Amelia, WHITE, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Jan, 1837, Mary*, SAUNDERS, 13, Bridge Street, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
06-Jan, 1837, Mary*, CONGDON, 1m, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Jan, 1837, William, DAWE, 46, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Jan, 1837, Hugh, ROWE, 72, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Jan, 1837, Sarah, ELVINS, 77, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
24-Jan, 1837, Mary*, FOSTER, 16, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Feb, 1837, Ann, COUCH, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Feb, 1837, Dorothy, CACK, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1837, Margaret, KNIGHT, 86, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Feb, 1837, Thomas, MORTIMER, 2, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Feb, 1837, Tryphena, NETHERTON, 1, St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Mar, 1837, James, PHILP, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Mar, 1837, Florence, ISABLE, 78, Poor-House, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Mar, 1837, Edward*, SNELL, 1, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Mar, 1837, Jane, PAUL, 85, Poor-House, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Apr, 1837, Elizabeth, ROWE, 79, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Apr, 1837, Mary, BLEWETT, 83, Stannary Prison, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Apr, 1837, Ann, BLEWETT, 37, Stannary Prison, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-May, 1837, Mary, HAMBLY, 48, Tangier, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
12-Jun, 1837, Thomas, WOOLCOCK, 6, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Jun, 1837, William, WOOLCOCK, 4, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jun, 1837, Richard, DAWE, 8, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Jul, 1837, Richard, SEMMENS, 16m, Smeltinghouse Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Jul, 1837, Elizabeth, JAMES, 54, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jul, 1837, Joseph, UDY, 2m, Smeltinghouse Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jul, 1837, Richard, ISABLE, 67, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Aug, 1837, Susanna, CRIPPS, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Sep, 1837, Mary, PARKIN, 53, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Oct, 1837, Angelina, SEMMENS, 3, Smeltinghouse Lane, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
13-Oct, 1837, Francis, JULIAN, 68, Tangier, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
30-Oct, 1837, Joseph*, SAUNDERS, 10m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Nov, 1837, Margaret, BURTON, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Nov, 1837, Thomas, MELLOW, 37, Bridge-end in St Winnow, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
21-Nov, 1837, Philip*, DAVEY, 6m, King's Street, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
26-Nov, 1837, James*, NETHERTON, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Nov, 1837, William, SEMMENS, 28, Smeltinghouse Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Dec, 1837, Maria*, MAYELL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Dec, 1837, Catherine, CALVERT, 62, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Dec, 1837, John, NICKOL, 53, Lostwitheil, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Dec, 1837, William*, NETHERTON, 2, Lostwitheil, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Dec, 1837, Mary, MITCHELL, 54, Pill Lime-Kiln, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
14-Dec, 1837, Robert, JONES, 5m, Polscoe in St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Dec, 1837, Richard, COREY, 8m, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Jan, 1838, Thomas, HAGLEY, 45, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Jan, 1838, Robert, THOMAS, 1, Old-Prison, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jan, 1838, Richard, OLVER, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Jan, 1838, Jane, WILLIAMS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Jan, 1838, Elizabeth, BULLEN, 53, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Feb, 1838, Jane, PHILP, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Feb, 1838, Ann, SNELL, 3m, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Feb, 1838, Thomas*, SPRAY, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Mar, 1838, Elizabeth, DEWEN, 87, Pelyn Mill, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
18-Mar, 1838, Martha, SPRAY, 30, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Mar, 1838, Thomas*, SPRAY, *, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Newly born babe of the above
27-Mar, 1838, Mary*, RESCORLL, 6m, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Apr, 1838, William, WACKAM, 2m, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-May, 1838, Walter*, LUCAS, 51, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-May, 1838, William, WOOLCOCK, 28, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-May, 1838, Thomas, CORY, 35, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-May, 1838, Charles, BRADLY, 42, Traveller's Inn, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Jun, 1838, William, WALKY, 62, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Jun, 1838, Peggy, HENDER, 30, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Jun, 1838, William*, HENDER, 8m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Mother & son were entered in #575
13-Jun, 1838, Jane, HARVEY, 16, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Jul, 1838, John, HEXT, 72, Restormell, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Jul, 1838, Ann, TOMS, 16, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jul, 1838, James, BEARD, 71, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Aug, 1838, Jane, PRICE, 57, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Aug, 1838, Mary*, ABRAHAM, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Sep, 1838, Joanna, MATTHEWS, 51, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Sep, 1838, Caroline*, COREY, 1m, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Oct, 1838, Thomas*, NETHERTON, 85, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Sexton
07-Oct, 1838, William, ISABLE, 28, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Oct, 1838, Elizabeth*, SAUNDERS, 4, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
25-Nov, 1838, William, CUNDY, 69, Traveller's Inn, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Nov, 1838, Mary, NETTING, 65, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1838, Henry, VARCOE, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-Dec, 1838, Joseph, COURTS, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Dec, 1838, Mary, HENDER, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Jan, 1839, Richard*, THOMAS, 6, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Jan, 1839, Mark, BENNETT, 68, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jan, 1839, James, BLIGHT, 33, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jan, 1839, Ellen, BELLING, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Feb, 1839, Charles, OLIVER, 1m, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
12-Feb, 1839, Elizabeth*, SOWDY, 2, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
13-Feb, 1839, Susan*, STEPHENS, 22, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Feb, 1839, William, ROWE, 64, Bathing House Restormel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
30-Mar, 1839, William, BARRETT, 25, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Apr, 1839, Eliza, COLLETT, 44, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Apr, 1839, John, SAWLE, 30, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Apr, 1839, Nicholas, COURTS, 41, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Apr, 1839, Mary*, WHITING, 10m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Apr, 1839, Stephen, ALLEN, 11m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Apr, 1839, Richard, PENHALE, 6, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Jun, 1839, Margery, BELLMAN, 72, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jun, 1839, William, HICKS, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jun, 1839, Catherine, NORTHCOAT, 66, St Merryn near Padstow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Jun, 1839, Elizabeth*, OLIVER, 9, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Jul, 1839, Thomas, NETHERTON, 33, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Aug, 1839, Jane*, BESWATHICK, 1y9m, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
16-Sep, 1839, Louisa, BALKWILL, 5w, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
29-Sep, 1839, Edmund*, LANE, 18m, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
16-Oct, 1839, Samuel, BENNETT, 6m, Bridge Street, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
17-Oct, 1839, Ellen, REED, 2y9m, Summer Lane, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
29-Oct, 1839, Mary*, GILES, 1m, Bridge Street, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
11-Nov, 1839, Philipa, SAUNDERS, 61, Bridge Street, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
29-Nov, 1839, Mary*, WOOLCOCK, 2, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Nov, 1839, Philipa, BARON, 10, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
09-Dec, 1839, Ann, CHEALY, 80, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Dec, 1839, Ann, FERRIS, 26, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jan, 1840, Rebecca, BENNETT, 2, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Jan, 1840, Elizabeth, BROAD, 62, Five Lanes, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Jan, 1840, Catherine, TREFFRY, 1, Lostwithiel Poor-house, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Feb, 1840, John*, NICKELLS, 18, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Mar, 1840, William, OLVER, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Apr, 1840, Daniel, CARN, 9w, Bridge-end in St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Apr, 1840, Edward*, BURTON, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1840, Mary, PAWLEY, 93, Bridge-end in St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Apr, 1840, William, BURGESS, 87, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Apr, 1840, Mary, DREWE, 69, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-May, 1840, Susanna, FRETHY, 66, Bodmin, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Jun, 1840, Martha, TRELOAR, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jun, 1840, Philip, CARNSEW, 83, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Jul, 1840, John, MOOR, 47, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Jul, 1840, Cordelia, WILLCOCK, 82, Bridge-end in St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Aug, 1840, Elizabeth*, FERRIS, 18, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Sep, 1840, Jane, BESWATHICK, 1, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Oct, 1840, Elizabeth, SCOTT, 59, "Chudleigh, Devon", "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
19-Oct, 1840, Samuel, SOUTHCOTT, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Oct, 1840, Richard*, HENDER, 3m, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
05-Dec, 1840, Jane, PROBERT, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Dec, 1840, Mary, PEARCE, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
22-Dec, 1840, Richard, NETHERTON, 55, Bridge-end in St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Jan, 1841, William*, WHITING, 2m, Bridge Street, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
12-Jan, 1841, Thomas*, TALLING, 6w, Victoria Place, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-Jan, 1841, John, WILLCOCK, 8m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jan, 1841, Peter, PHILLIPS, 67, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
28-Jan, 1841, Richard*, SODAY, 34, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's", Killed in the Iron Mine
02-Feb, 1841, Samuel, BENNETT, 20, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Feb, 1841, Richard*, BAWDEN, 1m, Smeltinghouse Lane, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
10-Feb, 1841, Rachael, JULIAN, 73, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Apr, 1841, Benjamin, COLLETT, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-May, 1841, Elizabeth, KNIGHT, 74, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-May, 1841, William*, COCK, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Jun, 1841, Daniel, REYNOLDS, 34, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jul, 1841, Astley*, BELLING, 23, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Jul, 1841, Nicholas, REYNOLDS, 24, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Aug, 1841, Mary*, TAMBLYN, 23, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Aug, 1841, Emma*, BONE, 2y6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Aug, 1841, James, DREWE, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Aug, 1841, Grace, FERRISS, 22, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Sep, 1841, Mary, ELIOT, 87, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's"
03-Oct, 1841, Elizabeth, FURZE, 73, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Oct, 1841, Sarah*, VEAL, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Nov, 1841, Joseph, HILL, 32, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Nov, 1841, Elizabeth*, NETHERTON, 11m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Nov, 1841, Thomas, PARKIN, 55, Stannary Prison, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Nov, 1841, James, WILTON, 62, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Dec, 1841, John, EUSTICE, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Feb, 1842, William, TUNKIN, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Feb, 1842, Mary, LEAN, 37, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Mar, 1842, George, REED, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Mar, 1842, Ann, GRAY, 83, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Mar, 1842, Mary*, VINE, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Mar, 1842, Ann*, NICHOLLS, 10m, London, "Jn Bower, Vicar", "Could be 20th, 25th or 26th"
13-Apr, 1842, Betsy*, LEAN, 6w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Apr, 1842, Thomas, BLEWETT, 22, St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
28-Apr, 1842, John, RUNDLE, 75, Copse in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-May, 1842, John, STRATTON, 3w, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-May, 1842, Nicholas, THOMAS, 35, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-May, 1842, Henrietta, BURTON, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Jun, 1842, John, TONKIN, 35, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Jul, 1842, Catherine, NETHERTON, 65, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Sep, 1842, Sarah, WHETTER, 14, Tangier, "I.S.Avery, Curate of St Sampson's",
02-Oct, 1842, Elizabeth, THOMAS, 70, *, "Jn Bower, Vicar", No residence listed
06-Oct, 1842, Henry, REED, 2w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-Oct, 1842, William, LEWIS, 22, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Nov, 1842, Mary*, NETHERTON, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Nov, 1842, Richard, HENDER, 33, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Dec, 1842, Jane, TYRELL, 16m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Dec, 1842, Ann, REED, 28, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Dec, 1842, James, BROWN, 1, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Dec, 1842, Charles, LEAN, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Jan, 1843, Thomas, RESCORLE, 1, Victoria , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jan, 1843, Samuel, DYMOND, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jan, 1843, John, UDY, 31, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Jan, 1843, Joseph, CARNE, 4, Bridge-end , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jan, 1843, Grace, CARNE, 1, Bridge-end , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jan, 1843, Jane, BARTLETT, 2, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Feb, 1843, Richard, WHERRY, 57, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Feb, 1843, Henry*, WARD, 35, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Feb, 1843, Susan, BENNETT, 16, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Feb, 1843, Mary, MARKS, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Mar, 1843, Jonathan, PHILLIPS, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Apr, 1843, Samuel, MUDGE, 6, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Apr, 1843, Jane, TREVENA, 26, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Apr, 1843, Elizabeth*, MATTHEWS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Apr, 1843, Elizabeth, BEARD, 69, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-May, 1843, Thomas*, MATTHEWS, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-May, 1843, Enodor, PEARCE, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Jul, 1843, Mary, SKEAT, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Jul, 1843, Ann, LEVERS, 28, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Jul, 1843, Louisa, WESTLAKE, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Aug, 1843, Jane, PASCOE, 56, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Aug, 1843, Mary, SOLOMON, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Aug, 1843, Francis, TALLING, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Aug, 1843, Susan, FURZE, 44, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-Aug, 1843, Dorothy, MARSHALL, 73, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Sep, 1843, William*, HALEY, 4m, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Sep, 1843, Richard, WHITE, 2w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Sep, 1843, John, PINE, 42, Mumper's Inn, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Oct, 1843, Mary*, COUMBE, 7, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Oct, 1843, Robert, MATTHEWS, 23, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Oct, 1843, Julia, JEFFERY, 86, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Oct, 1843, Elizabeth, BURROW, 46, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Oct, 1843, William, FROST, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Nov, 1843, Emily*, LACEY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Dec, 1843, Ann, ROWDEN, 56, Fowey, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Jan, 1844, Jane, DANIEL, 84, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1844, Mary, NANJULIAN, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1844, Ann, FROST, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1844, Mary*, ELVINS, 16, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Feb, 1844, Sarah, JOPE, 55, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Mar, 1844, James*, STRATTON, 3, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Mar, 1844, Jane, COURTENAY, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Apr, 1844, Elizabeth*, HOAR, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Apr, 1844, Richard, ROWE, 86, Lostwithiel, "I.S.Avery, Minister of Bude"
29-Apr, 1844, Joseph, BROWN, 21, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-May, 1844, Jenefer, GEACH, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Jun, 1844, William*, JONES, 1, Lostwithiel, "J. Colenso, Fellow of St Johns Coll, Cambridge"
02-Jul, 1844, Charles*, BESWATHICK, 8, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jul, 1844, Ann, HARVEY, 72, St Blazey, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Jul, 1844, Nicholas, SAUNDERS, 55, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
07-Aug, 1844, Mary, DREWE, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Aug, 1844, William, TAMLIN, 58, Rosevale , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Aug, 1844, James, LEWIS, 22, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Aug, 1844, William, HICK, 72, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Sep, 1844, William, SPRAY, 68, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Sep, 1844, Kitty*, SOUTHAM, 6, Lostwithiel Old Poor House, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Sep, 1844, Catherine, TALLING, 55, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Sep, 1844, William*, GEORGE, 36, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Sep, 1844, Mary, COWLING, 89, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Sep, 1844, Ann, HALLS, 88, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Oct, 1844, John, GEACH, 65, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Oct, 1844, Elizabeth, WRIGHT, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Oct, 1844, Reuben, NANJULIAN, 70, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Nov, 1844, Richard, MAY, 46, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Dec, 1844, Grace, GLANVILL, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Dec, 1844, Elizabeth, SPRAY, 80, Rosevale , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Dec, 1844, John, SAUNDERS, 70, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Dec, 1844, William, MATTHEWS, 62, Summer Lane, "Nic. Kendall, Curate of Talland"
01-Jan, 1845, William, HICKS, 86, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jan, 1845, Mary, TALLING, 27, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jan, 1845, Honour, ROBERTS, 33, Tan house Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Jan, 1845, Solomon, ROBERTS, 2w, Tan house Lane, "I.S.Avery, Perpet. Curate of Bude"
19-Jan, 1845, Robert, MATTHEWS, 58, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jan, 1845, Mary, SOUTHCOTT, 51, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Feb, 1845, William*, COLLINS, 6w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Feb, 1845, John, LEWIS, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Feb, 1845, John, CULLEY, 55, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Feb, 1845, Sarah, TREFFRY, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Mar, 1845, Mark, MARKS, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Mar, 1845, Harriot*, MARKS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Mar, 1845, Dorothy*, LAWRANCE, 59, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Mar, 1845, John, HAWKEN, 76, Lostwithiel, "F.I.H. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery"
03-Apr, 1845, Jane, POPE, 56, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
04-May, 1845, Thomas, JEFFERY, 86, Lostwithiel, "John Daintry, Rector of Patney, Wilts"
22-Jun, 1845, Betsey*, LEAN, 18m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jun, 1845, William, LEWIS, 18m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Aug, 1845, Richard, PHILLIPS, 41, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Aug, 1845, Henry, STEPHENS, 36, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Aug, 1845, James, BATE, 6m, "Mumper's Inn, Lostwithiel", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Oct, 1845, Alethea, SOUTHAM, 54, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Oct, 1845, Philipa, ROBERT, 74, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-Oct, 1845, Mary*, LADBROOK, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Nov, 1845, Ann, CREMER, 2w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Dec, 1845, Emma, SAUNDERS, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Dec, 1845, Richard, THOMAS, 78, St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Nov, 1845, James*, BROWN, 36, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Late entry
04-Jan, 1846, William, CHAMBERLIN, 3w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Jan, 1846, William, TERRELL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Jan, 1846, Mary*, HARRIS, 9, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Apr, 1846, George*, LAWRANCE, 70, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Apr, 1846, John, WALKAM, 43, "King's Street, Lostwithiel", "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-May, 1846, Dorothy, NETHERTON, 65, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Jun, 1846, James*, DOWLEY, 31, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Jul, 1846, Ann, SANDERS, 7, North Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Jul, 1846, Ellen, SKELTON, 4m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Jul, 1846, Margaret, ROWE, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Aug, 1846, Charity, GEACH, 72, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Aug, 1846, William, BENNETT, 45, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Sep, 1846, Mary*, TONKIN, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
22-Sep, 1846, Jane, BENNETT, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Oct, 1846, Jane, LAUNDER, 4, Lostwithiel, "I.H.Hext, Vicar of Morval",
20-Oct, 1846, Robert, STEPHENS, 80, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Nov, 1846, Catherine, JEFFERY, 14, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Dec, 1846, Mary*, JOHNS, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Dec, 1846, Louisa, NETHERTON, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Dec, 1846, Moses*, JAMES, 6w, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Jan, 1847, Simon, BONE, 67, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jan, 1847, Albert*, STEPHENS, 4m, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Jan, 1847, Elizabeth*, HILL, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Feb, 1847, Catherine, HAMBLY, 52, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Feb, 1847, Robert*, JONES, 67, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Sexton
18-Feb, 1847, Walter, CHAPPELL, 64, Lanteglos by Fowey, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Feb, 1847, Mary*, REYNOLDS, 2m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Mar, 1847, William, WALKAM, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Mar, 1847, James*, LOCKETT, 1m, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Mar, 1847, William*, MUFFORD, 1m, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Apr, 1847, Jonathan, KNIGHT, 83, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Apr, 1847, William, SOUTHAM, 46, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Apr, 1847, Grace, BENNETT, 37, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-May, 1847, George, WILLS, 60, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Jun, 1847, Richard, OLIVER, 73, Malt-house Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Jun, 1847, John*, MATTHEWS, 33, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jul, 1847, Betsey, MOORE, 50, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Sep, 1847, Catherine, MITCHELL, 77, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Sep, 1847, Mary, GILL, 69, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
23-Sep, 1847, William, BELLMAN, 74, Rose Hill, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
05-Oct, 1847, James, HAM, 4m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Oct, 1847, William*, JAMES, 3, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Nov, 1847, William, TYRELL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Dec, 1847, John, PARKIN, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Jan, 1848, Thomas*, WILLCOCK, 16m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jan, 1848, Lambert, VANDERSLUYS, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jan, 1848, William*, ROWE, 10, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jan, 1848, George, LEAMAN, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Feb, 1848, Elizabeth, TALLING, 86, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Feb, 1848, John, KEAST, 17, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Feb, 1848, John, DADDOW, 65, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Feb, 1848, Martha, VANDERSLUYS, 70, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Mar, 1848, James*, MARSHALL, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Mar, 1848, Robert, JONES, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Mar, 1848, Thomas, SANDY, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Mar, 1848, Thomas, DOMMETT, 1m, "Mumper's Inn, Lostwithiel", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Mar, 1848, Thomas*, COWL, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Apr, 1848, Sarah, RUNDLE, 90, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Apr, 1848, Richard, LANYON, 82, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Apr, 1848, William, FURZE, 81, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-May, 1848, Joseph*, WILLCOCK, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-May, 1848, Martha, ALLEN, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-May, 1848, Maria, PARKIN, 57, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Jul, 1848, Manoah, MORCOM, 34, Rose Hill in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Jul, 1848, Ann, BESWATHICK, 74, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Aug, 1848, Maria, MARSHALL, 55, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Aug, 1848, William*, MORCOM, 8m, Rose Hill in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Aug, 1848, William, TAMLIN, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Sep, 1848, Thomas, CURTEYS, 70, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Oct, 1848, Honor, WILLIAMS, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Nov, 1848, Thomas, NETHERTON, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Nov, 1848, Sarah*, MUFFORD, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Nov, 1848, John, WHETTER, 53, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Nov, 1848, Mary*, MUFFORD, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Nov, 1848, Frederick, HAWKEN, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Nov, 1848, George, HOAR, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Dec, 1848, Catherine, REYNOLDS, 70, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Jan, 1849, Mary, DEEBLE, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Jan, 1849, William, HALL, 32, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jan, 1849, Susan*, BROAD, 27, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Feb, 1849, Edward, TREFFRY, 74, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Mar, 1849, William, NICHOLS, 14, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Apr, 1849, Catherine, REYNOLDS, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1849, Elizabeth, LUCAS, 86, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Apr, 1849, Ann, MORRISH, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-May, 1849, Julia, BROWN, 74, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-May, 1849, Maria, PEARCE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Jul, 1849, Sarah, POMERY, 87, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Aug, 1849, John, PAPE, 58, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Aug, 1849, Charles, HAMBLY, 60, Tangier in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Sep, 1849, Mary*, DONEY, 29, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Sep, 1849, Alfred*, LANGSTON, 47, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
28-Sep, 1849, William, CLARK, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Oct, 1849, William, HICKS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Oct, 1849, John, SKELTON, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Oct, 1849, Joseph, PHILP, 83, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Nov, 1849, William, BENNETT, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Nov, 1849, Richard, MITCHELL, 1, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Dec, 1849, Richard, REYNOLDS, 86, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Dec, 1849, Sarah, SAUNDERS, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jan, 1850, Thomas, FRETHEY, 71, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jan, 1850, Joseph, CURTEYS, 69, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
04-Feb, 1850, Blanche*, HAWKEN, 41, Bodmin Asylum, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
07-Feb, 1850, William*, MUFFORD, 1m, Lanlivery, "F.I.H. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery"
02-Mar, 1850, Sarah, ABRAHAM, 76, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Mar, 1850, Charles, WARMINGTON, 19, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Mar, 1850, John, KNIGHT, 81, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Apr, 1850, Joseph, MATTHEWS, 20, Summer Lane in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-May, 1850, Catherine, ROWE, 89, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-May, 1850, Sarah, BENNETT, 28, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-May, 1850, John, KNIGHT, 85, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Jun, 1850, Mary*, JEWELLS, 70, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Jun, 1850, Henry, PHILIPPS, 28, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Jun, 1850, Elizabeth, HESSOM, 18, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Jul, 1850, Elizabeth, BLEWETT, 34, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Aug, 1850, Catharine*, OLVER, 19, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Aug, 1850, Elizabeth*, SYMONDS, 11, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Aug, 1850, Philippa, WESTLAKE, 76, Cowbridge, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Sep, 1850, Bridget, HUGO, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Sep, 1850, Richard, LANYON, 55, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Nov, 1850, Sarah*, SCANTLEBURY, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Nov, 1850, James*, CORY, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Dec, 1850, Elizabeth, CURTEYS, 72, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Dec, 1850, Mary, LAWRANCE, 31, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Dec, 1850, Richard, COLLINS, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Dec, 1850, William, TYRRELL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-Dec, 1850, John*, PENHALE, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jan, 1851, John, CRIPPS, 79, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Jan, 1851, John, MARSHALL, 80, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jan, 1851, Grace, SKELTON, 43, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Jan, 1851, Mary, DEWEN, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jan, 1851, Amelia, WHERRY, 1m, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Feb, 1851, Jane*, PENHALE, 2, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
01-Mar, 1851, Charles, DOWRICK, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Mar, 1851, Hugh, LANYON, 73, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Mar, 1851, Samuel, CLARK, 38, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Mar, 1851, Mary*, HARRIS, 32, Summer Lane in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Mar, 1851, Charles, HALEY, 56, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Apr, 1851, Henry, GRAY, 27, Summer Lane in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Apr, 1851, Henry*, ROWE, , Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", No age entered
19-Apr, 1851, Philip*, POMERY, 90, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Apr, 1851, William, DAWE, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-May, 1851, John, RUNDLE, 58, Lostwithiel, "F.I.H. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery",
22-May, 1851, William, OUGH, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-May, 1851, Thomas*, HOSKING, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Jun, 1851, Elizabeth, WACKAM, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Jun, 1851, Sarah*, DONEY, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
22-Jun, 1851, John*, NICKELLS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Jun, 1851, Grace, NETHERTON, 6, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Jul, 1851, Mary, GLANVIL, 55, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Jul, 1851, Jane, REYNOLDS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Jul, 1851, Richard, CLEAVE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
28-Jul, 1851, Thomas, OLVER, 55, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Sep, 1851, Joseph, BROAD, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Sep, 1851, Alicia, ROWE, 87, Rose Hill in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Oct, 1851, John*, TALLING, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Nov, 1851, Catherine, STROUT, 29, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Nov, 1851, Ann, COLLINGS, 32, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Dec, 1851, James, KNIGHT, 88, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Dec, 1851, Elizabeth, HEXT, 81, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Jan, 1852, Mary, HENWOOD, 17, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Feb, 1852, Richard, TRELEAVEN, 29, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Mar, 1852, William, COLE, 4, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Mar, 1852, Elizabeth, MUDGE, 37, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Apr, 1852, John, CARNE, 16m, Bridgend in St Winnow, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Apr, 1852, Elizabeth, ROWE, 56, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Apr, 1852, Richard, MUFFORD, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Apr, 1852, Eliza, TALLING, 17, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Apr, 1852, Jane, COOK, 34, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Apr, 1852, Frank, BENNETT, 41, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-May, 1852, Eliza, DANIEL, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-May, 1852, Jane, ROWE, 4, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Jun, 1852, Thomas, SYMON, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jun, 1852, Thomas, SANDERCOCK, 3, Tangier , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Jun, 1852, Solomon, ROBERTS, 2, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Jun, 1852, Stephen, ROBERTS, 4, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Jun, 1852, William*, WOOD, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Jul, 1852, William, ROBERTS, 9m, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jul, 1852, Mary*, ROBERTS, 15, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Jul, 1852, Elizabeth*, SINGS, 5, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Jul, 1852, Agnes, BLEWETT, 6m, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jul, 1852, John, WOOLCOCK, 1, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Jul, 1852, Mary*, PHILIPPS, 1, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Aug, 1852, Henry*, MARSHALL, 5, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Aug, 1852, John, LEAN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Aug, 1852, Jane, BICKELL, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Aug, 1852, Alfred*, RICHARDS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Aug, 1852, Richard, MATTHEWS, 42, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Sep, 1852, Selina, BENNEY, 2, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Sep, 1852, Richard, BENNEY, 4, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Sep, 1852, James, BLIGHT, 17, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Sep, 1852, Charles*, COOK, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Sep, 1852, Catherine, PHILP, 73, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Oct, 1852, Elizabeth, DANIEL, 60, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Oct, 1852, Mary, DANIEL, 76, Windsor Cottage, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Oct, 1852, Laura, DANIEL, 10, Windsor Cottage, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Oct, 1852, Elizabeth*, WESTCOTT, 5, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Nov, 1852, Nicholas, SOWDEN, 10, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Nov, 1852, Eliza, WESTCOTT, 2, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Dec, 1852, Jane, LEAN, 83, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Dec, 1852, William, HOLLOWAY, 15, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Dec, 1852, Mary, STRATTON, 49, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Dec, 1852, John, TREMELLING, 8, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Dec, 1852, Ellen, EDWARDS, 3, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Jan, 1853, Elizabeth, CARNE, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jan, 1853, William, RUNDLE, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Feb, 1853, John*, POPE, 7m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Feb, 1853, Catherine, OLVER, 90, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Feb, 1852, Thomas, KNEEBONE, 77, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Mar, 1853, James, SOWDEN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Mar, 1853, Sarah*, BURTON, 1m, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Mar, 1853, Susanna, BESWATHICK, 6, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Mar, 1853, Ann, LOCKETT, 8, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Mar, 1853, Sarah*, WHETTER, 10m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Apr, 1853, Ellen, HILLBORNE, 1, Bank, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Apr, 1853, Sarah, LOCKETT, 2, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-May, 1853, Eliza*, POLLARD, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-May, 1853, Ann, BURTON, 2, Bodmin , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-May, 1853, Mary, KNIGHT, 60, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow",
12-May, 1853, Henry, COLLINS, 6, Victoria, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow",
25-May, 1853, Thomas, TALLING, 87, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Jun, 1853, John, BARTLETT, 4m, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow",
27-Mar, 1853, Hannah*, BESWATHICK, 13, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Late entry
30-Mar, 1853, Mary*, LOCKETT, 4, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Late entry
24-Jun, 1853, Maria, DENNIS, 59, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jul, 1853, Susanna, RICHARDS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Aug, 1853, Hannah, LEAN, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Aug, 1853, Elizabeth*, BENNETT, 3, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Sep, 1853, Elizabeth*, VINE, 10, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Oct, 1853, John*, SHIELLS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Oct, 1853, John*, TALLING, 15, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
22-Oct, 1853, Catherine, RUSH, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Oct, 1853, Grace, OLVER, 22, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Oct, 1853, Elizabeth, STEPHENS, 89, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Nov, 1853, Emma, WELSH, 3, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Nov, 1853, William, JONES, 39, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Nov, 1853, Mary*, QUILLER, 10, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Nov, 1853, Catherine*, NICHOLLS, 6, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Dec, 1853, Charity, CARN, 1, Bridgend , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Dec, 1853, Henry, BARTLETT, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Dec, 1853, Elizabeth, AVENT, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Jan, 1854, Richard, MUFFORD, 1, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jan, 1854, Charles*, SQUIRE, 35, Bodmin, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Jan, 1854, Caroline*, CURTEYS, 48, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Jan, 1854, Martha, WACKAM, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jan, 1854, Jane, BROWN, 50, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Feb, 1854, Daniel, HANLEY, 1m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Feb, 1854, John, BESWATHICK, 46, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Feb, 1854, Thomas*, KELLOW, 2m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Feb, 1854, Robert, PEARCE, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Mar, 1854, John, RUNDLE, 28, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Mar, 1854, Thomas*, RESCORLE, 4m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Mar, 1854, Kitty, VINCENT, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Mar, 1854, John, BARON, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Mar, 1854, Margaret, CHAPMAN, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Mar, 1854, John, HILL, 70, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Mar, 1854, Elizabeth, INCH, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Apr, 1854, Amy, BLEWETT, 62, Stannary Prison, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Apr, 1854, William*, NETHERTON, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-May, 1854, Grace, RESCORLE, 61, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-May, 1854, William, PARTRIDGE, 61, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-May, 1854, Thomas, CARNE, 4m, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-May, 1854, John, PARKIN, 43, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jun, 1854, William, WEST, 42, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Jun, 1854, Elizabeth, HAMLEY, 75, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jul, 1854, Mary, BESWATHICK, 73, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jul, 1854, Harriot, REED, 72, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Jul, 1854, Mary, WESTLAKE, 77, Cowbridge, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Jul, 1854, John, BENNETT, 29, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Sep, 1854, Charles, BESWATHICK, infant, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Sep, 1854, John, RESCORLE, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Sep, 1854, William, PHILIPPS, 25, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Sep, 1854, James*, JEWELLS, 7m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Sep, 1854, Thomas, HILL, 42, Tangier in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Sep, 1854, William, ROBERTS, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Oct, 1854, Jane, BATE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Oct, 1854, Samuel, BARTLETT, 59, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Nov, 1854, Abraham, SANDERS, 82, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Nov, 1854, Elizabeth, THOMAS, 40, Chudleigh Vicarage, "Charles Lyne, Incumbent of Tywardreath"
14-Dec, 1854, Jenefer, BECKERLEG, 64, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Dec, 1854, Richard*, MITCHELL, 4, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Dec, 1854, William, REYNOLDS, 6m, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jan, 1855, Elizabeth, KINNER, 2, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Jan, 1855, Catherine, LEWIS, 76, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jan, 1855, John*, WHETTER, 6m, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Jan, 1855, Robert, KNIGHT, 4, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jan, 1855, Thomas, ROBERTS, 1, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jan, 1855, William, MURPHY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jan, 1855, Kate, TREVITHICK, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jan, 1855, William*, WENDON, 7m, Back House Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Feb, 1855, Robert, SPRING, 44, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Feb, 1855, John, PHILP, 80, North Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Feb, 1855, Nicholas, PHILP, 73, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1855, William, RESCORLE, 62, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Feb, 1855, Thomas, CRIPPS, 79, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Feb, 1855, Mary, ABRAHAM, 83, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Mar, 1855, Elizabeth, STRATTON, 18, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Mar, 1855, George, TRIPP, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Mar, 1855, Thomas*, GOLDSWORTHY, 3m, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Mar, 1855, George, SHARP, 39, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Apr, 1855, Harriot, LOOSEMORE, 8m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Apr, 1855, Kate*, TREWAN, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1855, Mary, BUNT, 81, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Apr, 1855, Richard, BENNEY, 3m, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Apr, 1855, William, JAMES, 82, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Apr, 1855, Catherine, OLVER, 88, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Apr, 1855, Mary*, RESCORLE, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Apr, 1855, John, NICHOLLS, 76, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-May, 1855, Mary*, SHIELLS, 7m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-May, 1855, John, HAMLEY, 78, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-May, 1855, John*, BENNETT, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-May, 1855, Ellen, REYNOLDS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-May, 1855, Ann, PHILIPPS, 83, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Jun, 1855, Jane, PHILIPPS, 63, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Jun, 1855, Jane, RYNLLS, 14, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Jul, 1855, George, VINCENT, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jul, 1855, Richard, PAPPIN, infant, Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jul, 1855, Thomas, MORRISSON, 32, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jul, 1855, Mark, NICKELLS, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Jul, 1855, William, NETHERTON, 40, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Jul, 1855, John*, RICHARDS, 61, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Aug, 1855, Thomas, HENDER, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Sep, 1855, Jane, HALL, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Oct, 1855, Mary, RICHARDS, 91, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Oct, 1855, Thomas, BENNET, 41, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Nov, 1855, Thomas*, RESCORLE, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Nov, 1855, Thomas, MATTHEWS, 8m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Dec, 1855, Jane, MAY, 38, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Dec, 1855, John, CONWAY, 31, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Dec, 1855, John, HAYNES, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jan, 1856, Ann, HAYNES, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Jan, 1856, William*, FISH, 10m, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow",
21-Jan, 1856, Thomas, JAMES, 70, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Feb, 1856, William, BECKERLEG, 63, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Apr, 1856, Elizabeth, CHAPMAN, 45, Lostwithiel, "Fra.J.H. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery",
13-Apr, 1856, Clara*, FISH, infant*, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Privately-triple birth
13-Apr, 1856, Mary*, FISH, infant*, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Privately-triple birth
13-Apr, 1856, Hannah*, FISH, infant*, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Privately-triple birth
21-Apr, 1856, Joseph, RENNALS, 45, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-May, 1856, Petherick, RYAN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-May, 1856, Elizabeth, HARRIS, 3, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Jul, 1856, John*, TALLING, 65, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jul, 1856, Mary*, SAUNDERS, 4m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Aug, 1845, Rebecca, WHITE, 49, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Aug, 1856, Joseph, HARRIS, 31, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Aug, 1856, Sarah, GLANVILL, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
31-Aug, 1856, Rebecca, HILL, 67, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Sep, 1856, Louisa, JEWELS, 2m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Sep, 1856, John, JOHNS, 82, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Oct, 1856, William, QUILLER, 2, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Oct, 1856, Elizabeth*, ALLEN, 6m, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Oct, 1856, John, SYMONDS, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Nov, 1856, James, LEWIS, 79, Charlestown in St Austell, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Nov, 1856, Lucy*, RENNALS, 8m, Malt House Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-Nov, 1856, Ann, KENT, I, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Dec, 1856, Stephen, WILLIAMS, 22, North Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
12-Feb, 1857, Henry*, FISH, 2m, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar", The first in the New Burial Ground
26-Feb, 1857, Mary, WEST, 75, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Feb, 1857, Elizabeth, NICKELLS, 71, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Mar, 1857, James, SOWDAN, 54, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Apr, 1857, Louisa, TREMELLING, 4, Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Apr, 1857, Catherine, HAMBLY, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-May, 1857, John*, WHERRY, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-May, 1857, Christopher, ARTHUR, 42, Lostwithiel Quay, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-May, 1857, Mary*, OLVER, 61, Truro, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-May, 1857, Benjamin, LEVERS, 77, North Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-Jun, 1857, Edna, ROWE, 22, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Jul, 1857, Isabella, WATT, 47, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Jul, 1857, John, HOSWELL, 47, Monmouth Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Nov, 1857, Margaret, GRENFELL, 94, Parade, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Nov, 1857, Joseph, BEST, 40, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jan, 1858, Martha, KENNER, 10m, Lostwithiel Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Jan, 1858, Elizabeth, MATTHEWS, 73, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Feb, 1858, Philip, MAY, 81, Backhouse Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Feb, 1858, Rebecca, FORTESCUE, 84, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Feb, 1858, Samuel, JEFFERY, 8, North Bodmin Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Mar, 1858, Susanna, CROWL, 75, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Mar, 1858, Lucy, COLLINS, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Mar, 1858, Emily, NETHERTON, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Mar, 1858, Anna*, FROST, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-May, 1858, William, PENHALE, 28, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-May, 1858, Elizabeth, RUNDLE, 63, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-May, 1858, Thomasine, MAY, 68, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-May, 1858, Richard*, HOCKING, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-May, 1858, William, SOLOMON, 86, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Jun, 1858, Thomas, JACKSON, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Jun, 1858, Charlotte, LEWIS, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Jun, 1858, Thomas, FOSTER, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Jun, 1858, Benjamin, PENHALE, 21, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Jul, 1858, Rebecca*, WILLCOCK, 1m, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Aug, 1858, Thomasine, PHILIPPS, 59, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-Aug, 1858, John, REED, 79, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Sep, 1858, Mary*, VINE, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", alias VYANT
02-Dec, 1858, Grace, WILLCOCK, 85, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1858, William, MARSHALL, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Dec, 1858, Mary, KNIGHT, 37, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Jan, 1859, Lucy, LITTLETON, 6, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Jan, 1859, Emma*, LEWIS, infant, Bodmin Hill , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Feb, 1859, Cordelia, DONEY, 3, Town Arms, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1859, Richard, BECKERLEG, 69, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Feb, 1859, Phillippa, WADE, 89, Rose Hill, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
13-Feb, 1859, George*, REED, 4, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Feb, 1859, Elizabeth, OLVER, 23, North Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Mar, 1859, Elizabeth, BROAD, 3, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Mar, 1859, Mary*, ELLIOTT, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Apr, 1859, Thomas, THOMAS, 62, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Apr, 1859, Martin, HALEY, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1859, Albert, BARTLETT, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Apr, 1859, Dora, REDMOND, 2, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Apr, 1859, William, WILLCOCK, 1, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Apr, 1859, Charlotte*, SHARPE, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Apr, 1859, Ellen*, SHARPE, 1y11m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-May, 1859, William*, FISH, 1, Bodmin, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-May, 1859, Mary*, JOHNSON, 25, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-May, 1859, William*, NICHOLLS, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-May, 1859, Thomas, BESWATHICK, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-May, 1859, Rebecca*, SHARPE, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-May, 1859, Elizabeth, LEAN, 89, Vicarage, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
15-May, 1859, Mary, PHILIPPS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-May, 1859, Mary, DADDOW, 76, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-May, 1859, Catherine, HAWKEN, 84, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-May, 1859, Thomas, LOCKETT, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-May, 1859, William*, HALEY, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-May, 1859, George, PAPE, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-May, 1859, Mary, BARTLETT, 71, North Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-May, 1859, Edward*, RICHARDS, 1, North Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
?-May, 1859, John, RESCORLE, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Aug, 1859, William*, DEWEN, 6, Lostwithiel, "Perc. Frye, Vicar of St Winnow"
30-Aug, 1859, John*, RESCORLE, 7, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Oct, 1859, Mary*, HARVEY, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Oct, 1859, William*, ROWE, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Oct, 1859, Jane, BELLING, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Oct, 1859, Nicholas, REYNOLDS, 80, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Nov, 1859, Thomas, HODGE, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Dec, 1859, Lucy, REDMUND, 1, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Dec, 1859, Emma*, HAWKEN, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Jan, 1860, Elizabeth*, COURTENNAY, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Jan, 1860, Elizabeth*, BURTON, 1, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Jan, 1860, Elizabeth, WESTCOTT, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Jan, 1860, Grace, OLVER, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Feb, 1860, Thomasine, BROWN, 84, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Feb, 1860, Joanna, SAUNDERS, 78, Kings Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Mar, 1860, Joseph, HAMLEY, 52, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Mar, 1860, Samuel, DYMOND, 50, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Mar, 1860, William, WESTLAKE, 79, "Cowbridge, Lanlivery", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Apr, 1860, Philippa, DOWRICK, 78, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Apr, 1860, Elizabeth, RUNDLE, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Apr, 1860, Thomas, DINGLE, 13, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Jun, 1860, Joanna, LANE, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Jul, 1860, John, NICKELLS, 52, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-Jul, 1860, Mary, HUGO, 81, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Sep, 1860, Sarah, HALEY, 65, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Oct, 1860, Ann, SAUNDERS, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Nov, 1860, Simon*, MADGE, 72, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Dec, 1860, Betsey, BARTLETT, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Dec, 1860, William, VANDERSLUYS, 71, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Dec, 1860, George, REED, 45, "Monmouth Inn, Lostwithiel", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Dec, 1860, Henry, NETHERTON, 82, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Jan, 1861, Susan*, HAWKEN, 77, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Jan, 1861, Catherine, SANDERCOCK, 1m, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Jan, 1861, William*, SCOTT, 83, "Chudleigh, Devon", "Charles Lyne, Incumbent of Tywardreath",
22-Jan, 1861, Frank, HAWKEN, 5m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Jan, 1861, Isaac, GIBBS, 57, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Jan, 1861, Elizabeth, RUNDLE, 46, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jan, 1861, Jonathan*, SAUNDERS, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Feb, 1861, Amelia*, ELLIS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Ellis written two times
24-Mar, 1861, Mary*, BLIGHT, 22, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Mar, 1861, Adelaide, PENHALE, 1, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-May, 1861, John*, WELLINGTON, , Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar", No age entered
12-May, 1861, Richard, PENHALE, 62, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-May, 1861, Richard, ROWE, 56, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
22-Jun, 1861, James, DEWEN, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-Jun, 1861, Henry, JEFFERY, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jun, 1861, Emma, WENDON, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Jul, 1861, Thomas, HAWKEN, 49, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Jul, 1861, Mary, WILLS, 81, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Aug, 1861, Clara, PENHALE, 1, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Aug, 1861, Stephen, WILLIAMS, 67, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Sep, 1861, Edmund, LANE, 80, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
22-Sep, 1861, Elizabeth, MARSHALL, 26, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
22-Sep, 1861, Mary*, THOMAS, 62, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
23-Oct, 1861, John*, TYRELL, 82, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Illegible letters in surname
05-Nov, 1861, Thomas, LITTLETON, 23, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Nov, 1861, Ann, JONES, 81, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Dec, 1861, Emma, LITTLETON, 12, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Dec, 1861, Mary, QUILLER, 1m, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Dec, 1861, Samuel*, WENDON, 21, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
28-Dec, 1861, William, GRANT, 72, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
31-Dec, 1861, Philippa*, ABNA, 30, "Polscoe Lane, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Jan, 1862, John, LEWIS, 85, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
22-Jan, 1862, Catherine*, VYANT, 48, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", or VINE
23-Feb, 1862, Sophia*, FISH, 8m, Bodmin, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Apr, 1862, Edward, WILLIAMS, 3m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-May, 1862, Matthew*, CRAPP, infant, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Sep, 1862, Mary, BESWATHICK, 89, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Oct, 1862, Mary*, NICKELLS, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Nov, 1862, Elizabeth, WOOLCOCK, 3, Pill Lime Kiln, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Nov, 1862, Ernest, LEWIS, 4m, Bodmin Hill , "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Dec, 1862, Elizabeth, OLVER, 69, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Dec, 1862, Lucy, BAEN, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Dec, 1862, Joseph, DINGLE, 53, Tan House Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Dec, 1862, Elizabeth, WILLCOCK, 59, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Feb, 1863, Sarah, ROGERS, 11m, Goosetown on the Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Feb, 1863, John, WENDON, 10, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Feb, 1863, Edith*, SECCOMBE, 6m, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Mar, 1863, Susan, WOOD, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Apr, 1863, Lucy*, CARD, 28, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Apr, 1863, William*, FISH, 16, Bodmin Hill , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Apr, 1863, Susanna*, WESTLAKE, 80, Cowbridge, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Apr, 1863, Solomon, TREMELLING, 48, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-May, 1863, Mary*, LEVERS, 78, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-May, 1863, William*, DRYDEN, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-May, 1863, Sarah, HILL, 82, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-May, 1863, Catherine, SOLOMON, 49, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Jun, 1863, Thomas*, JONES, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Jul, 1863, Catherine, CARD, 4m, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Aug, 1863, Thomas, WEEKS, 11mi, Goosetown on the Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Aug, 1863, Richard, REED, infant, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
06-Sep, 1863, Henry, BURTON, infant, Goosetown on the Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Sep, 1863, Charles*, WILLCOCK, 3m, Pill Lime Kiln, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Sep, 1863, William*, WEBBER, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Nov, 1863, Joseph, BRAMWELL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Nov, 1863, John*, CRAPP, 12, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Dec, 1863, Ann*, NETHERTON, 8, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Jan, 1864, Mary, HAWKEN, 55, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Jan, 1864, Bertha*, SKELTON, 6, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
02-Jan, 1864, Eurydice, BARTLETT, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Jan, 1864, Mary, JEFFERY, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jan, 1864, Martha, JEFFERY, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jan, 1864, Arthur*, CUNDY, 10m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Jan, 1864, James, PARKIN, 72, Town Quay, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Jan, 1864, Tabitha, MAUNDER, 2, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Jan, 1864, Charles, HALEY, 6m, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
30-Jan, 1864, Jane*, BUSH, 30, "Hellyar Cottage, Lostwithiel", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Feb, 1864, Joseph, DINGLE, 29, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Mar, 1864, Sarah*, CRAPP, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Apr, 1864, Pascoe, KESCEL, 71, Lostwithiel, "Revd. C.A.N. Thomas, Curate of Chudleigh, Devon"
19-May, 1864, Joseph, NICHOLLS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-May, 1864, James, HAM, infant, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Jun, 1864, Samuel*, BURTON, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Jun, 1864, Elizabeth, SANDERCOCK, 2, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Jun, 1864, Henry, BENNEY, 9, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Jun, 1864, Thomas, DAVIS, 56, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Jul, 1864, Sarah, DAVIS, 56, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Jul, 1864, Ann, DINGLE, 53, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Jul, 1864, John, WEST, 50, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Jul, 1864, Emelene*, VEAL, 4, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Jul, 1864, Dorothy, PARKRIDGE, 70, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Aug, 1864, Catherine, PEARCE, 7, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Aug, 1864, Mary, PHILIPPS, 81, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Sep, 1864, John, REYNOLDS, 62, Goosetown on the Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Oct, 1864, Thomas*, BESWA, 29, Market Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Is BESWA the entire surname?
01-Nov, 1864, Elizabeth, WOOLCOCK, 45, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Nov, 1864, Elizabeth, TAMBLIN, 76, Moor, "Revd. C.A.N. Thomas, Curate of Chudleigh, Devon",
22-Nov, 1864, Alice, TRELEAVEN, 73, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Dec, 1864, Thomas, KEAST, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Dec, 1864, Dinah, ROBERTS, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
31-Jan, 1865, Robert, WEST, 86, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
03-Feb, 1865, Mary*, PASMORE, 23, "Millham Cottage, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Feb, 1865, John, GRAY, 76, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Feb, 1865, Edith, BREWER, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Feb, 1865, Sarah, NETHERTON, 56, Lostwithiel, "Revd. George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
25-Feb, 1865, Catherine, TULETT, infant, Lostwithiel, "Fr. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery"
05-Mar, 1865, William*, HAYNES, 3, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
05-Apr, 1865, Joseph*, OATES, 4m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Apr, 1865, Richard, SANDERCOCK, 5, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Jun, 1865, John, PHILP, infant, Bodmin Hill , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Jun, 1865, Thomas, HAWKEN, 68, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Jun, 1865, John, TRELEAVEN, 49, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Jul, 1865, Mary, HAWKEY, 54, Market Street, "Fr. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery"
01-Jul, 1865, Thomas, WOOLCOCK, 21, Pill Lime Kiln, "Fr. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery",
03-Aug, 1865, Susan, MASTERS, 34, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Aug, 1865, Elizabeth, NICHOLLS, 81, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Aug, 1865, John, MORSHEAD, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Sep, 1865, William*, PHILIPPS, infant, Prison Lane, "Fr. Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery",
16-Sep, 1865, Hannah, CLEMES, 65, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Oct, 1865, Laury*, HONEY, infant, "Rose Hill, Lanlivery", "Jn Bower, Vicar", or Lawry
25-Oct, 1865, William*, BENNETT, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Oct, 1865, James, REYNOLDS, 62, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-Nov, 1865, Ann, OLVER, 75, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Dec, 1865, Thomas, POPE, 74, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Jan, 1866, Thomas, MATTHEWS, 11m, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Curate",
17-Jan, 1866, Richard, WHITE, 58, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Jan, 1866, Elizabeth*, FRENCH, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Feb, 1866, Laura*, BESWATHICK, 3, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Curate",
09-Feb, 1866, Mary*, PEDL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Feb, 1866, Elizabeth, LEAN, 32, Bridgend, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Curate",
25-Feb, 1866, Elizabeth, TUCKER, 4m, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Curate",
27-Feb, 1866, John, CORY, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Mar, 1866, William, HARDING, 52, Summer Lane, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Curate",
22-Mar, 1866, Annie, DREW, 8m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
28-Mar, 1866, Ann, DAVIS, 23, Tangier, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Curate",
13-Apr, 1866, Charles*, HOSKING, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Apr, 1866, Silas, MITCHELL, 61, Rose Hill, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
21-Apr, 1866, Margaret, FOSTER, 70, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-May, 1866, Thomas, MORSHEAD, 5, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-May, 1866, Elizabeth, BARTLETT, 39, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Jun, 1866, William*, TALLING, 25, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Jul, 1866, Charles, CURTEYS, 59, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Jul, 1866, Ellen, BARTLETT, 10m, "Malsters' Arms, Lostwithiel", "Wm. Avery, Assistant Curate",
?-Aug, 1866, Sarah*, BONE, 58, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Burial date of 58 is the same as the age
12-Aug, 1866, Elizabeth, JEFFREY, 74, "Lanwithan, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar",
05-Sep, 1866, Elizabeth, LEWIS, 42, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Curate",
30-Sep, 1866, Emma, BURTON, 14m, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Sep, 1866, Harry*, TREVITHICK, 4, Bridge Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Drowned
06-Oct, 1866, John, BASSETT, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
07-Oct, 1866, John, PHILIPPS, 22, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
11-Nov, 1866, Mary*, PHILP, 81, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
15-Nov, 1866, Kate, NETHERTON, 2, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
05-Dec, 1866, Ann*, ROWE, 64, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Dec, 1866, Emily, ALLEN, 4m, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
23-Jan, 1867, Ann, HAWKEN, 70, Tangier, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
10-Feb, 1867, James, WILLCOCK, 68, Goosetown, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
23-Feb, 1867, Jeremiah, BARTLETT, 75, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
27-Feb, 1867, Maria, BENNETT, 40, Bodmin Hill , "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
20-Mar, 1867, Edward, PARSONS, 58, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
24-Mar, 1867, Ann, COLLINSON, 7, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
21-Apr, 1867, Jacob, KESCELL, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Apr, 1867, Charles*, THOMAS, 56, "Chudleigh, Devon", "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
06-May, 1867, Mary, WOOLCOCK, 66, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
11-May, 1867, Helen, AVERY, 51, "Burn Cottage, St Winnow", "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
22-May, 1867, Ann, WOOLCOCK, 1, Summer Lane, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
26-May, 1867, William, MATTHEWS, 59, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
05-Jun, 1867, John*, BUSH, 39, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
25-Jun, 1867, Pascoe*, BROWN, 40, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
17-Jul, 1867, Thomas*, WESTAWAY, 1, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
21-Jul, 1867, Eliza, BROWN, 2, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
04-Aug, 1867, Elizabeth, CRAPP, 67, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
11-Sep, 1867, John, SYMON, 10, Pill Lime Kiln, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
01-Oct, 1867, Henry, GOLDSWORTHY, 1, Moor, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
17-Oct, 1867, Mary, KNEEBONE, 63, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Oct, 1867, John, BONE, 31, Bridgend, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
18-Dec, 1867, Charlotte*, WHERRY, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister",
07-Jan, 1868, Catherine*, BROWN, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Burial Jan 7 or 12 & age 9 or 12 months
27-Jan, 1868, Henry*, BUSH, 44, Lostwithiel, Wm. Avery & Jn. Bower
23-Feb, 1868, Philip, LANGDON, 78, Pill Lime Kiln, "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
28-Feb, 1868, Elizabeth, SERPELL, 71, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
27-Mar, 1868, Eda, MANNELL, 10m, Bridgend, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister"
08-Apr, 1868, Ann, JAMES, 80, Lostwithiel, "Wm. Avery, Assistant Minister"
10-Apr, 1868, Robert, POPE, 55, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-May, 1868, Betsey, ELLIOTT, 1, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-May, 1868, William, VARCOE, 84, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Jun, 1868, Catherine, COLLINGS, 78, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jun, 1868, Robert, PHILLIPPS, 33, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Jul, 1868, Alice, PROBERT, 59, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Sep, 1868, John, HARRIS, 84, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Oct, 1868, Ann, CRIPPS, 83, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Oct, 1868, Ann, NETTLE, 80, King's Arms, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
20-Oct, 1868, Ann, STATTON, 74, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Oct, 1868, Titus*, NETHERTON, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
28-Oct, 1868, Thomas*, NETHERTON, 2y6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-Nov, 1868, William*, ROTHERO, 2, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Nov, 1868, Polly, PHILIPPS, 1y6m, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Nov, 1868, John, PHILIPPS, 2y6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Nov, 1868, Laura, NICHOLLS, 3, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Nov, 1868, Frederick, BROAD, 6m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Nov, 1868, Laura, REDMON, 5, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Nov, 1868, Charles, SANDERS, 1, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Nov, 1868, Elizabeth*, JANE, 21, Plymouth, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Nov, 1868, Edith, HUSBAND, 3, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
26-Nov, 1868, Susan, RICHARDS, 2, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Dec, 1868, William*, PHILLIPS, 1, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Dec, 1868, Mary*, NICHOLLS, 1, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Dec, 1868, James, HAM, 1, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Dec, 1868, Annie*, TREWITHICK, 3, Bridge Street, "W.F. Everest, Chap: C. Gaol, Bodmin"
18-Dec, 1868, John, KNIGHT, 1, Lostwithiel, "W.F. Everest, Chap: C. Gaol, Bodmin"
22-Dec, 1868, Maria*, RICHARDS, 51, North Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar", or Marie
23-Dec, 1868, Lucy, STEPHENS, 8, "Norway House, Summer Lane", "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Dec, 1868, Mary*, CORY, 5, Town Arms, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
26-Dec, 1868, Caroline*, CORY, 2, Town Arms, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Jan, 1869, Francis*, CORY, 10m, Town Arms, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Jan, 1869, Elizabeth*, BESWATHICK, 1, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Jan, 1869, , RABEYJoanna, 77, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Jan, 1869, Hester*, LITTLETON, 22, Lostwithiel, "Revd. H.W.Taylor, Curate of Lanlivery",
17-Feb, 1869, Tryphena, KENDALL, 52, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Feb, 1869, Bessie, RESCORL, 1, Goosetown, "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
18-Feb, 1869, Frederick, HAWKEN, infant, Bodmin Hill , "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
24-Feb, 1869, Mary, PARKIN, 80, Smelting House Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Mar, 1869, Elizabeth, GRANT, 88, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
17-Apr, 1869, Georgina*, DELANEY, 9m, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Surname is unclear
24-Apr, 1869, Joseph*, SKELTON, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-May, 1869, Elizabeth*, WHERRY, , Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", No age entered
23-May, 1869, William*, TUCKER, 1, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Jun, 1869, Dorothy, HARRIS, 82, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Jun, 1869, Susanna, STEPHENS, 71, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
27-Jul, 1869, Susan, OATES, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Aug, 1869, Jane, WHETTER, 80, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Sep, 1869, Hedley*, HONEY, infant, "Rose Hill, Lanlivery", "Jn Bower, Vicar", Middle name is unclear
14-Jul, 1869, Henry, STEPHENS, 17, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19-Sep, 1869, Ann, LANGDON, 79, Pill Lime Kiln, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
30-Sep, 1869, William*, WILLCOCK, infant, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
02-Nov, 1869, Ann*, LEVERS, infant, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar",
06-Nov, 1869, John, HAMLEY, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Nov, 1869, Joyce, GREY, 79, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
16-Jan, 1870, John, VINE, 85, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
19?-Jan, 1870, William, ROW, 85, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Mar, 1870, Eliza, RICHARDS, 18, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
20-Mar, 1870, Cyrus, CUNDY, infant, Lostwithiel, "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
21-Apr, 1870, Hezekiah, MEAGER, 79, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
17-Jul, 1870, Elizabeth*, SKINNER, 56, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Aug, 1870, Henry*, COLLINGWOOD, 63, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
12-Aug, 1870, Elizabeth*, ROTHEROUGH, infant, Goosetown, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
16-Aug, 1870, Edward, MATTHEWS, 59, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Sep, 1870, Grace, NETHERTON, 55, Bodmin Hill , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Sep, 1870, Charley, SANTO, infant, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
04-Oct, 1870, Martha, SANTO, 36, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Oct, 1870, John, REED, 60, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Jan, 1871, George, CHAPMAN, 72, Summer Lane, "Edmd. Boger, Southwark, Surry"
01-Jan, 1871, Hannah, ROBERTS, 59, "Crewell Cottage, Lanlivery", "Edmd. Boger, Southwark, Surry"
23-Jan, 1871, Jenifer, REED, 66, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-Jan, 1871, Elizabeth, HAWKEN, 76, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Feb, 1871, Jane*, STEPHENS, 42, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1871, Charles*, BELLAMY, 25, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
16-Feb, 1871, John, MINARDS, 42, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Feb, 1871, Elizabeth*, PHILLIPS, 1, Summer Lane, "John Jane, Officiating Minister"
19-Feb, 1871, Maud, BENNETT, 9m, Summer Lane, "John Jane, Officiating Minister"
26-Feb, 1871, Robert, HOOPER, 76, Lime Kiln, "John?? Hawksley, P.C. of Biscovey"
15-Apr, 1871, Mary*, HOLBRY, 15, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
22-Apr, 1871, Charlotte*, KENDALL, 55, Talland Vicarage, "Geo. Hesch?, Vicar of St Veep"
04-May, 1871, Thomasine, QUILLER, 87, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-May, 1871, Mary*, MORSHEAD, 4, Bridgend, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Jun, 1871, Andrew, LEWIS, 13, Bodmin Hill , "T.J. Bennet, P.C. of Treverbyn"
07-Jun, 1871, Eva, PENHALE, 16, Lostwithiel, "T.J. Bennet, P.C. of Treverbyn"
08-Jun, 1871, Emma, ROWE, 16, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Jun, 1871, Lucy, ROWE, 14, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
19-Jun, 1871, Mary*, PHILLIPS, 6, Lostwithiel, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
27-Jun, 1871, Ellen, PHILLIPS, infant, Lostwithiel, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
30-Jun, 1871, Jane, COOMBS, 38, Lostwithiel, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
20-Jul, 1871, William, WILLS, 18, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
25-Jul, 1871, Emmeline, GEACH, 59, Barn Gate in Lanlivery, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Aug, 1871, Ann, PHILIPPS, 23, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
13-Aug, 1871, Joseph, MATTHEWS, 12, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Aug, 1871, Selina, OATES, 17, Tangier, "T.J. Bennet, P.C. of Treverbyn"
22-Aug, 1871, Grace, CHAPMAN, 75, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
29-Aug, 1871, James, PARTRIDGE, 6, Tangier, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
05-Sep, 1871, Elfrida, PEARCE, 1, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
10-Sep, 1871, Sarah, JEFFERY, 71, Lostwithiel, "T.J. Bennet, P.C. of Treverbyn"
14-Sep, 1871, John, HONEY, 13, Pill Lime Kiln, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
20-Sep, 1871, Rebecca, NETHERTON, 42, Lostwithiel, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
25-Sep, 1871, William*, COWLING, 16, Lostwithiel, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
28-Sep, 1871, William, KESTLE, 18, Moor, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-Oct, 1871, Prudence, HAWK, 70, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
08-Oct, 1871, Edwin*, SMITH, 18, Lostwithiel, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
16-Oct, 1871, James, SAUNDREY, 19, Tangier, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
17-Oct, 1871, Abel, WILLCOCK, 15, Pill Lime Kiln, "F. Garrett, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
03-Nov, 1871, Eliza, TALLING, 18, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
09-Nov, 1871, Annie, BURTON, 17, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
25-Nov, 1871, John, HAWKEN, 15, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
29-Nov, 1871, Abel, WILLCOCK, 60, Pill Lime Kiln, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Dec, 1871, Ellen, WARNE, 38, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Dec, 1871, William, HAILS, 67, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
09-Dec, 1871, Richard, HAM, 14, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
13-Dec, 1871, Peter*, TOMS, 22, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
15-Dec, 1871, William*, OLVER, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar", Parish Clerk
21-Dec, 1871, William, REDMON, 18, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
10-Dec, 1871, Grace, BESWETHERICK, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
08-Jan, 1872, Samuel, REDMON, 17, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
14-Jan, 1872, Ann*, LANGMAN, infant, Victoria, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
28-Jan, 1872, Susan*, WOOD, 19, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
03-Feb, 1872, Wwilliam, BLEWETT, 30, Bodmin Union, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
01-Mar, 1872, Margaret*, NICHOLLS, 10m, "Bedalle, Hill Head", "Jn Bower, Vicar",
04-Mar, 1872, Joseph, WHETTER, 77, Lostwithiel, "Jn Bower, Vicar",
18-Mar, 1872, Ann*, EVIL, 56, Monmouth Inn, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
24-Mar, 1872, Samuel, JEFFERY, 74, King's Street, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-Apr, 1872, William, BENNETT, 70, Monmouth Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1872, Ann, HAMLEY, 78, St Austell Road, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
18-Apr, 1872, William*, WOOD, 77, Church Lane, "Geo. Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
28-Apr, 1872, Francis, ROWE, 22, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Jn Bower, Vicar"
01-May, 1872, Richard, OLVER, 73, Monmouth Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
11-May, 1872, Catherine*, PHILLIPS, 72, Sailor's Arms, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
15-May, 1872, Grace, ROSEVEAR, 84, Tangier, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
21-May, 1872, Jane*, HARVEY, 20, Bodmin Hill , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
23-May, 1872, Elizabeth, BREWER, 75, Bodmin Hill , "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Jun, 1872, Anna*, HOSKING, 72, Summer Lane, "Jn Bower, Vicar"
07-Jul, 1872, Sophia, HAMMER, 15, Bridgend, "Geo. Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
22-Jul, 1872, Henry*, HONY, infant, Market Street, "P. Garrett, Vicar of Par?"
29-Aug, 1872, William*, HONY, 42, Market Street, "Geo. Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
22-Sep, 1872, Joseph, PHILLIPS, infant, Summer Lane, "W.J. Rowland, Curate in charge of Lanlivery"
01-Oct, 1872, Stephen, WILLIAMS, 53, Bodmin Hill , "W.J. Rowland, Curate in charge of Lanlivery",
19-Nov, 1872, Sophia, WENDON, 86, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
23-Dec, 1872, Richard, SANDERS, 34, "Bridge-end, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Dec, 1872, John*, BOWER, 86, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", 56 years Vicar of this Parish
15-Jan, 1873, William, BENNETT, 17, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Jan, 1873, Anne*, KIDD, 66, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
24-Jan, 1873, Susan, WARD, 85, Back Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
25-Jan, 1873, Ann, WHETTER, 82, "St Clements, Truro", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
30-Jan, 1873, William*, WHERRY, 2y3m, Bodmin Hill , "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
09-Mar, 1873, James, OATES, 11m, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Mar, 1873, William*, BARTLETT, 11, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Mar, 1873, Amelia*, MANTELL, 68, Cowbridge in Lanlivery, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Apr, 1873, Mary, DANIELL, 74, Church Lane, "Thomas Jones, Officiating Minister",
26-May, 1873, Mary*, WOOLCOCK, 58, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
15-Jun, 1873, James, BESWETHERICK, 69, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
29-Jun, 1873, Elizabeth, SYMONS, 62, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
08-Jul, 1873, Herbert*, STEVENS, 8d, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
14-Jul, 1873, Anne, BUNNEY, 11m, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
31-Jul, 1873, Elizabeth, BURTON, 42, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
13-Aug, 1873, William, CRAGOE, 43, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-Aug, 1873, Annie, BURTON, 4m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
15-Sep, 1873, William, ROSEVEAR, 87, Lostwithiel, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
22-Sep, 1873, Attwell, COWLING, 53, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
27-Sep, 1873, Robert, DOWDELL, 83, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
27-Sep, 1873, William*, BELLRINGER, 2m, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
05-Oct, 1873, Thomas, TALLING, 39, Malt House Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
05-Oct, 1873, John, HAMLEY, 78, St Austell Road, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
04-Nov, 1873, Susannah*, BENNETT, 50, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
07-Nov, 1873, Mary, NICHOLLS, 52, Back Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
17-Nov, 1873, Elizabeth*, NETHERTON, 3m, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
19-Nov, 1873, Herbert*, RICHARDS, 6m, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
01-Jan, 1874, Joseph, BURTON, 53, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
21-Jan, 1874, John, MATTHEWS, 20, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
29-Jan, 1874, Frederic, COLLINGS, 10m, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Feb, 1874, Jane, RESCORL, 80, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
17-Mar, 1874, Amelia, BRANWELL, 9, Knight's Row, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Mar, 1874, Benjamin*, LEVERS, 1y7m, Back Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
03-Apr, 1874, John, CARNELL, 58, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
09-Apr, 1874, Catherine*, BARON, 82, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
09-Apr, 1874, William, BROWN, 71, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Apr, 1874, Nicholas, HALEY, 90, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
18-Apr, 1874, Francis*, KENDALL, 67, Talland Vicarage, "Paul Bush, Rector of Duloe",
18-Apr, 1874, Fanny, PHILLIPS, 1y5m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
20-Apr, 1874, Mary*, ARTHUR, 103, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", "Born St Clements, Truro & Bap 28/1/1772"
21-Apr, 1874, Mary, HISSETT, 87, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
28-Apr, 1874, Priscilla, WESTCOTT, 38, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
06-May, 1874, Elizabeth, PAWLEY, 95, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
19-Jul, 1874, Philippa*, AUSTIN, 3, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Jul, 1874, Richard, WENDON, 59, King's Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Aug, 1874, Joseph, WENDON, 58, Tangier, "Edmund Boger, Officiating Minister",
06-Sep, 1874, Ann, LEAN, 81, Quay Street, "Vincent Smith, Officiating Minister",
08-Sep, 1874, Henry*, WELSH, 46, North Street, "Vincent Smith, Officiating Minister",
01-Oct, 1874, Kitty, JONES, 77, North Street, "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
10-Oct, 1874, Thomas, KESCEL, 78, Bodmin Hill, "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
12-Oct, 1874, Jane, WARNE, 23, North Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
28-Oct, 1874, Richard, COLLINGS, 81, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
03-Nov, 1874, Mabel, RESCORL, 16m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-Nov, 1874, William, HUSBAND, 49, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
29-Nov, 1874, Thomas, LOBB, 4, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
29-Nov, 1874, James*, JURY, 7w, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
04-Dec, 1874, Robert*, JONES, 72, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Sexton
19-Dec, 1874, Sarah*, ROSKRUGE, 31, "Penhale, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
26-Dec, 1874, Hugh, SANTO, 62, Hellyar Cottage, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
08-Feb, 1875, Lottie, ROSKRUGE, 7m, "Penhale, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
14-Mar, 1875, James, REED, 64, "Polscoe, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
18-Mar, 1875, Jane, PRIOR, 57, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
21-Mar, 1875, John*, WALKEM, 2, Malt House Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
07-Apr, 1875, Elizabeth, FOLKES, 85, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
08-Apr, 1875, Ernest, CROWLE, 1y6m, London, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
11-Apr, 1875, Samuel, BESWETHERIC, 13, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
13-Apr, 1875, Catherine, STONE, 7, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
16-Apr, 1875, Elizabeth*, BESWARICK, 5, Lostwithiel , "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
08-May, 1875, Jane, VINE, 63, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
12-May, 1875, Susan, WILLCOCK, 4, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
20-Jun, 1875, Charles, BEER, 27, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
21-Jun, 1875, Richard, AUGER, 62, "Bath House, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
05-Aug, 1875, Elvia, WILLCOX, 35, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
09-Aug, 1875, Frederic*, WILLCOX, 1, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
10-Aug, 1875, John, BENNETT, 7, Parade, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
15-Aug, 1875, Eliza*, OATES, 39, King Street, "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
21-Aug, 1875, William*, WEBBER, 30, Elementary School-house, "A.R. Taylor, Rector of St Stephens"
12-Sep, 1875, Mary*, STEVENS, 4, Lostwithiel, "Francis W. Pye, Rector of Blisland"
19-Sep, 1875, Catherine, TRESIDDER, 34, Lostwithiel Moors, "Francis W. Pye, Rector of Blisland"
22-Sep, 1875, Sarah*, ROGERS, 1y4m, Lostwithiel Moors, "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
30-Sep, 1875, William, STEVENS, 6, Lostwithiel, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Oct, 1875, Joseph*, WARNE, 2, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Oct, 1875, Emma, PHILLIPS, 9, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Oct, 1875, Eliza*, WILLIAMS, 11m, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
09-Oct, 1875, Joseph, HONEY, 5, Knight's Row, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
12-Oct, 1875, John, HONEY, 10m, Knight's Row, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
20-Oct, 1875, Martha, TRINEMAN, 21, Bridge-end, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
25-Oct, 1875, Rebecca, STONE, 5, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
04-Nov, 1875, William*, WARNE, 4y11m, Tangier, "T.H. Newman, Curate in Charge of Lanlivery"
06-Nov, 1875, James*, BREWER, 58, Rose Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Nov, 1875, John, MINORDS, 2y6m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
08-Nov, 1875, John, NETHERTON, 66, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
09-Nov, 1875, Kate, GOODMAN, 3, Lostwithiel, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
11-Nov, 1875, Charity, PHILLIPS, 62, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
12-Nov, 1875, Bertha*, PEARCE, 2, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
13-Nov, 1875, William, COLLINS, 68, Rose Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Nov, 1875, Albert, BELLRINGER, 15d, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1875, John, SYMONS, 67, "Pill Lime Kilns, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1875, Clara, PHILLIPS, 5, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1875, Elizabeth*, PHILLIPS, 4, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
09-Dec, 1875, Henry, STEVENS, 59, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
09-Dec, 1875, Elizabeth*, SAUNDERS, 41, "Bodwindle, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
18-Dec, 1875, Ann, MEAGER, 85, "Bridge-end, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
23-Dec, 1875, Ham, KIDD, 85, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
25-Dec, 1875, Francis*, BEVEROW, 67, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Surname?
09-Jan, 1876, Sarah*, TALLING, 24, Malt House Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
15-Feb, 1876, Margaret*, ROTHEROUGH, 16, Lostwithiel Moors, "T.H. Newman, Curate in Charge of Lanlivery",
18-Feb, 1876, Ann, HOLTIN, 57, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
04-Mar, 1876, Lucy, NICHOLLS, 12, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Mar, 1876, James, LOCKETT, 56, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Mar, 1876, Elizabeth, THOMAS, 69, Quay Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
07-Mar, 1876, Elizabeth, SLEEMAN, 71, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
14-Mar, 1876, John, HUSBAND, 16, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1876, William, WILLCOX, 36, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
21-Apr, 1876, Bertha, LEVERS, 1y3m, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
27-Apr, 1876, Betsey, SPARGO, 84, Liskeard, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
03-May, 1876, Selina, BENNEY, 18, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
18-May, 1876, Harriet*, BASH, 34, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
18-May, 1876, Elizabeth*, LEVERS, 2, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
19-May, 1876, John, KNIGHT, 78, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
30-May, 1876, William*, HAWKEN, 63, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
04-Jun, 1876, Cornelius, QUILLER, 97, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
07-Jun, 1876, Millicent, GOODGE, 27d, Duke Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
19-Jul, 1876, William, JEWELS, 82, Philp's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
21-Jul, 1876, Samuel, PEARCE, 1y2m, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-Aug, 1876, Bathsheba, PURCELL, 90, Malt House Lane, "F. Wilkinson, Off. Minister"
02-Oct, 1876, William, NICHOLLS, 96, Lostwithiel, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
04-Nov, 1876, Charles*, GEORGE, 24d, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
12-Nov, 1876, Henry, PEARCE, 52, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
16-Nov, 1876, Maria, PROBERT, 68, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
09-Dec, 1876, Richard, PHILLIPS, 50, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
17-Dec, 1876, Samuel, PEARCE, 85, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
31-Dec, 1876, John, PEARCE, 4w, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
03-Jan, 1877, Beatrice, NICHOLLS, 5m, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
07-Jan, 1877, Joseph, GOODMAN, 1y8m, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
08-Jan, 1877, Josias, MOFFATT, 78, "Millham Cottage, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
02-Feb, 1877, Mary*, SANTO, 74, "Penhale, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
19-Feb, 1877, Joseph, NICHOLLS, 6y11m, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
05-Mar, 1877, William, COURTNEY, 75, Malt House Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
25-Mar, 1877, Solomon, ROBERTS, 62, "Crewell, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
19-Apr, 1877, Grace, ROWE, 21, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
21-Apr, 1877, Philip, SANTO, 63, "Penhale, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
24-Apr, 1877, Thomasine, PHILLIPS, 6w, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
25-Apr, 1877, Jane, CARNE, 59, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
30-Apr, 1877, Jessie, TALLING, 33, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
09-May, 1877, Kathleen*, PEASE, 6m, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
13-May, 1877, Minnie, LANDER, 11m, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
25-May, 1877, Lewis, JEFFERY, 10m, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-May, 1877, Catherine*, BASSETT, 76, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
30-May, 1877, Ann, PHILLIPS, 44, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
14-Jun, 1877, William*, ALLEN, 8w, Rosehilll, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
16-Jun, 1877, Elizabeth, VARCOE, 89, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-Jun, 1877, Thomas*, REYNOLDS, 3, Monmouth Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-Aug, 1877, Mary*, SANTO, 38, "Penhale, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
29-Aug, 1877, William, PHILLIPS, 81, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
09-Sep, 1877, Alfred*, DAVIS, 13, King Street, "F.W.Pye, Officiating Minister"
04-Oct, 1877, Elizabeth*, NICHOLLS, 43, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
13-Oct, 1877, Emilie, BELLING, 28, Bodmin , "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
20-Oct, 1877, Mary*, BARRETT, 34, Couchwell, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
19-Nov, 1877, Thomas*, HAWKEN, 40, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
30-Nov, 1877, Amabel, DRYDEN, 10m, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
15-Jan, 1878, Emily, SECCOMBE, 19, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
02-Feb, 1878, John*, WHETTER, 86, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
02-Feb, 1878, Jane, WARMINGTON, 74, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
05-Feb, 1878, Samuel*, SANDY, 1y4m, Tan House, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Feb, 1878, Anne, JEFFERY, 68, Duke Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Mar, 1878, Alice, KNIGHT, 78, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
14-Mar, 1878, William, STEPHENS, 79, Parade, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
20-Mar, 1878, John, GILES, 9m, Rosehilll, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
23-Mar, 1878, William, BILES, 86, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
11-Apr, 1878, George*, ROWE, 1, Parade, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
30-Apr, 1878, John*, NANJULIAN, 68, Polperro, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
07-May, 1878, Fred, PHILLIPS, 1y8m, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
09-May, 1878, William, KINNER, 83, Knight's Row, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
18-May, 1878, Ellen, BEER, 6m, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
28-May, 1878, Richard, HAWKE, 1y3m, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
06-Jun, 1878, Elizabeth, LITTLETON, 66, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
11-Jun, 1878, Charles, GOODGE, 9m, Duke Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
12-Jun, 1878, Robert*, HAWKEY, 22, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
18-Jun, 1878, Frank, WHERRY, 6w, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
28-Aug, 1878, Elizabeth, MOFFATT, 76, "Millham Cottage, St Winnow", "George Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
10-Sep, 1878, Dora*, STEVENS, 10m, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
22-Sep, 1878, Sarah*, OLIVER, 73, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
23-Sep, 1878, Margaret, TALLING, 88, Bridgend, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-Sep, 1878, Annie, PHILLIPS, 1y11m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
08-Oct, 1878, Mary, BRANWELL, 34, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
14-Oct, 1878, Louisa, HAWKEY, 27, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
16-Oct, 1878, Joseph, HONEY, 58, "Pill Lime Kilns, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
17-Nov, 1878, Mary*, FOX, 28, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
17-Nov, 1878, John, WALKEM, 74, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
18-Nov, 1878, Richard, WOOD, 50, Church Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
18-Dec, 1878, Ann, LUGG, 76, Philp's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Dec, 1878, Jonathan*, GEACH, 64, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Dec, 1878, Ann, BURTON, 79, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Dec, 1878, Elizabeth, NICHOLLS, 59, Bridgend, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
26-Dec, 1878, Ernst, MATTHAY, 42, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Names transcribed as written by Vicar
26-Dec, 1878, Ann, REED, 70, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
28-Dec, 1878, John, ROTHERO, 16, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Jan, 1879, Louisa, JENKIN, 59, Bodmin, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
06-Feb, 1879, Richard, BECKERLEG, 67, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
08-Feb, 1879, John*, BLEWETT, 72, Parade, "Edward Vernon Collins, Off. Min.",
09-Feb, 1879, John, OLVER, 80, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
13-Feb, 1879, Jane, PEAK, 39, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
25-Feb, 1879, Laura, KESTLE, 23, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Feb, 1879, Susanna, WENMOUTH, 55, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
05-Mar, 1879, Joseph, SANDAY, 1y1m, Tan-House, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1879, Johann*, MATTHAY, 72, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
24-Apr, 1879, John, PHILLIPS, 53, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-Apr, 1879, Catherine, NICHOLLS, 69, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
30-Apr, 1879, Jane, COLLINS, 67, Rosehilll, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
02-May, 1879, Mary, RESCORL, 36, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
17-May, 1879, Lewis*, SMITH, 10m, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
08-Jul, 1879, Matthew, DONEY, 64, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
11-Jul, 1879, Mary*, PARKYN, 25, Liskeard, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
15-Jul, 1879, Mary, BROWN, 74, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
13-Aug, 1879, John, GOODMAN, 71, Summer's Lane, "H.W. Haygarth, Vicar of Wimbleton, Lancs, Off. Min."
14-Aug, 1879, Frank, HAWKEN, 46, King Street, "H.W. Haygarth, Vicar of Wimbleton, Lancs, Off. Min."
03-Sep, 1879, John*, BEER, 23, Bridge House, "G. Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
03-Sep, 1879, Mary, COCK, 79, Tangier, "G. Hill, Vicar of St Winnow"
23-Nov, 1879, Annie*, POWER, 24, "Down-end Cottage, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
25-Nov, 1879, John*, LITTLETON, 70, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Died in water while visiting his daughter
18-Dec, 1879, Philippa, BURTON, 57, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
31-Dec, 1879, John, FROST, 71, Parade, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Jan, 1880, Edwin*, STEPHENS, 2y5m, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
13-Jan, 1880, Nancy, SAUNDREY, 53, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
26-Jan, 1880, Charles, EARLE, 82, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
08-Feb, 1880, Charles, OLIVER, 74, Bodmin, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
14-Feb, 1880, John, BENNY, 60, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
26-Feb, 1880, Alexander, PENNY, 32, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
04-Mar, 1880, Honor, WILLIAMS, 72, Duke Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
11-Mar, 1880, Elizabeth*, HERN, 79, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
12-Mar, 1880, Richard, LINGS, 37, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
18-Mar, 1880, Elizabeth, RICHARDS, 26, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
18-Mar, 1880, Alfred, HUXHAM, 3m, Bartlett's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
24-Mar, 1880, William*, ROBERT, 74, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Senior
31-Mar, 1880, Christiana, LONG, 63, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
11-Apr, 1880, Thomas, SAUNDERS, 86, Smelting House Lane, "G Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
14-Apr, 1880, Mary, LEVERS, 70, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
02-Aug, 1880, Frederick*, HORNSLEY, 9m, Rosehill, "G S ???, Rector of H ???, Notts", Hornsby? Vicar is overwritten
23-Aug, 1880, Richard, LAMERTON, 40, Knight's Row, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
08-Sep, 1880, Francis*, MANTELL, 76, "Cowbridge, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
11-Sep, 1880, William, MARSHALL, 55, Frost's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Oct, 1880, Jane, HAMBLY, 5, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
14-Oct, 1880, William, SOLOMON, 1y11m, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
26-Oct, 1880, Grace, STEVENS, 18, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
03-Nov, 1880, Annie, SAUNDERS, 5, Smelting House Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
06-Nov, 1880, George*, BURTON, 83, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Senior
09-Nov, 1880, Caroline*, REYNOLDS, 4, Monmouth Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Nov, 1880, Rebecca, WILLCOCK, 65, Albert Terrace, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Nov, 1880, Hilda*, SANDAY, 1y4m, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
14-Nov, 1880, Janie, GOODMAN, 4y9m, Philp's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
14-Nov, 1880, John, AUGER, 1y2m, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
16-Nov, 1880, Katie, PEARCE, 9m, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
19-Nov, 1880, John, WILLCOCK, 71, Albert Terrace, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Nov, 1880, Lavinia*, NETHERTON, 11, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
21-Nov, 1880, John, TOMS, 2y11m, St Sampsons, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
25-Nov, 1880, Gerald, ROWE, 1y5m, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
25-Nov, 1880, Emma, PHILLIPS, 3y8m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
25-Nov, 1880, Nellie, WALKEM, 5m, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1880, Catherine, ODGERS, 1y2m, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
11-Dec, 1880, Anna*, TOMS, 1y3m, St Sampsons, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
16-Dec, 1880, Anne, REYNOLDS, 66, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
17-Dec, 1880, Elizabeth, LAWRY, 91, Bridge House, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
03-Jan, 1881, Mary, NETHERTON, 48, "Silver Lake Cottage, Lanlivery", "Edmund Boger, Hon Canon of Rochester, Off Min",
27-Jan, 1881, Edith*, LAPTHORN, 3, King Street, "G Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
03-Feb, 1881, James, ROWE, 43, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
06-Feb, 1881, John*, COCK, 78, Bodmin, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Late of Lostwithiel
21-Feb, 1881, John*, DINGLE, 11m, Lostwithiel , Certified by John Hicks Dingle of Lostwithiel,
24-Feb, 1881, Sarah*, MATTHEWS, 36, Kingdon Cottage, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Mar, 1881, Bertha*, MATTHEWS, 8m, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
11-Mar, 1881, Maria, SKELTON, 69, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
16-Mar, 1881, Betsey, PENHALE, 79, St Austell, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
16-Apr, 1881, Elizabeth, JEWELLS, 78, Bartlett's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Apr, 1881, William, NETHERTON, 56, North Street, "R Cubitt Nightingale, Off Minister",
04-Jun, 1881, Charles*, BELLAMY, 2y11m, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
19-Jul, 1881, Alice*, HARDING, 1y10m, Queen Street, Certified by John Harding of Lostwithiel,
31-Jul, 1881, Ann, OLVER, 75, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
23-Aug, 1881, Robert, THOMAS, 65, North Street, "G Hill, Vicar of St Winnow",
04-Sep, 1881, Richard, THOMAS, 3m, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
07-Oct, 1881, Vincent*, TREBILCOCK, 7m, Duke Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Name @ baptism Vincent Bertie
09-Oct, 1881, William*, HARDING, 5m, Queen Street, Certified by John Harding of Lostwithiel,
01-Nov, 1881, Edmund*, WILLIAMS, 58, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Found drowned in River Fowey
17-Nov, 1881, Hannah*, SYMONS, 9m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
24-Dec, 1881, Mary*, HILL, 70, "Silver Lake Cottage, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
02-Jan, 1882, Eliza, ROWE, 57, Bodmin Asylum, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
04-Jan, 1882, Louisa, PHILLIPS, 19, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Jan, 1882, Catherine, THOMAS, 80, Cobble Lake, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Jan, 1882, John, HARDING, 32, Queen Street, Certified by Ths. Cuthbertson of Lostwithiel,
14-Feb, 1882, Henry, SOUTHCOTT, 78, Bridge Cottage, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
16-Feb, 1882, Anna*, GUM, 67, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
26-Feb, 1882, Louisa, BRAMWELL, 45, Bridge Street, Certified by Philip Bramwell of Lostwithiel,
09-Mar, 1882, Edmund, BARTLETT, 79, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
12-Mar, 1882, Elizabeth, SAUNDERS, 79, Smelting House Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
16-Mar, 1882, Catherine, BROWN, 61, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
17-Mar, 1882, Thomas*, THOMAS, 94, Par , "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Late of Lostwithiel
29-Mar, 1882, Elizabeth*, HAWKEN, 57, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
01-Apr, 1882, Jane, OLFORD, 65, Lostwithiel, Certified by John Olford of Lostwithiel,
30-Apr, 1882, Elizabeth, MAUNDER, 84, Summer's Lane, "Arthur Young, Curate of Upham Hante",
25-May, 1882, Samuel, SAMPSON, 61, Kingdon House, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-Jul, 1882, Abraham, NICHOLLS, 59, "Tangiers, Lanlivery", "G Hill, Off Minister",
05-Jul, 1882, Charlotte, HAMBLY, 42, Victoria, Certified by W. Hambly of Lostwithiel
10-Jul, 1882, Charles, SANDAY, 1y8m, "Silver Lake Cottage, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
19-Jul, 1882, Gerald*, RESCORL, 3m26d, Knight's Row, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
22-Aug, 1882, James*, HAM, 2, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
29-Aug, 1882, Emma, KESCELS, 13, Victoria, Certified by Jacob Kescel of Lostwithiel
17-Sep, 1882, Rebecca, BREWER, 75, Bridge Street, Certified by Henry Brewer
20-Sep, 1882, Joseph, JENKINS, 56, "Belgrave Street, Stepney, London", Certified by John Olford of Lostwithiel
20-Sep, 1882, John*, PEARCE, 3, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
24-Sep, 1882, Ann*, SNELL, 77, "Bridgend, St Winnow", Certified by Thomas Vior ??? of Bridgend
27-Sep, 1882, Reginald, PEARCE, 4y7m, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
02-Oct, 1882, Jane, PARKIN, 80, Quay House, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
16-Oct, 1882, Mary, BRAMWELL, 10, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-Oct, 1882, Richard, BECKERLEG, 4, Albert Terrace, "F Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery, Off Min"
22-Nov, 1882, Lilian, DAVIS, 5, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
07-Dec, 1882, Nathaniel*, DANIEL, 79, Church Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
14-Dec, 1882, Mary, CARNE, 69, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
17-Dec, 1882, Eliza, EYRES, 43, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
19-Dec, 1882, Martha*, SOUTHCOTT, 75, Bridge Cottage, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Dec, 1882, George*, GOODMAN, 5, Philp's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Dec, 1882, Alice, GOODMAN, 17m, Philp's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
06-Jan, 1883, Ann, COAD, 53, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
12-Jan, 1883, David*, STEPHENS, 41, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Drowned by accident in River Fowey Jan 9
04-Feb, 1883, Albert*, LEVERS, 2y9m, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
02-Apr, 1883, James, POPE, 89, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
14-Apr, 1883, Joseph*, HARDEY, 66, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Harcky ?
19-Apr, 1883, Annie, CORY, 9½y, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
20-Apr, 1883, Elizabeth, MOORISH, 77, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
20-Apr, 1883, Martha, WOOD, 49, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Apr, 1883, Mary*, ROGERS, 50, "Silver Lake Cottage, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Apr, 1883, Frederic*, MATTHEWS, 5½y, "Pill Lime Kilns, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
06-Jun, 1883, Elizabeth, KESCEL, 87, "Victoria Terrace, Lostwithiel", Certified by Jacob Kescel of Victoria Terrace,
12-Jun, 1883, Elizabeth, KEAST, 84, Philp's Court, "L M Humbert, Off Min",
05-Aug, 1883, Thomasine, MAY, 63, "Ivy House, Lanlivery", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Aug, 1883, Grace, NETHERTON, 70, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
01-Oct, 1883, Mary*, CORY, 85, Saltash, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
28-Nov, 1883, Rebecca, BEER, 63, Bridge Cottage, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
29-Nov, 1883, William*, HOSKING, 77, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1883, Edward, ROTHERS, 26, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
09-Dec, 1883, Ida, HIGGS, 13, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Dec, 1883, Richard, TALLING, 63, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Dec, 1883, Charles, BRAY, 71, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
26-Feb, 1884, Albert, ROWE, 1y6m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
23-Mar, 1884, Joseph, VINE, 42, Malthouse Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
03-Apr, 1884, John*, LANE, 91, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Senior
05-Apr, 1884, Henry, DE LEGH, 45, Norway House, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-May, 1884, John, BEER, 70, Bridge Cottage, "Thos Nash, Off Min",
07-May, 1884, Thomas*, COURTNEY, 16, Tangier, "Thos Nash, Off Min",
07-Jun, 1884, Sarah*, BECKERLEG, 67, Arthur House, "G Hill, Off Minister",
07-Jun, 1884, Elizabeth, RICHARDS, 79, North Street, "W Cambourne Paynter, Off Min"
08-Jun, 1884, Science, WALKEM, 80, Bodmin Hill, "W Cambourne Paynter, Off Min"
10-Jun, 1884, Thomas*, PEARCE, 68, Fore Street, "W Cambourne Paynter, Off Min"
11-Jun, 1884, Eliza, BENNETT, 78, Lostwithiel Moors, "W Cambourne Paynter, Off Min"
17-Jun, 1884, Charlie, HAM, 1, Eveleigh's Row, "G Hill, Off Min"
04-Aug, 1884, Richard*, BECKERLEG, 6m, Albert Terrace, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
08-Aug, 1884, Robert, KEMBLE, 73, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
27-Aug, 1884, Ann, LEVERS, 35, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
23-Sep, 1884, James, MATTHEWS, 57, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
12-Nov, 1884, Elizabeth, GOODMAN, 76, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
26-Nov, 1884, Henry, BROWN, 86, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
01-Dec, 1884, William, MARSHALL, 76, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
02-Dec, 1884, Mary*, GILBERT, 70, Duke Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
31-Dec, 1884, William*, RESCORL, 1, Tangier, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
31-Dec, 1884, Jane, TRELEAVEN, 63, Bridge Street, Certified by William Treleaven of Lostwithiel
13-Jan, 1885, Richard, HAWKEN, 79, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar"
17-Jan, 1885, Mabel, PHILLIPS, 5y10m, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Jan, 1885, George, PHILLIPS, 1y8m, Summer's Lane, "F Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery, Off Min",
04-Feb, 1885, Walter, PHILLIPS, 86, North Street, "F Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery, Off Min",
06-Feb, 1885, Ann, TIPPETT, 84, Victoria, "Certified by Richard Jewells of Victoria, Lostwithiel",
18-Feb, 1885, Elizabeth, NICHOLLS, 55, Bartlett's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
24-Mar, 1885, Edna*, KESCEL, 34, "Redmoor, Lanlivery", "Certified by Jacob Kescel of Redmoor, Lanlivery", Age could be 24 years
05-Apr, 1885, Thomas*, ROBERTS, 4, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
15-Apr, 1885, Eliza*, DE GRUCHY, 66, Fore Street, "Edward Vernon Collins, Curate of St Barnabus, Oxford, Off Min",
02-May, 1885, Bassett, TREVITHICK, 27, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
20-May, 1885, Albert*, CARTER, 11m, "Upton House, Tangier", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
30-May, 1885, Richard, CHEGWIDDEN, 55, "Sailor's Arms, Fore Street", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
03-Jun, 1885, Catherine, WILLIAMS, 76, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
27-Jun, 1885, Emma, HEADON, 15, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
09-Jul, 1885, Elizabeth, QUILLER, 81, Victoria, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
19-Jul, 1885, Alfred, WELLINGTON, 6m, Bodmin Hill, Certified by Emily George of Lostwithiel,
15-Aug, 1885, Mary*, BROWN, 43, Smelting House Lane, "Charles Druitt, Ass Curate of Parkstone, Diocese of S???",
18-Sep, 1885, Joseph, STEPHENS, 73, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
07-Oct, 1885, William, BREWER, 76, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
08-Oct, 1885, Frederick*, KLENK, 37, Bumfriesshine, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar", Sojourning in Lostwithiel
23-Oct, 1885, Catherine, PEARCE, 71, Fore Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
05-Nov, 1885, Edwin*, STEPHENS, 1y11m, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
10-Nov, 1885, Charles, LOBB, 56, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
03-Dec, 1885, William, SKELTON, 84, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
23-Dec, 1885, Thomas*, BESWETHERICK, 53, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
28-Dec, 1885, John, CORY, 59, Queen Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
08-Jan, 1886, Ann, PARKIN, 77, Bodmin Hill, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
13-Jan, 1886, John, SANTO, 3m, Hellyar Cottage, "Certified by John Santo of Hillyar Cottage, Lostwithiel",
28-Jan, 1886, Nicholas, CONGDON, 87, Bartlett's Court, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
07-Mar, 1886, Thomas, REED, 68, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
14-Mar, 1886, Albert*, HUSBAND, 1y8m, Bridge Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Mar, 1886, Arthur, HAM, 4w, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
22-Apr, 1886, Jane, BLEWETT, 73, Fore Street, "Edward Vernon Collins, Vicar of Caldick, Monmouthshire",
25-Apr, 1886, Bessie, BESWETHERICK, 8m, Victoria, "Francis Kendall, Vicar of Lanlivery",
27-Apr, 1886, Mary*, ROWE, 9m, Lostwithiel Moors, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
02-May, 1886, Ann, CHAPMAN, 51, Summer's Lane, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
11-May, 1886, Stephen, STEVENS, 29, North Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
20-May, 1886, Anna*, PEARCE, 22, King Street, "Henry Walter Taylor, Vicar",
13-Jun, 1886, Harold*, THOMAS, 11m19d, Quay Street, "J Mugford, Off Min",
19-Jun, 1886, Richard, JEWELS, 70, Victoria Place, "Certified by Ernest Jewels, Lostwithiel",
04-Jul, 1886, Ann, SEARLE, 87, Bodmin Hill, "C F Frusted, Off Min",
11-Jul, 1886, Betsy, OLVER, 77, Fore Street, "C F Frusted, Off Min",
05-Sep, 1886, Walter, HICK, 10m, "Pool Cottage, Lanlivery", "A H Cooke, Off Min",
09-Sep, 1886, Richard*, VEALE, 7, "Castle, Lanlivery", "A H Cooke, Off Min",
18-Sep, 1886, Elizabeth*, WEBBER, 42, "Bideford, Devon", "W J Bloomfield, Off Min",
20-Oct, 1886, Elizabeth*, PIKE, 75, "Queen Street, Lostwithiel", "Henry Collings, Vicar",
12-Oct, 1886, Mary*, ROWE, 25, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "W J Bloomfield, Off Min", Entry out of order
23-Oct, 1886, John, REDMON, 67, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "W J Bloomfield, Off Min",
25-Oct, 1886, Ann, AUGER, 35, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "W J Bloomfield, Off Min",
20-Nov, 1886, Thomas*, PROBERT, 74, King Street, "Henry Collings, Vicar", Coroner's order
02-Dec, 1886, Sarah, FREGONNING, 23, Bodmin Hill, "H Ayton Hill, Off Min",
02-Dec, 1886, Susanna, BASSETT, 57, The Parade, "Henry Collings, Vicar",
25-Dec, 1886, Elizabeth, WELLINGTON, 67, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "H Ayton Hill, Off Min",
16-Jan, 1887, Henry, PRIOR, 74, "Stapland, St Winnow", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
19-Feb, 1887, William, HAWKEY, 70, Fore Street, "Henry Collings, Vicar",
08-Mar, 1887, William*, DAUKERTER, 8m, "Restormel, Lanlivery", "Arthur Williams, Curate", Surname spelling is ???
12-Mar, 1887, Louisa, PHILLIPS, 50, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
15-Mar, 1887, Mary, HILL, 62, Fore Street, "Henry Collings, Vicar",
26-Mar, 1887, Matthew*, FOX, 16, "Victoria Cottages, Lanlivery", Henry Collings & Arthur Williams,
22-Mar, 1887, -----*, BESWARICK, 5w, Victoria, "Certified by Thomas Craine, U M Free Churchminister", No given name here + late entry
13-Apr, 1887, Philip, ROWE, 61, "Shire Hall Moor, Lanlivery", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
16-Apr, 1887, David, TRELEAVEN, 23, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
03-May, 1887, Jane, SANTO, 76, Lostwithiel , Certified by Alfred Grose,
26-May, 1887, Agnes*, JENKIN, 77, Lostwithiel , Certified by George Geach,
01-Jul, 1887, Ann, HUSBAND, 63, "Queen Street, Lostwithiel", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
01-Jul, 1887, Sarah*, RICHARDS, 45, "North Street, Lostwithiel", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
05-Jul, 1887, Thomas, CHRISTOPHER, 35, "Fore Street, Lostwithiel", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
30-Jul, 1887, Mary, LOBYE, 70, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
06-Aug, 1887, Mary*, MAY, 8m, Wigston, "Arthur Williams, Curate",
13-Aug, 1887, Mary, PAPE, 70, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
13-Aug, 1887, Jack, HUSBAND, 5m, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "Arthur Williams, Curate",
02-Sep, 1887, Ann, RULE, 70, "Ormonde Cottage, Lostwithiel", "Henry Collings, Vicar",
10-Sep, 1887, Mary, HAM, 56, "Victoria Place, Lostwithiel", "C F Frusted, Off Min",
14-Sep, 1887, Lewis*, ROBERTS, 6m, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "C F Frusted, Off Min",
19-Sep, 1887, Mary*, THOMAS, 32, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "C F Frusted, Off Min",
02-Oct, 1887, James*, PHILLIPS, 6m, "Shire Hall Moor, Lanlivery", "A Williams, Curate",
24-Sep, 1887, Albert*, ALLEN, 4m, "Victoria Place, Lostwithiel", Certified by Frederic Clements of Lostwithiel, Late entry
25-Oct, 1887, Charles*, ROW, 64, Lostwithiel, "H Collings, Vicar", Died at Fowey
18-Dec, 1887, Edward, HANCOCK, 77, "Shire Hall Moor, Lanlivery", "A Williams, Curate",
26-Dec, 1887, Elizabeth, VEALE, 84, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "A Williams, Curate",
17-Jan, 1888, Samuel, NETHERTON, 89, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "A Williams, Curate",
17-Jan, 1888, Christiana, SIMMONS, 32, "Shire Hall Moor, Lanlivery", Certified by Frederic Clements of Lostwithiel
02-Feb, 1888, John*, NEAL, 37, "Barn Gate, Lanlivery", Certified by Frederic Clements of Lostwithiel
14-Mar, 1888, Elizabeth, FURZE, 85, Lostwithiel, "A Williams, Curate"
26-Mar, 1888, Mary*, RISDON, 42, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "A Williams, Curate"
29-Mar, 1888, Thomas, GEACH, 80, Lanlivery, Certified by Thomas H. Bailey of Lostwithiel
31-Mar, 1888, Grace, CHEGWIDDEN, 59, "Fore Street, Lostwithiel", Certified by Thomas H. Bailey of Lostwithiel
07-Apr, 1888, Catherine, REDMON, 63, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "A Williams, Curate"
20-Apr, 1888, Richard*, HAWKIN, 32, "Polruan, Lanteglos-by-Fowey", "A Williams, Curate"
02-May, 1888, Harriett, ROBERTS, 40, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "A Williams, Curate"
12-May, 1888, William, ROWE, 70, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "H Collings, Vicar"
24-May, 1888, Rose*, TRELEAVEN, 40, Bodmin, "A Williams, Curate"
05-Jun, 1888, Richard, REED, 61, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Certified by Richard Read, Junr"
05-Jun, 1888, Susan, BESWETHERICK, 84, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "A Williams, Curate"
26-Jun, 1888, Joseph, JEFFERY, 86, Lostwithiel, Certified by J O Jeffery
09-Aug, 1888, Kate, PEARCE, 24, "Shire Hall Moor, Lanlivery", "H Collings, Vicar"
09-Aug, 1888, Bessie, BESWETHERICK, 18, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "H Collings, Vicar"
28-Aug, 1888, Evelina*, OLIVER, 2y3m, "Millham Gate, St Winnow", "Certified by Rev'd J C Easterbrook, Congreg. Min.",
30-Aug, 1888, Charlie, HUSBAND, 4m, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "H Collings, Vicar",
04-Oct, 1888, Josiah*, RESCORL, 7m, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "G Pole Carew, Vicar",
27-Oct, 1888, William*, LIBBY, 3m, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "G Pole Carew, Vicar",
17-Nov, 1888, Charles, EYRE, 16, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "G Pole Carew, Vicar",
27-Dec, 1888, Elizabeth, PARKIN, 83, "Cob Lane, Lostwithiel", "G Pole Carew, Vicar",
21-Jan, 1889, John, BAEN, 59, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "G Pole Carew, Vicar",
08-Feb, 1889, Mary, SALT, 93, "Rosehill, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
13-Mar, 1889, Mary*, BARTLETT, 85, Union Workhouse , "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar", "Late of Kings Street, Lostwithiel"
16-Mar, 1889, William, BESWETHERICK, 77, "Lewis's Court, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
04-Apr, 1889, Mary*, TONKIN, 53, "Bridgend, St Winnow", Certified by Thomas H Bailey,
10-Apr, 1889, William, LOBB, 42, "Shire Hall Moor, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
22-May, 1889, Jane, FROST, 86, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
04-Jun, 1889, Nicholas, RICHARDS, 73, "North Street, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
24-Jun, 1889, Martha, BRAMWELL, 15, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
11-Jul, 1889, William, RUNDLE, 64, Lostwithiel, Certified by Frederic Clements of Lostwithiel,
26-Jul, 1889, John, WEEKES, 37, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "J Rupert Martill, Curate of St Winnow"
01-Aug, 1889, Elizabeth, TALLING, 71, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
03-Aug, 1889, Elizabeth, CLEMENS, 85, "Tanhouse, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
27-Aug, 1889, Moses, SOLOMEN, 36, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Edmund Neville, S Pancras Church, London, W C"
08-Sep, 1889, Marion, HICK, 10m, "Pool Cottage, Lanlivery", "Edmund Neville, S Pancras Church, London, W C"
18-Sep, 1889, Percy, VINCENT, 9m, "Pool Cottage, Lanlivery", "Edmund Neville, S Pancras Church, London, W C"
26-Sep, 1889, John, BARTLETT, 63, "Bee Cottage, Lostwithiel", Certified by Thomas H. Bailey of Lostwithiel
13-Oct, 1889, Lucinda, RESCORL, 32, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
27-Oct, 1889, John, BROWN, 74, Bodmin Union of Summer's Lane, "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
29-Oct, 1889, Lucinda*, RESCORL, 17d, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
03-Nov, 1889, Mary, STEPHENS, 31, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
27-Nov, 1889, John, ROWE, 77, "North Street, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
05-Dec, 1889, Frederick*, DOCKING, 7, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
10-Dec, 1889, Jane*, WHETTER, 64, Fowey, "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
22-Dec, 1889, Catherine, HANCOCK, 78, "Moors, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
28-Dec, 1889, William*, TOM, 23, "Restormel, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
02-Jan, 1890, Joseph, MATTHEWS, 38, "Polyn Barn, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
16-Jan, 1890, Ann*, CORY, 50, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
11-Feb, 1890, Rebecca, GEACH, 77, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", Certified by J A Beo---ick
15-Feb, 1890, Grace, ROWE, 58, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
23-Feb, 1890, George*, GOODMAN, 2y6m, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
23-Feb, 1890, John, TREFFRY, 69, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
25-Feb, 1890, James*, ROUSE, 46, "Cobble Lane, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
11-Mar, 1890, Elizabeth, ROWE, 77, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
12-Mar, 1890, Annie*, RESKELLY, 3m, "Trewether, St Winnow", Certified by Frederic Clements of Lostwithiel
26-Mar, 1890, Elizabeth, CLIVELL, 83, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1890, Emma, HAM, 38, "Bridgend, St Winnow", Certified by T H Bailey
28-Apr, 1890, Annie, PHILLIPS, 16m, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "Henry G Hilton, Off. Minister"
19-May, 1890, Margaret, CONGDON, 88, "Tangier, Lanlivery", Certified by Stephen Strand
29-May, 1890, John, ROBERTS, 43, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
01-Jun, 1890, Felicia, SOLOMON, 7, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
24-Jun, 1890, Emmeline, MOFFETT, 3, "Pill Farm, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar"
10-Jul, 1890, Jane, ROWE, 72, "Fore Street, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
23-Jul, 1890, John, WELLINGTON, 73, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Henry G Hilton, Off. Minister",
03-Aug, 1890, John, BARTLETT, 69, "Six Bells Inn, Gwennap", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
03-Aug, 1890, Henry, BREWER, 87, "Milltown, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
08-Sep, 1890, John, KNIGHT, 79, "The Parade, Lostwithiel", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
15-Sep, 1890, Herbert*, RASHLEIGH, 2y9m, "Norway House, Lanlivery", "Gerald Pole Carew, Vicar",
30-Oct, 1890, Robert, HAWKEY, 70, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", Certified by Henry C Bassett,
01-Nov, 1890, John, BURROW, 58, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "A H Harcourt Vernon, Off Min",
11-Nov, 1890, Alfred*, DOCKING, 29y3m, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "Henry G Hilton, Off. Minister", after Coroner's inquest ???
03-Dec, 1890, Charles, BENNETT, 58, "North Street, Lostwithiel", "J Rupert Martill, Off Min",
04-Dec, 1890, James, PHILLIPS, 75, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "J Rupert Martill, Off Min",
17-Dec, 1890, James, PARKIN, 78, "Back Lane, Lanlivery", "Henry G Hilton, Off. Minister",
24-Dec, 1890, Elizabeth*, NEAT, 7, "Barngate, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
26-Dec, 1890, Mary*, RESCORL, 74, "Back Lane, Lanlivery", "J Rupert Martill, Off Min",
07-Jan, 1891, Agnes, WEEKES, 66, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
17-Jan, 1891, Mary, KITT, 83, "Back Lane, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
20-Jan, 1891, James, BLEWITT, 78, "Victoria Place, Lostwithiel", "J Rupert Martill, Off Min",
01-Feb, 1891, James, PARTRIDGE, 64, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "J E Eddes, Off Min",
07-Feb, 1891, Mary*, BARROW, 71, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "Henry G Hilton, Off. Minister",
04-Mar, 1891, Willie*, TALLING, 16m, "Duke Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", "Christened"" William""-Registry of deaths ""Willie"""
07-Apr, 1891, Jenefer, STEPHENS, 81, "Fore Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar & H G Hilton",
09-Apr, 1891, Benjamin, BROKENSHAR, 81, "North Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
20-Apr, 1891, William*, NICHOLLS, 16, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "J Rupert Martill, Off Min",
20-Apr, 1891, Edward*, COOK, 1, "Queen Street, Lostwithiel", Certified by F Clements,
08-Jun, 1891, Sarah, HAMLEY, 87, "Chapel Villa, Lostwithiel", "Frank E Lewis, Curate in Charge",
04-Jul, 1891, Jane, BRAMWELL, 75, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
30-Aug, 1891, Edwin, STEPHENS, 17, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
24-Sep, 1891, Mabel, PHILLIPS, 17m, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "J R Hartill, Curate of St Winnow",
09-Oct, 1891, Mary, PHILP, 82, Lostwithiel, Certified by Henry Clifton Bassett,
13-Oct, 1891, Robert*, RESCORL, 81, Monmouth Street, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", or Tram Lane
17-Oct, 1891, Emily, GOYNE, 6m, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1891, Thomas, VINE, 2y8m, "Tanhouse Road, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
08-Dec, 1891, Lilian, BECKERLEG, 1y2m, "Albert Terrace, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
14-Dec, 1891, Percy, BESWETHERICK, 2w, "Victoria Villa, Lostwithiel", "Frank E Lewis, Off Min",
16-Dec, 1891, Ann, CLARK, 76, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
20-Dec, 1891, Richard*, EADE, 2, "Monmouth Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
30-Jan, 1892, Robert*, GUMM, 75, Fowey, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Or possibly Guinese or Guiness
06-Mar, 1892, Eliza*, SANTO, 53, Lostwithiel, Certified by Frederic Clements,
31-Mar, 1892, Ann, BECKERKEG, 88, "Rosehill, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
03-Apr, 1892, Loveday, TAMBLYN, 37, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
03-May, 1892, Frances*, DOWRICK, 68, Lostwithiel, Certified by Frederic Clements,
26-Jun, 1892, Elizabeth, WHERRY, 98, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
26-Jun, 1892, Emma, PEARCE, 7w, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
15-Sep, 1892, Harry*, POPE, 37, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Buried after Coroner's request-railway accident
18-Sep, 1892, James, TREWETHICK, 80, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", Certified by Mark Trewethick,
06-Oct, 1892, Sarah, TINSLEY, 50, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
10-Oct, 1892, Eleanor*, GRIFFIN, 78, St Winnow, "G D Cartwright, Off Min, Vicar of St Winnow",
17-Dec, 1892, Philippa, BROWN, 45, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
26-Dec, 1892, Lucy, ROOSE, 8, "Rundle's Court, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
31-Dec, 1892, Elizabeth, HILL, 74, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
01-Jan, 1893, Thomas, PHILIPS, 60, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
04-Jan, 1893, Joel, OATES, 34, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
15-Jan, 1893, George*, WEEKES, 68, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
16-Feb, 1893, William, STEVENS, 41, "North Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
26-Feb, 1893, John, HILL, 79, "Summer's Lane, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
04-Mar, 1893, William*, BECKERLEG, 51, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
07-Mar, 1893, Mary, REYNOLDS, 85, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "G D Cartwright, Vicar of St Winnow",
28-Mar, 1893, Mary*, BATE, 13, "Gasworks, Lostwithiel", Certified by Henry C Bassett, Lanlivery parish
29-Mar, 1893, Kitty*, BROKENSHIRE, 81, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Coroner's order
30-Mar, 1893, Mary*, BECKERLEG, 49, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
11-Apr, 1893, Mary*, JONES, 12, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
02-Jun, 1893, William, HAM, 62, "Tangier, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
07-Jul, 1893, Catherine*, CORY, 71, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Coroner's order
14-Aug, 1893, Mary*, ROWE, 49, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
19-Aug, 1893, Wilfred*, ROWE, 1y2w, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Coroner's order
22-Aug, 1893, Henry*, KIDD, 81, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
23-Aug, 1893, Richard, HIGGS, 62, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
26-Aug, 1893, John, BURROW, 22, Lanlivery, "G D Cartwright, Vicar of St Winnow",
07-Sep, 1893, William, LEVERS, 77, Lostwithiel, "G. ----------, Off Min",
03-Oct, 1893, Elizabeth, BATE, 86, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
15-Nov, 1893, Fanny*, PHILLIPPS, 15, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Coroner's order
21-Nov, 1893, Joseph, PHILLIPS, 80, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
23-Nov, 1893, William, TRELEAVEN, 75, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
06-Dec, 1893, Amy, HARRY, 79, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
10-Dec, 1893, John, HONEY, 5, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
11-Jan, 1894, Jane, BENNETT, 82, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
12-Jan, 1894, Thomas*, OATES, 2, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Coroner's order
18-Feb, 1894, Mary*, SLOWMAN, 3m, Lostwithiel, "G Borlase Childs, Off Min",
01-Mar, 1894, Ann, ROWE, 85, "Summer's Lane, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
02-Mar, 1894, Ellen, PEARCE, 5, "Victoria Cottage, Lostwithiel", "R Coward, Vicar of Luxulyan",
04-Mar, 1894, Ethel, OATES, 3w, "Victoria, Lostwithiel", "Chas. C. Gaul, Assist. Curate of Crowan",
08-Mar, 1894, William*, VINCENT, 10m, "Mill Pool, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
11-Apr, 1894, Charles*, VINE, 5w, "Victoria, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
21-Apr, 1894, Sidney*, STEPHENS, 26, "Bridgend, St Winnow", "G D Cartwright, Vicar of St Winnow",
16-May, 1894, Joseph*, SKELTON, 64, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
03-Jun, 1894, Hannah, ROWE, 77, "Philp's Court, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
19-Jun, 1894, Elizabeth, HODGE, 80, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "F Townshend Chamberlain, Off Min",
20-Jun, 1894, Thomas*, HUSBAND, 8, "Bridge Street, Lostwithiel", "F Townshend Chamberlain, Off Min", or Brance?
24-Jun, 1894, Reginald*, HARRIS, 14, "Summer's Lane, Lostwithiel", "F Townshend Chamberlain, Off Min", Killed by falling off - - - Milltown Viaduct - -
03-Jul, 1894, James*, PHILLIPPS, 21, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Coroner's order-drowned in the tides
28-Jul, 1894, William*, ROGERS, 29, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "G D Cartwright, Off Min ", Coroner's order
04-Aug, 1894, Agnes, BLEWETT, 78, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "G D Cartwright, Off Min ",
07-Aug, 1894, Beatrice, WEVELL, 7h, Lostwithiel, "G D Cartwright, Off Min ",
07-Aug, 1894, Lucy, WEVELL, 16h, Lostwithiel, "G D Cartwright, Off Min ",
19-Aug, 1894, Grace, EDE, 25, "Summer's Lane, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
23-Aug, 1894, Constance*, BELLAMY, 2m2d, Bodmin , "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
05-Sep, 1894, Richard, POOLEY, 42, "Summer's Lane, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
13-Sep, 1894, Harry*, EDE, 3w, "Father lives Milltown, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Died in the parish of Lanreath
25-Sep, 1894, Samuel, HICKS, 62, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
08-Oct, 1894, Harriet*, PEASE, 55, "Castle, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
21-Oct, 1894, Jenifer*, PIDDUCK, 32, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
05-Dec, 1894, Phillippa, WESTAWAY, 54, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
20-Dec, 1894, Robert, NICHOLLS, 53, Fowey, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
01-Jan, 1895, George, PEARN, 56, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
27-Jan, 1895, Charlotte*, SLOWMAN, 15m, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "T Flavell, Priest",
10-Feb, 1895, Joseph, VINCENT, 2w, "St Austell Rd, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
23-Feb, 1895, Eliza*, WILLIAMS, 59, "Hill Head, Lanlivery", "G D Cartwright, Off Minister",
07-Mar, 1895, Margaret, BROKENSHAR, 84, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
26-Mar, 1895, Ferdinand, WHEELER, 60, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
21-Apr, 1895, George*, PAGE, 3w, "Knights Row, Lostwithiel", "V N Alaham, Rector of Braddock",
01-May, 1895, Lilian*, STEPHENS, 11m, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
05-May, 1895, Charles, HALLIDAY, 84, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
15-May, 1895, Robert, NICHOLLS, 86, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
29-May, 1895, James*, GRIFFIN, 85, St Winnow, "G D Cartwright, Off Minister", middle name ? Fegou or Fezon or Fezou
02-Jun, 1895, Susannah, BURROWS, 52, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
02-Jun, 1895, Frederick*, STEPHENS, 26d, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
24-Jul, 1895, George, NICHOLLS, 46, Lanlivery, "John Parr, A C of Boconnoc",
23-Aug, 1895, Elizabeth*, BOXALL, 68, Lanlivery, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
26-Sep, 1895, Alice, TAYLOR, 36h, Lostwithiel, "W Siezs, Off Minister",
28-Sep, 1895, Arthur*, COLLINS, 2, Lostwithiel, "W Siezs, Off Minister",
25-Oct, 1895, Frederick, PROBERT, 45, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
30-Sep, 1895, John*, BUNNEY, 53, "Tangier, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Late entry
01-Dec, 1895, Amelia, REDMON, 20m, "Tangier, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
07-Dec, 1895, Eveline*, ROWE, 21m, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
19-Dec, 1895, Catherine, LOBB, 60, St Winnow, "G D Cartwright, Vicar of St Winnow",
09-Jan, 1896, Norah*, BRENTON, 11m, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
15-Jan, 1896, Frances*, HEXT, 77, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
25-Jan, 1896, John, ROWE, 50, "Monmouth Arms, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
25-Jan, 1896, Alfred*, MOFFATT, 4, "Pill Farm, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Killed on GWR main line - coroner's order
07-Mar, 1896, William, KINNER, 64, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
11-Mar, 1896, Mabel*, BROWN, 20, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
26-Mar, 1896, Daniel, GLEESON, 71, "Shire Hall Moor, Lanlivery", "G D Cartwright, Vicar of St Winnow",
01-Apr, 1896, Mary*, BUNNEY, 53, "Tangiers, Lostwithiel", "R Coward, Vicar of Luxulyan", By Coroner's order
02-Apr, 1896, John*, SEWART, 38, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
20-May, 1896, Sarah*, HAGILL, 61, "Fore Street, Lostwithiel", "John Nancawen Broad, Wesleyan Minister",
26-Jun, 1896, Thomas, POPE, 70, St Winnow, "Edward Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
19-Jul, 1896, Ann, ROWE, 80, St Winnow, "G D Cartwright, Vicar of St Winnow",
12-Sep, 1896, May*, BROWN, 6m, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "F Townshend Chamberlain, Off Min",
12-Oct, 1896, John, ROWE, 25, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
01-Nov, 1896, Robert, WEST, 85, Lanlivery, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
24-Nov, 1896, Richard, RUNDLE, 77, "Rose Hill, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
22-Dec, 1896, Elizabeth, HIGGS, 64, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
03-Feb, 1897, Harry, WOOD, 11, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
13-Feb, 1897, Ernest*, WESTAWAY, 22, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Collapse at Coldrennick Viaduct-12 men fell 140'
15-Feb, 1897, Thomas, LEWIS, 81, "St Austell Rd, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
27-Feb, 1897, Joseph, BESWARICK, 89, "Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
23-Mar, 1897, Mary, BROWN, 16, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
14-Apr, 1897, Joseph, BASSETT, 64, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
24-Apr, 1897, Ida, HICKS, 16, "Duke Street, Lostwithiel", "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow"
26-May, 1897, John, STEPHENS, 71, "Summer's Lane, Lostwithiel", "G. ----------, Off Min"
13-Aug, 1897, William, HOSKING, 59, Fowey, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
14-Aug, 1897, Beatrice, TAYLOR, 5m, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
16-Sep, 1897, Anna*, BROKENSHAR, 46, Lostwithiel, "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow"
18-Dec, 1897, Elizabeth, CARNE, 47, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
08-Jan, 1898, Archie, OLIVER, 4m, "Penknight, Crewel Cottage, Lanlivery", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
31-Jan, 1898, Richard*, QUILLER, 81, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
20-Feb, 1898, Catherine, BENNETT, 69, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
09-Mar, 1898, Horace, CLARK, 13m, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
09-Mar, 1898, Richard, ROWE, 79, "St Sampson's parish, Golant", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
16-Mar, 1898, Mary*, LACY, 82, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar"
23-Mar, 1898, Emma*, GOODMAN, 47, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
24-Mar, 1898, William, BROKENSHIRE, 89, Plymouth, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
13-Apr, 1898, James, SAUNDRY, 71, Lostwithiel, "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
07-May, 1898, Matilda, MATTHEWS, 30, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
14-May, 1898, Science, MATTHEWS, 69, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
22-May, 1898, Mary, SAUNDERS, 56, "Bridgend, Lostwithiel", "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
08-Jun, 1898, James, LITTLETON, 82, Lostwithiel, "Richard Boles, Vicar of St Winnow",
01-Sep, 1898, Bertie, STEPHENS, 6w, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
07-Sep, 1898, Mary*, HENDRY, 18, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
31-Oct, 1898, Ann, BESWARICK, 64, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
01-Dec, 1898, Florence*, PEARCE, 5w, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
03-Dec, 1898, Florence*, TULLETT, 1y6m, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
16-Dec, 1898, Hannah, STEPHENS, 69, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
19-Dec, 1898, Sarah, DONEY, 80, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
29-Dec, 1898, Anne*, LEWIS, 75, "Turney Hall, Lawannick", "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow", Tumey Hall?
19-Feb, 1899, Emmie, PEARCE, 27, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Henry G Hilton, Off Min",
21-Feb, 1899, James, ROGERS, 87, Lanlivery, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
20-Mar, 1899, Arthur, TRUSCOTT, 77, Lostwithiel, "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
28-Mar, 1899, Thomas, WHELL, 42, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
07-Apr, 1899, Elizabeth*, MATTHEWS, 10m, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
27-Apr, 1899, Philip, THOMAS, 85, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
28-Apr, 1899, William, NICHOLLS, 37, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
30-Apr, 1899, Mary*, ROGERS, 10m, "Milltown, Lanlivery", "Henry G Hilton, Off Min", Best guess is Rogers
06-Jun, 1899, Harriet*, THOMAS, 77, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", or Read
11-Jun, 1899, Walter*, VINCENT, 3d, Lostwithiel, "Henry D Nicholson, Off Min",
04-Jul, 1899, Rhoda, GRAHAM, 37, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
06-Aug, 1899, William*, STEPHENS, 5w, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
15-Aug, 1899, John, PHILP, 83, Lostwithiel, "William Philp, Rector of Shelley, Essex",
21-Aug, 1899, Mary*, GEACH, 73, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
17-Sep, 1899, Dora, HEAYNS, 33, Lostwithiel, "T H Jones, Priest in Charge Gunnislake ???",
18-Oct, 1899, William, LACY, 90, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
02-Nov, 1899, John*, WHERRY, 68, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
05-Nov, 1899, Peter, RICHARDS, 60, Lostwithiel, "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
24-Dec, 1899, James*, DILLON, 62, Lostwithiel, "Richard Boles, Vicar of St Winnow",
29-Dec, 1899, Cicely*, NICHOLLS, 20, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar", Age is blurred
02-Jan, 1900, Ann, JANE, 70, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
03-Jan, 1900, Richard, ELLIOTT, 64, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
23-Jan, 1900, John, CARNE, 50, Lostwithiel, "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
10-Feb, 1900, Robert, PHILLIPS, 28, "The Moors, Lostwithiel", "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
22-Feb, 1900, William, BROKENSHIRE, 78, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "R Coward, Vicar of Luxulyan",
31-Mar, 1900, Samuel*, WILLIAMS, 79, "Victoria, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
12-Apr, 1900, John*, ROWE, 76, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
12-May, 1900, Catherine, MARTIN, 44, Lostwithiel, "Ernest Drewe, Vicar",
28-May, 1900, Elizabeth, SANDERS, 62, Lostwithiel, "E Orinerod, Assist. Curate of St Winnow",
24-Jul, 1900, Mary*, SINGS, 79, Lostwithiel, "A S L Harrison, Curate of Nanpeen",
01-Sep, 1900, Mary, PHILLIPS, 86, "Silverlake, Lanlivery", "Edward Orinerod, Off. Min",
01-Sep, 1900, Mary*, HARTLEY, 76, Lostwithiel, "Edward Orinerod, Off. Min",
22-Oct, 1900, Eleanor*, THOMAS, 24, "The Elves Inn, Lostwithiel", "Ernest Drewe, Vicar and Henry Edwardes",
22-Dec, 1900, Leonona*, BRENTON, 8m, "King Street, Lostwithiel", Henry Edwardes, Best guess
22-Dec, 1900, John*, KIDGER, 87, "Summer's Lane, Lostwithiel", Henry Edwardes, Age is blurred
24-Jan, 1901, Thomas*, BRENTON, 3, "King Street, Lostwithiel", Henry Edwardes,
09-Feb, 1901, Mary, ROWE, 28, "King Street, Lostwithiel", "Alysius Smith, R C Priest Bodmin",
21-Feb, 1901, Sydney, HENDRY, 9m, "Tangier, Lostwithiel", Henry Edwardes,
20-Mar, 1901, Helen, EDDY, 5, "North Street, Lostwithiel", Henry Edwardes,
06-Apr,1901,Lostwithiel,Elizabeth,RUNDLE,83,Rosehill Lostwithiel,,
14-Apr,1901,Francis Bryant,CORY,64,"12 Cecil Street, Plymouth",,
14-Apr,1901,Sarah,JOHNS,54,"Tan House, Lostwithiel",,
13-May,1901,Francis ,NICHOLLS,36,Bodmin Hill,By coroners order,
22-May,1901,Audrey Charity Mary,HOSKIN,14m,Restormel Road,,
04-Jun,1901,Joseph,PHILLIPS,59,"Silverlake, Lanlivery",,
07-Jun,1901,Martha Talling,NICHOLLS,16,Bodardle Lostwithiel,,
11-Jun,1901,William,DALE,80,The Terrace,Certified by Joseph Johns under Burials Act 1880,
09-Jul,1901,Henry,ROWE,74,Bodmin Hill,,
16-Jul,1901,William,CHAPMAN,68,"Philps Court, Bodmin Hill",,
22-Jul,1901,William,WILLS,82,Tangier Lostwithiel,,
05-Aug,1901,Sampson,HAM,44,Lostwithiel,Certified by Frederic Clements Under Burials Act 1880,
05-Aug,1901,William Henry,REED,44,Lostwithiel,Certified by Frederic Clements Under Burials Act 1880,
13-Aug,1901,Anna,BENNEY,81,The Moors?,Certified by Frederic Clements Under Burials Act 1880,
15-Aug,1901,Louisa,JAMES,67,Quay Street,,
22-Oct,1901,Juliana,PHILLIPS,61,2 South St,,
23-Oct,1901,Charles,STEPHENS,25,Duke Street,,
29-Oct,1901,Ethel Mary,WALKHAM,28d,28 Summers St,,
10-Nov,1901,Cordelia Beckerleg,ROUSE,19,11 Tangier,,
30-Nov,1901,Mary Jane,POPE,76,"Bridgend, S Winnow",,
01-Dec,1901,Cordelia Maria,PHILLIPS,55,14 King Street,,
15-Feb,1902,William,BURROW,60,1 South Street,,
05-Mar,1902,Mary Ann,PHILLIPS,61,15 The Moors,,
26-Mar,1902,Elizabeth,MAKER,59,1 The Moors,,
30-Mar,1902,John,EAD,60,6 Monmouth Street,,
02-Apr,1902,Mary Elizabeth,PILL,31,4 King Street,,
06-May,1902,Albert,VINCENT,35,The Moors,,
19-May,1902,John,LEAN,70,Bridgend,Certified by F. Clements under Burials Act 1880,
13-Jun,1902,Ann,LITTLETON,76,"Union Workhouse, Bodmin",,
16-Jun,1902,Jane Ann,HONEY,19,15 Tangier,,
10-Jul,1902,John Cripps,PROBERT,56,Consolidated Bank,,
11-Jul,1902,John,WARREN,82,Quay House,,
19-Jul,1902,Mary Ann,NETHERTON,79,"Union Workhouse, Bodmin",,
24-Sep,1902,John,CAPLE,84,"Walls Castle, Lanlivery",,
03-Nov,1902,Albert,CARNE,15,Bridge Street,,
08-Nov,1902,Elizabeth,SPRAY,91,8 Church Street,,
04-Dec,1902,Robert Geoffrey,PEASE,15d,The Terrace,,
04-Dec,1902,John Olver,JEFFREY,63,Fore Street,Certified by F. Clements under Burials Act 1880,
29-Dec,1902,Sybil Evlyn De Vere,THOMAS,26,13 Bodmin Hill,,
14-Jan,1903,Kate,VINE,22,Knights Row,,
24-Jan,1903,William Charles,DOCKING,22,5 St. Austell Road,,
18-Feb,1903,Joseph,NICHOLLS,76,21 Bodmin Hill,,
11-Mar,1903,Bessie Jane Sander,ERSON,52,Parade A ?----,Certified by F Y? Clements under Burials Act 1880,
27-Mar,1903,Elizabeth,ROWE,73,Mount Pleasant,,
25-Apr,1903,John,RESCORLE,82,Tanyard Cottage,,
26-Apr,1903,William Thomas,KESCEL,16,Lostwithiel,Certified by T T Waylett under Burials Act 1880,
30-Apr,1903,Elizabeth Moody,WHERRY,69,7 Bodmin Hill,,
04-May,1903,George,VOWLES,75,Summers Street,,
18-Jun,1903,Nora Mary,PEASE,26,Pateley Bridge,,
22-Jun,1903,Sarah,COLLINGS,73,South Street,,
07-Jul,1903,Clara Louise,CARTER,20,Hillside Villas,,
30-Jul,1903,Richard,OLVER,56,Tanhouse Lane,By Coroners Order,
17-Oct,1903,Richard,RUNDLE,39,King Street,Certified by H Rundle under Burials Act 1880,
23-Dec,1903,Ellen,PYLL,40,4 North Street,,
01-Feb,1904,Grace ,TALLING,88,Sowdens S Tudy,,
13-Feb,1904,Robert Henry,NICHOLLS,36,Penquite S Kew,,
24-Feb,1904,Ann Maria,BASSETT,68,6 North Street,,
05-Mar,1904,Elizabeth,BROKENSHAW,70,1 King Street,,
07-Mar,1904,William,WOOLCOCK,93,Philps Court,,
16-Mar,1904,Kathleen Mary,NICHOLLS,10w,North Street,By Coroners Order,
29-Mar,1904,Elizabeth,REED,85,Summers Street,,
22-Apr,1904,Grace Jane Richards,EDMONDS,56,North Street,,
06-Jun,1904,Mary,PARKIN,86,Church St.,,
16-Jul,1904,Evelyn,DANIELL,33,5 Penknek Terrace,,
10-Aug,1904,John Olver,HIGGS,25,1 Fore Street,,
04-Sep,1904,Sarah Ann,PARTRIDGE,72,28 Bodmin Hill,,
17-Dec,1904,Selina,PHILLIPS,68,11 Bodmin Hill,,
18-Dec,1904,Thomas ,PRIOR,67,"Bridgend, S Winnow",Certified by W C Oliver under Burials Act 1880,
24-Dec,1904,John Charles,BENNETT,9d,26 North Street,,
22-Jan,1905,James,TRELEAVEN,30,26 North Street,,
28-Jan,1905,George Edward,PHILLIPS,1m,24 Summers Street,Unbaptised Service appointed by appointed by Bishop used,
07-Feb,1905,William,ROWE,23,9 The Moors,,
01-Mar,1905,Maria,KEMBLE,81,29 Bodmin Hill,,
13-May,1905,Mary Davey,EASTON,30,"Bridgend, S Winnow",,
03-Jun,1905,William Richard,BALL,11m,7 Victoria,,
14-Jun,1905,David,ROTHERO,66,2 The Moors,,
21-Jun,1905,John,JANE,76,8 Fore Street,,
30-Jul,1905,Francis,MANUEL,80,4 Church St,,
26-Sep,1905,Elizabeth,HENNAH,88,Hill Side,,
20-Jul,1905,Florence Emma,ALLEN,17,Victoria,Certified by C Allen under Burials Act 1880. Notified? in Oct.,
05-Oct,1905,William Howard,ALLEN,14,Victoria,Certified by C Allen under Burials Act 1880,
11-Nov,1905,Mark,THOMAS,87,Old Duchy Palace,,
21-Nov,1905,William,BURTON,80,"Kingdon House, Duke Street",,
28-Nov,1905,Mary Emily,WILLOUGHBY,,Fore Street,Certified by L Willoughby under Burials Act 1880,Age not recorded
22-Dec,1905,Carrie,SKELTON,30,North Street,,
11-Jan,1906,Elizabeth,SOLOMON,79,Church Street,,
17-Jan,1906,Maude Mary,WEVELL,5,"Bridgend, S. Winnow",,
07-Feb,1906,William James,SAUNDRY,4,South Street,By Coroner's Order,
22-Feb,1906,Isabella Hetty,PHILLIPS,3m,24 Summers Street,,
28-Feb,1906,Joan,TALLING,64,2 Fore Street,,
23-Apr?,1906,Philip,BRANWELL,70,3 Avery Terrace,Certified by C S Bramwell under Burials Act 1880,Surnames as recorded
20-May,1906,William,PEASE,65,"Castle, Lanlivery",,
02-Jul,1906,Elizabeth,NICHOLLS,70,"Penquite, S Kew",,
02-Aug,1906,Anna Maria,ANNING,74,2 Victoria Lostwithiel,,
27-Aug,1906,William Henry,PHILLIPS,51,Hill Head Lostwithiel,,
29-Aug,1906,Thomas Egbert,MOFFATT,30,"Railway Hotel, Grampound Rd.",,
30-Aug,1906,Sabina,PHILP,74,"Pill Cottages, Lanlivery",,
04-Sep,1906,William,BOXALL,78,"Glenarm House, S. Austell Rd, Lostwithiel",,
22-Sep,1906,Dora,GOYNE,24,34 Fore Street Lostwithiel,,
10-Oct,1906,Mary Elizabeth,BENNETT,61,Bridge House Lostwithiel,,
20-Oct,1906,William,TALLING,79,9 Fore Street Lostwithiel,,
19-Nov,1906,Jane,HONEY,84,5 Church Street Lostwithiel,,
13-Dec,1906,Emily,LOFTY,42,Knights Row,Commonly called Pinch,
14-Feb,1907,Mabely,ROWE,2m,North Street,,
16-Feb,1907,Jane,HEAYNS,60,25 Bodmin Hill,,
27-Feb,1907,James,SWEET,62,"3 Duke House, Duke St",,
03-Mar,1907,Harriet,HEAYNES,45,20 Bodmin Hill Lostwithiel,,
16-Mar,1907,Doris Ivy,GOYNE,1m,8 King Street Lostwithiel,,
17-Apr,1907,Helen Mary,HOPPING,31,4 Penknek Terrace Lostwithiel,,
07-May,1907,John,BENNY,20,The Moors Lostwithiel,By Coroners Order,
30-May,1907,Elizabeth,BERRY,55,Old Duchy Palace Lostwithiel,,
13-Aug,1907,Hilda May,BALL,6,3 Bridge Street Lostwithiel,Certified by G T Peet under Burials Act 1880,
23-Oct,1907,Elizabeth,BURTON,86,7 Tangier Lostwithiel,,
27-Oct,1907,Freeman,SKELTON,15,Victoria Lostwithiel,By Coroners Order,
02-Nov,1907,John,VINE,67,Knights Row Lostwithiel,,
30-Nov,1907,Hester Helen,BROAD,32,12 Queen St Lostwithiel,,
14-Jan,1908,Adam,HITCHMOUGH,76,Spring Cottage Lostwithiel,,
21-Jan,1908,Leonard Bryant,WILLOUGHBY,22,Fore Street Lostwithiel,Certified by W H Willoughby under Burials Act 1880,
29-Jan,1908,Charles,PHILLIPS,70,1 Church Street Lostwithiel,,
10-Feb,1908,Florence Mary,SINGS,15,Philps Court Lostwithiel,,
15-Feb,1908,Mary,BARTLETT,76,The Parade Lostwithiel,,
26-Mar,1908,Oliver Haydn,DANIELL,6m,5 Penknek Terrace Lostwithiel,,
01-Apr,1908,Thirza,SKELTON,76,28 North Street Lostwithiel,,
04-May,1908,Emma Yallack ,PIERSON,80,Norway House Lostwithiel,,
06-Jul,1908,Jane Rundle,HOSKING,7,Victoria Lostwithiel,Certified by Joseph Hosking Under Burials Act 1880,
07-Jul,1908,Elijah,VINCENT,46,8 Victoria Lostwithiel,,
27-Sep,1908,Ann Hamley,SINGS,38,Duke Street Lostwithiel,,
24-Nov,1908,Jane,TREVETHICK,82,Lostwithiel,Certified by B H Clark under the Burial Laws Am. Act of 1880,
23-Dec,1908,William,JAMES,74,North Street Lostwithiel,,
31-Dec,1908,Elizabeth Ann,QUILLER,80,"27 Hilton Road, Newton Abbot",,
31-Jan,1909,John Back,WESTAWAY,68,31 North Street Lostwithiel,,
16-Feb,1909,Mary Emma,BENNETT,21,Lostwithiel,,
11-Mar,1909,Joseph,HANCOCK,75,Quay House Lostwithiel,,
22-Mar,1909,William,BARTLETT,85,Parade House,,
22-Apr,1909,Susannah Jane,BETTINSON,,Lostwithiel,Certified by B H Clark under the Burial Laws Am. Act of 1880,Age not recorded
06-May,1909,Samuel Horace,HICKS,18m,6 Tram Lane Lostwithiel,,
09-May,1909,John,REDMOND,57,Victoria Lostwithiel,By Coroners Order,
02-Jun,1909,Martha Maria,NICHOLLS,81,21 Bodmin Hill Lostwithiel,,
12-Jun,1909,Patience,STEPHENS,76,"The Wilderness, Bridgend, S Winnow",Certified by (not stated) under the Burial Laws Am. Act of 1880,
28-Jun,1909,Emma,BASSETT,39,1 Avery Terrace Lostwithiel,,
09-Jul,1909,John Crocker,NANKIVELL,53,Bodmin Hill Lostwithiel,Certified by (not stated) under the Burial Laws Am. Act of 1880,
12-Jul,1909,Mary Jane,KNIGHT,70,9 North St. Lostwithiel,,
05-Sep,1909,John,NETHERTON,84,"The Moors, Lostwithiel",,
27-Sep,1909,Mary,PEARCE,83,9 King St. Lostwithiel,,
05-Oct,1909,Elizabeth,STEPHENS,63,5 Summers St,,
28-Jul,1909,Mary,HAWKEN,71,Summer Street Lostwithiel,,
08-Dec,1909,George Benjamin,LAWRENCE,64,River View Lostwithiel,,
21-Dec,1909,Philippa,STEVENS,82,9 Summers Street Lostwithiel,,
13-Feb,1910,Frederick John,BENNETT,12,15 Fore Street Lostwithiel,,
09-Mar,1910,John,JAMES,84,1 Avery Terrace Lostwithiel,,
04-Nov,1909,Elizabeth,HOLBRY,87,10 King St. Lostwithiel,,
22-Feb,1910,Eva,HAWKEN,33,"Bridgend, S. Winnow",,
11-Mar,1910,Sarah,WOOD,84,North Street Lostwithiel,,
13-Mar,1910,Henrietta,MATTHEWS,75,"Bridgend, S. Winnow",Certified by Revd. B H Clark under the Burial Laws' Amendnent Act,
06-Apr,1910,Jonathan,HUGILL,85,Fore Street Lostwithiel,Certified by Rev B H Clark under the Burial Laws Am Act,
07-Apr,1910,Samuel ,LOBB,82,,By Coroner's Order,Abode not recorded
14-Apr,1910,Eliza Tythe,BARON,84,"Bridgend, S. Winnow",Certified by Rev B H Clark under the Burial Laws Am Act,
17-Apr,1910,William Harris,STEPHENS,60,Bodmin Hill Lostwithiel,,
03-May,1910,Eldred Roberts,BROWN,64,Fore Street Lostwithiel,Certified by Revd. Thomas Lee under the Burial Laws Amendment Act,
19-May,1910,John,HAWKINS,89,"Mount Pleasant, Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",Certified by Revd. B H Clark under the Burial Laws' Amendnent Act,
15-Jun,1910,Mary Elizabeth,ALLEN,51,"13 Victoria, Lostwithiel",,
20-Jul,1910,Mary Rebecca,MAY,52,"24 Gladwell Road, Hornsey",,
25-Jun,1910,Louisa Julian,DOIDGE,,Fore Street Lostwithiel,Certified by Revd. B H Clark under the Burial Laws Amendnent Act,Age not recorded
26-Jul,1910,William,HARTLEY,73,S. Austell Road Lostwithiel,,
26-Jul,1910,Caroline,GEACH,79,Fore Street Lostwithiel,Certified by Rev Lee under thw Burial Laws Amendment Act,
25-Sep,1910,Charles William,OLIVER,70,Bridge Street Lostwithiel,Certified by Revd. Lee under the Burial Laws Amendment Act,
19-Oct,1910,John Thomas,TULLETT,22m,The Moors Lostwithiel,,
23-Nov,1910,Ann,HILL,83,"Phillips' Court, Lostwithiel",Certified by Revd. T Lee under the Burial Laws Amendment Act,
14-Dec,1910,Charles,WENMOUTH,,"The Quay, Lostwithiel",Certified by Rev T Lee,Age not recorded
16-Jan,1911,John ,BENNETT,64,"Fore Street, Lostwithiel",,
17-Jan,1911,Mary Penelope,BROWN,43,Restormel Road Lostwithiel,,
29-Jan,1911,Martha Jane,PHILLIPS,24,Fore Street Lostwithiel,Certified by Revd. B H Clark under the Burials Laws Amt. Act,
08-Mar,1911,Robert,PHILLIPS,11m,The Parade Lostwithiel,,
19-Mar,1911,William Henry,COLE,64,Lostwithiel,By Coroner's Inquest,
15-May,1911,Elizabeth Jane,PHILLIPS,58,"10 The Moors, Lostwithiel",,
24-May,1911,Matilda,THOMAS,96,"Summers St., Lostwithiel","Certified by Rev B H Clark, under tha Burial Las Ammend. Act",
08-Jun,1911,Henry ,NICHOLLS,67,"Bodardle, Lostwithiel",,
29-Aug,1911,Joseph ,JOHNS,73,"Higher Polscoe, St. Winnow",Certified by Revd. T Lee under the Burial Laws' Amend. Act,
09-Sep,1911,Annie,TREMBATH,52,Fore Street Lostwithiel,,
15-Oct,1911,Mabel Annie,KESTEL,31,"Sweet's House, Lanlivery",Certified by Revd. T Lea under the Burial Laws' Amendment Act,
04-Nov,1911,Elizabeth Ann,SHERWELL,73,Gilbury Lostwithiel,,
04-Nov,1911,Joseph Searle,DANIELL,78,6 Fore Street Lostwithiel,,
29-Nov,1911,Thomas,MAKER,72,Masons' Row Lostwithiel,,
30-Dec,1911,John Clement,MATTHEWS,59,"Tangier, Lostwithiel",,
01-Jan,1912,George,LANDER,74,"Bridgend, St. Winnow",,
11-Jan,1912,George Edward,VINE,8m,Victoria Lostwithiel,,
17-Jan,1912,Emma ,DINGLE,62,Lostwithiel,Certified by Rev T Lee under the Burial Laws' Amendment Act,
23-Jan,1912,Mildred,CARNE,25,"15 North Street, Lostwithiel",,
07-Feb,1912,Ellen Louisa,DEMPSTER,78,"2 Trelawney Place, Coltam, Bristol",,
26-Mar,1912,Catherine Edyvean,CARNE,58,"The Parade, Lostwithiel",Died in S. Devon Hospital,
28-Mar,1912,John,HAWKEN,84,"Parade Square, Lostwithiel",By Coroner's Order,
03-Apr,1912,Nicholas,RESCORL,80,"North Street, Lostwithiel",By Coroner's Order. Certified by William John Rescorl under the Burial Laws' Amendment Act.,
18-Apr,1912,Samuel Gurney,BROKENSHAR,78,"11 North Street, Lostwithiel",,
24-Apr,1912,Jane,ROW,84,"Boseglos, Fore Street, Lostwithiel",,
04-May,1912,Frederick William,ROWE,38,"Monmouth Hotel, Lostwithiel",,
10-May,1912,Joseph Thomas Collin,GILCHRIST,45,Lostwithiel,Certified by Rev. Frederick Rabey under the Burial Laws' Amendment Act,
16-May,1912,Mary Ann,LUCAS,88,Lostwithiel,"Certified by Ellen Alma Carne, under the Burial Laws' Amendment Act",
07-Aug,1912,Eliza,MATTHEWS,54,"Tangier, Lostwithiel",,
31-Aug,1912,Aubrey John,TUCKER,9,"3 Summers St., Lostwithiel",,
24-Sep,1912,Ann,HANCOCK,82,"2 Church St., Lostwithiel",,
14-Nov,1912,John,JENNINGS,55,"Restormel, Lanlivery",Certified by Rev. Frederick Rabey under the Burial Laws Amendment Act,
31-Oct,1912,Emma Jane,ADAMS,58,"17 Victoria, Lostwithiel",,
29-Jan,1913,Catherine ,LOBB,55,"26 Fore Street, Lostwithiel",,
29-Jan,1913,Amelia Miller,PHILLIPS,81,"6 Victoria, Lostwithiel",,
08-Feb,1913,Frederick Joseph,GOYNE,8m,"17 King Street, Lostwithiel",,
12-Feb,1913,Elizabeth,LIBBY,78,"Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",,
12-Feb,1913,Nellie,HAM,22,,Certified by Rev. T. Lee under the Burials LA Act,Abode not recorded
20-Feb,1913,Horace Victor,PASCOE,1w,"Victoria, Lostwithiel",,
17-Mar,1913,Leonard ,TREGAY,70,"Avery Terrace, Lostwithiel",,
27-Mar,1913,James,BOND,68,"The Parade, Lostwithiel",Certified by Rev. T. Lee under the Burial Laws Am. Act,
04-Jun,1913,Elizabeth Browning,COLLIVER,93,"11 Queen Street, Lostwithiel",,
07-Jun,1913,William Hengston,HORTON,,Lostwithiel,Certified by Rev. T. Lee under the Burial Laws A. Act,Age not recorded
14-Jul,1913,Annie,TALLING,51,"Osborne House, Lostwithiel",,
04-Aug,1913,Thomas,WENMOUTH,48,"Malt Lane, Lostwithiel",,
12-Aug,1913,Walter Garfield,SEARLE,12,"Pill, Lostwithiel",Certified by Mr. J.T. Beswarich under the Burial Laws' Am. Act,
22-Aug,1913,Elizabeth,BOXALL,60,"St. Austell Road, Lostwithiel",,
01-Sep,1913,Mary Ann,WENDON,77,"16 Victoria, Lostwithiel",,
23-Oct,1913,Eveline Maud,OLIVER,1m,"Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",,
30-Oct,1913,Amy,HENDRY,75,"5 Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",,
31-Oct,1913,John,WEVELL,26,"Beard's Cottage, Bridgend, Lostwithiel",,
27-Nov,1913,Jane,WILLS,94,"Tangier, Lostwithiel",,
28-Dec,1913,Philip,CRUSE,84,"1 South Street, Lostwithiel",Certified by Rev. E. H. Smith under the Burial Laws' Am. Act,
05-Jan,1914,Christopher,MENHENNICK,60,"14 Fore Street, Lostwithiel",Certified by Rev. F. Rabey under the Burial Laws' Amendment Act,
07-Jan,1914,Sarah Margaret,DAVEY,87,Poldu,Certified by Rev. F. Rabey under the Burial Laws' Amendment Act,
15-Jan,1914,Mary,NICHOLLS,69,"Bodardle, Lostwithiel",,
21-Jan,1914,John,BEARNE,37,"20 King St., Lostwithiel",,
24-Jan,1914,Sarah,WARREN,91,"Glentworth Terrace, Lostwithiel",,
31-Jan,1914,Joseph,KNIGHT,64,"The Parade, Lostwithiel",,
09-Feb,1914,Mary,JAMES,94,"1 Avery Terrace, Lostwithiel",,
10-Feb,1914,Henry,SMITH,75,"The Ivies, King Street, Lostwithiel",,
17-Feb,1914,Charlotte,ELLIOT,74,"3 Penknek Terrace, Lostwithiel",Certified by Rev. F. Rabey under the Burial Laws Am. Act,
04-Mar,1914,Eliza,VOWLES,83,"8 Fore Street, Lostwithiel",,
15-Mar,1914,Mary Emma,GOODMAN,23,"4 St. Austell Road, Lostwithiel",,
11-Apr,1914,Winneretta,MITCHELMORE,11w,"Summers Street, Lostwithiel",,
07-May,1914,Mary,JOHNS,93,"29 Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",,
15-May,1914,Mary,WOOD,52,"9 Church St., Lostwithiel",,
19-May,1914,Thomas,JAGO,59,"South St., Lostwithiel",,
20-Jun,1914,Ruby Mary,ROWE,26d,"15 North Street, Lostwithiel",,
12-Jul,1914,Grace,KIDGER,71,Bodmin ,,
05-Aug,1914,Samuel,BESWARICK,78,Summer Street,,
13-Aug,1914,Albert George,PEARCE,26,Bodmin Hill,,
13-Sep,1914,Blanche Annie,SINGS,25,14 Tangier,,
29-Sep,1914,William,MEECH,74,"Bridgend, S. Winnow",,
02-Oct,1914,Gwendoline Mary,RUNDLE,1m,"1 South Street, Lostwithiel",,
23-Nov,1914,Emily Mary,SYMONS,82,"Rose Cottage, The Moors",,
Dec,1914,Harriet,BRAY,64,Lostwithiel,,day not recorded
21-Dec,1914,Isabella Louisa,VAUTIER,63,"North Street, Lostwithiel",,
30-Dec,1914,Lilian,OATES,51,"Tresleigh, Avery Terrace, Lostwithiel",,
06-Jan,1915,Bessie ,BEER,62,1 Trenmouth? Cottages,,
20-Jan,1915,John Mark,BENNETT,10m,"Bridge House, Lostwithiel",,
03-Feb,1915,John Wood?,NICHOLLS,82,"Penquite, S Kew",,
10-Feb,1915,Thomas,DAVEY,67,"7 Victoria, Lostwithiel",,
13-Feb,1915,Sydney Reginald John,BREND,12m,"3 Church Street, Lostwithiel",,
16-Feb,1915,Winnifred May,TURNER,2y 9m,"Knights Row, Lostwithiel",,
03-Mar,1915,Elizabeth,TRELEAVEN,86,"3 King Street, Lostwithiel",,
06-Mar,1915,Elizabeth Ann,BASSETT,90,"32 Fore Street, Lostwithiel",,
10-Mar,1915,Ann,BENNETTS,79,King Street,,
15-Mar,1915,Catharine Davies,SMITH,79,"Pitomy, St Minver Lowlands",,
16-Mar,1915,Catharine Bone Retallick,BASSETT,92,32 Fore Street,,
25-Mar,1915,William ,WOOD,29,Lostwithiel,Private-13th Service Battn. Notts? & Derby Regt. Sherwood Foresters,
19-Apr,1915,Charles Edward,EASTON,42,"4 Fore Street, Lostwithiel",,
23-Apr,1915,Susan ,PERRY,80,"Benbole, Lostwithiel",,
15-Apr,1915,Elizabeth,JONES,66,"15 King Street, Lostwithiel",Buried under The Burials Act. E Harry Smith officiating Minister .,
17-May,1915,Albert Ernie? Vauden,ABEELE,1d,22 Bodmin Hill,Buried under the Act. Son of Belgian Rufugees.,
22-May,1915,William Henry,HUSBAND,67,North Street,,
26-May,1915,James,KIDGER,72,"Buckland, Monachorum, Devon",,
29-Jun,1915,Millicent,ROWE,50,3 Fore Street,,
12-Aug,1915,Mary Ann,POWER,88,7 Duke Street,,
06-Oct,1915,William Henry,TALLING,67,Fore Street,,
12-Nov,1915,Armanel Maynard,WHEELER,80,Royal Talbot Hotel,,
17-Nov,1915,Eliza,EAD,86,Restormel Road,,
12-Dec,1915,John Henry,COCK,69,"16 Summer Street, Lostwithiel",,
17-Mar,1916,Ellen,HUSBAND,66,7 Queen Street,,
14-Apr,1916,Dorothy,RUNDLE,2m,3 King Street,,
10-May,1916,Wilfrid Charles,SAUNDRY,3m,The Moors,,
14-May,1916,Charles,PHILLIPS,20m,The Moors,,
15-Jun,1916,Joseph,VINE,36,2 Victoria,,
04-Jul,1916,Frank,WATTS,52,"Kings Arms Hotel, Fore Street",,
17-Jul,1916,Henrietta Dennis,ROTHERO,81,The Moors,,
25-Jul,1916,John Penrose,SYMONS,62,Avery Terrace,,
27-Jul,1916,Uriah,ROGERS,78,15 Queen Street,,E. Harry Smith U. M. F. C. buried under the Act
29-Jul,1916,Kate,DYER,53,8 Summers Street,,
09-Aug,1916,John,LAMPING,72,29 Summers Street,,
17-Aug,1916,John,DINGLE,66,"Maudlin, Lanlivery",Certified by E H Smith,
02-Sep,1916,Alice Mabyn,KNIGHT,4,North Street,Drowned in the Fowey 30th. Augt.,
23-Sep,1916,Elizabeth,LOBB,69,"Bonbole, Lostwithiel",,
19-Nov,1916,John,TUCKER,41,The Moors,,
23-Nov,1916,Emily,PEARCE,63,21 Bodmin Hill,,
07-Dec,1916,Mary,KESTLE,95,7 Victoria,,
26-Dec,1916,Martha,POTTER,,Melville Terrace,"Certified by H Smith Minister, under the Act",Age not recorded
25-Nov,1916,Emily Francis,THANE,,Queen Street,"Certified by H Smith Minister, under the Act",Age not recorded
28-Dec,1916,Amelia,SANTO,,Hillyer,"Certified by H Smith Minister, under the Act",Age not recorded
31-Dec,1916,Emily,WENMOUTH,47,Malt House Lane,,
10-Jan,1917,Elizabeth,MANUEL,93,Church Lane,,
10-Jan,1917,Gladys,HARRIS,11,1 Leslie Terrace,,
15-Jan,1917,Susan,MASON,69,8 Victoria Cottage,,
23-Jan,1917,Mary Anne,STEPHENS,76,"Moorland Road, Par",,
17-Feb,1917,Mary ,KINNER,87,"10 Welbeck Avenue, Plymouth",,
03-Apr,1917,Gladys Mary,PEARCE,11m,"Hill Head, Lanlivery",,
18-Apr,1917,Joseph Henry,NICHOLLS,80,Mill Pool,,
06-Jun,1917,Harriett Augusta,LOWREY,64,3 Glentworth Terrace,,
09-Aug,1917,John Edward,MEECH,52,Tangier,,
19-Sep,1917,Robert,PHILLIPS,37,"19 Cambridge Street, Plymouth",,
25-Oct,1917,Ellen,COCK,61,"2 Mount Pleasant, Bodmin",,
Oct,1917,John,JONES,80,14 The Moors,,day not recorded
24-Nov,1917,Simeon,VINCENT,87,9 Victoria,,
17-Dec,1917,Richard,CARNE,67,The Parade,,
27-Dec,1917,Elizabeth Ann,PEARCE,58,3 Summer Street,,
27-Dec,1917,Charlotte,WENDON,101,"Bridgend, S Winnow",Buried under the Act by Mr. Sharard?,
05-Jan,1918,Elizabeth,DUNSCOMBE,56,22 Queen Street,,
19-Jan,1918,Mary Tucker,HART,83,15 Victoria,,
09-Feb,1918,Violet Emily,DIXON,11m,21 Bodmin Hill,,
20-Feb,1918,William,ROTHERO,53,The Moors,,
23-Mar,1918,Mary Ann,SMITH,78,8 Church Lane,,
10-Apr,1918,John,SANTO,81,Hillyar,Buried under the Act by Mr. W. T. Sharard U.M.Minister,
11-Apr,1918,Mary,PHILP,67,Mill Cottage,,
14-Apr,1918,Mary Elizabeth,PHILLIPS,76,The Moors,,
19-Apr,1918,Catharine,WELLINGTON,66,Mount Pleasant,,
11-May,1918,Ann,VINCENT,85,Bodmin Hill,died in Plymouth,
22-Jun,1918,Laura Colwill,JEFFERY,52,"Ivy Cottage, Lostwithile",,
07-Aug,1918,William,VEALE,71,8 Victoria,,
22-Aug,1918,William Bennett,HAWKEN,54,"Dolphin Terrace, Bridgend",,
19-Sep,1918,Mary,PAUL,72,8 Victoria Cottage,,
19-Sep,1918,Henry Thomas,BROWN,80,Raglan House,Buried under the Act,
12-Oct,1918,Henry Mitchell,BENNETTS,65,"King Street, Lostwithiel",,
19-Oct,1918,Albert,HEAYNES,70,"Union Infirmary, Bodmin",,
13-Nov,1918,Henry,ABBISS,18,King Street,,
20-Nov,1918,Iris Eunice,COOK,23m,15 Queen Street,Buried under the Act by Rev. S. S---?,
27-Nov,1918,Emblyn,HORTON,90,"Myrtle Cottage, North Street",Buried under the Act ,
28-Nov,1918,Wilfrid John,NICHOLLS,17,1 Penknek Terrace,Buried under the Act ,
Dec,1918,Dorothy,RESCORL,86,Lostwithiel,,day not recorded
13-Feb,1919,Mary Parkin,NICHOLLS,81,Tanhouse ,,
30-Mar,1919,Hannah,BALL,73,26 North Street,,
21-Apr,1919,William John,SIMONS,46,Kings Arms Hotel,,
14-Jun,1919,Honor,KEAST,78,4 Church Street,,
18-Jul,1919,Mark Henwood,MARKS,72,8 Clifden Terrace,,
09-Sep,1919,Ann Hodge,MAY,79,Hillside ,,
19-Sep,1919,Mary Elizabeth Jane,WALKHAM,11m,21 Summer Street,Buried under the Act by Wesleyan Minister,
08-Dec,1919,Mary Ann,GUY,50,6 North Street,,
17-Jan,1920,Thomas,VINE,52,Malt House Lane,,
24-Jan,1920,Henry ,HICKS,61,"8 Milne Place, Devonport",,
02-Feb,1920,Gerald,DIXON,4m,Bodmin Hill,,
03-Mar,1920,Joseph,PHILLIPS,81,8 Summer Street,,
15-Mar,1920,Charlotte,HICKS,86,5 Duke Street,,
28-Mar,1920,Rebecca Kyngdon,GUEST,86,3 Philps Court,Buried under the Act,
24-Apr,1920,Leonard,WARNE,28,Military Hospital Devonport,,
01-May,1920,Kate,PEARCE,16,Bodmin Hill,,
07-May,1920,Nancy Jane,MENHENNICK,61,14 Fore Street,,
08-May,1920,Daniel Edmund,HOPPING,75,4 Penkneke Terrace,,
15-May,1920,Lucy Beatrice,WEVELL,60,3 The Parade,,
22-May,1920,Towson William,RUNDELL,65,6 Clifden Terrace,,
24-Jun,1920,Ellen,ACKLAND,53,17 Victoria,Buried under the Act,
Jul,1920,John,OLIVER,75,Bridgend,,day not recorded
17-Nov,1920,William Richard,LEVERS,78,17 North Street,Buried under the Act,
08-Dec,1920,Arthur James,ROOK,35,Summer Street,,
19-Dec,1920,Edward,MATTHEWS,81,Plymouth,Buried under the Act,
31-Dec,1920,William Henry,HAWKINS,35,H M S Warick? Port Edgar,,
06-Jan,1921,Anne,DANIELL,86,6 Fore Street,,
22-Jan,1921,Elizabeth,LOBB,89,26 Fore Street,,
02-Feb,1921,John Hicks,DINGLE,88,Quay House,Buried under the Act,
26-Feb,1921,Samuel Charles,BURT,8d,2 Wasley Villas,,
Mar,1921,Millicent,GOODGE,79,Brookdale,Buried under the Act,day not recorded
15-Mar,1921,Mary Jane,MITCHINSON,,Upton House,,Age not recorded
17-Mar,1921,Jane,SYMONS,83,Avery Terrace,Buried under the Act,
26-Mar,1921,Kezia,BESWETHERICK,77,North Street,,
19-Apr,1921,Charlotte Hicks,DINGLE,85,Upton House,Buried under the Act,
12-May,1921,Naomi,SKELTON,82,22 Queen Street,Buried under the Act,
12-Aug,1921,Richard,WENDON,78,"Millpool, St. Winnow",,
12-Aug,1921,Elizabeth,PRIOR,86,7 Victoria,Buried under the Act by W. Shallard,
13-Aug,1921,William,SMITH,78,The Moors,,
Aug,1921,,JENKINS,,Queen Street,Buried under the Act by W. Shallard,No other details recorded
30-Aug,1921,Susan,RUNDELL,71,"Grove Park, Lewisham?",Her cremated ashes deposited in Rundell? grave,
03-Sep,1921,John,STEPHENS,70,North Street,,
30-Sep,1921,Caroline,BENNETT,81,Lamoor House,,
12-Oct,1921,Elizabeth Bridget,HOPPING,75,Lostwithiel,,
22-Nov,1921,Sarah,BEAVIS,62,3 Victoria,,
26-Nov,1921,James,PHILLIPS,80,Summer Lane,,
01-Dec,1921,John Henry Huthnance,HOPPING,2,Penknek Terrace,,
07-Dec,1921,John,GOODMAN,73,Summer Street,,
07-Jan,1922,Anna Marie,BLAEN,56,Addison Terrace,,
07-Jan,1922,Catherine,PHILLIPS,65,2 Leslie Terrace,,
22-Jan,1922,Mary Jane,NETHERTON,65,Church Street,Buried under the Act,
18-Feb,1922,Sarah,LANDER,76,"Stoke, Devonport",,
01-Mar,1922,Barbara Joan,HENWOOD,5,7 Fore Street,,
09-May,1922,William,PHILLIPS,63,2 Leslie Terrace,,
13-May,1922,Ivy Elizabeth,TURNER,24,Summer Lane,,
21-Jun,1922,John Reed,THOMAS,68,8 Quay Street,,
Jul,1922,Anne,JENNINGS,43,Restormel,Buried under the Act,day not recorded
Aug,1922,Susie Brenton,GEACH,75,"7 Kensington Place, Newport",,day not recorded
19-Aug,1922,John Rogers,BELLRINGER,58,North Street,,
02-Sep,1922,Grace Ann Vivian,EAD,73,Philps Court,,
02-Sep,1922,Alice,WATTS,55,Monmouth Cottage,,
09-Oct,1922,,G,,,,No other details recorded
15-Oct,1922,Elizabeth Emily Teague,PEARNE,79,Bodmin Hill,,
14-Nov,1922,Madeline,SOLOMON,49,1 Addison Terrace,Buried under the Act. Rev. W. T. Shallard (Primitive Methodist),
16-Nov,1922,William Mark,BENNETT,81,Buckland Monachorum,,
21-Nov,1922,William Henry,ALLEN,66,Summer Street,Buried under the Act. W.T. Shallard,
25-Nov,1922,Mary,JOHNS,73,Church Lane,Buried under the Act,
10-Dec,1922,James,COPPLESTONE,55,"Wood Side, Plymouth",Buried under the Act,
16-Dec,1922,Charles John,WESTAWAY,60,31 North Street,,
24-Dec,1922,John,WOOD,72,9 Church Street,,
02-Jan,1923,James Harris,ROSEVEAR,74,"Hillside, Lostwithiel",,
03-Jan,1923,Elizabeth Ann,DYER,77,Bodmin,Formerly of Summer Lane,
13-Jan,1923,Ann,HARRIS,79,"Rosehill, Lostwithiel",,
16-Jan,1923,Mary Ann,PROBERT,87,"7 North Street, Lostwithiel",,
18-Jan,1923,Ellen,HONEY,75,15 Tangier,Buried under the Act,
21-Jan,1923,Frederick,PHILLIPS,53,"The Moors, Lostwithiel",,
01-Feb,1923,Louisa ,DALE,76,"11 Huron Road, Balham",Buried under the Act,
11-Feb,1923,Emma,HAWKEN,87,"2 Parade Square, Lostwithiel",,
14-Feb,1923,Samuel Gordon,PARSONS,2,10 Tangier,,
20-Feb,1923,Grace,HARVEY,62,Glentworth Terrace,,
18-Apr,1923,Ann Maria,PHILLIPS,78,27 Summer Street,,
21-Apr,1923,John,JAMES,69,1 Avery Terrace,,
05-May,1923,William Lodner,CHIRGWIN,79,North Street,buried under the Act,
05-May,1923,Millicent Beatrice,DIXON,8,21 Bodmin Hill,buried under the Act,
23-May,1923,Florence Jane,PEARCE,52,5 Clifden Terrace,,
04-Jun,1923,Mary Elizabeth,TALLING,58,1 Tangier,,
14-Jul,1923,Ellen Florence,TRELEAVEN,34,31 Bodmin Hill,,
Jul,1923,Grace,STEPHENS,83,"Goss Villa, Bodmin Road",Buried under the Act,Day npt recorded
02-Aug,1923,Eleanor Grace,TONKIN,62,"Glenarm, Lostwithiel",,
25-Aug,1923,Elizabeth Jane,DOWRICK,56,25 North Street,,
06-Oct,1923,Eva Rebecca,COLLINGS,59,Summer Street,Buried under the Act,
28-Nov,1923,John,REED,87,The Moors,Buried under the Act,
07-Dec,1923,William Walter,WEST,41,Summer Street,Buried under the Act,
16-Dec,1923,Henry,SINGS,57,14 Tangier,,
17-Jan,1924,Elizabeth Jane,WALKHAM,71,Bodmin Hill,,
31-Jan,1924,Elizabeth ,HITCHMOUGH,80,Tangier,,
20-Feb,1924,Thomas George,LEVERS,84,"Avery House, Bodmin Hill",Buried under the Act,
01-Feb,1924,Elizabeth,PEARCE,86,Restormel Road,Certificate ?--- in ?---,
19-Mar,1924,Emily Keturah,COOK,62,28 Fore Street,Buried under the Act,
02-Apr,1924,Emily Maria,POPE,69,"Bridgend, St. Winnow",,
10-Apr,1924,John Howard,JONES,54,The Terrace,M.R.C.S. & L.R.C.P.,
15-Apr,1924,Nora Margaret,PAGE,40,Norway House,,
15-Apr,1924,Mary,HICK,64,28 Bodmin Hill,,
30-Apr,1924,Mary Eliza,WILLCOCK,65,6 Tangier,Buried under the Act,
02-May,1924,Henry James,BLEWETT,70,Plymouth,Buried under The Act,
03-May,1924,Richard,WOOD,63,Lostwithiel,Captain of the Ringers and Sidesman,
10-May,1924,Mary Parkin,BECKERLEG,75,75 King Street,,
13-Jun,1924,Elizabeth,ROSKELLY,43,Camborne,buried under The Act,
07-Nov,1924,Mary Anne,SWIGGS,74,11 Summer Street,Buried under the Act,
22-Nov,1924,Maria,WHELL,85,"Penhale Farm, Lanlivery",,
02-Dec,1924,Percy Knight,WESTAWAY,40,Bodmin,,
10-Feb,1925,James Henry,COLE,70,North Street,,
11-Feb,1925,Maria,PARKER,32,"Berry Tower House, Bodmin",,
13-Mar,1925,Fanny Maria,TURNER,70,2 Penknek Terrace,,13 Feb corrected to 13 March
20-Mar,1925,Ann Eliza,LOWREY,78,3 Glentworth Terrace,,
01-Apr,1925,James,PEARSE,74,21 Bodmin Hill,,
21-Apr,1925,Hephzibah,HAWKINS,69,30 Summer Street,,
24-Apr,1925,Jane,PHILLIPS,57,5 Duke Street,,
23-Jul,1925,Elizabeth,LITTLETON,84,22 Fore Street,,
28-Jul,1925,Louisa,IRELAND,84,2 Melville Terrace,Buried under the Act,
24-Aug,1925,Kate Ada,MEECH,56,Duchy House,,
19-Sep,1925,Dorothy May,ROWE,2m,Rosemount Cottage,,
10-Oct,1925,Cordelia,ROUSE,82,"The Nook, Tangier",,
01-Oct,1925,Mary,CHIRGWIN,76,Myrtle Cottage,Buried under the Act,
21-Oct,1925,William,HART,82,Royal Oak Hotel,,
07-Nov,1925,John,BALL,80,26 North Street,,
18-Nov,1925,Samuel Gerald,REDMOND,1m,Myrtle Cottage,,
03-Dec,1925,Thomas,PARSONS,66,10 Church Street,,
18-Dec,1925,Alice Jane,HOTCHKIS,57,Rosehill,,
26-Dec,1925,Alice Maud Mary,BEER,37,"Buckingham Place, Plymouth",,
29-Dec,1925,Jane,BECKERLEG,85,"The Old Vicarage, Lostwithiel",,
30-Jan,1926,Samuel,TUCKER,73,32 North St.,,
27-Feb,1926,Harry,ABBISS,64,12 Chapel Hill,,
31-Mar,1926,Joseph,HONEY,80,21 Bridge Street,"Buried by Rev H. Coles, Free Church",
06-Apr,1926,John,RUNDLE,72,"Brookdale, Lostwithiel",,
06-Apr,1926,Mary Biddick,RUNDLE,67,"Brookdale, Lostwithiel",,
06-Apr,1926,William,WHITELOCK,72,"3 Rosehill Villas, Lostwithiel",,
10-Apr,1926,Emily,BRABYN,82,Lanyon House,Buried under the Act,
03-May,1926,George Edmund,FIELDS,49,2 Leslie Terrace,,
19-May,1926,Frank,BREWER,54,19 Tangier,,
16-Aug,1926,Mary,MARKS,51,25 Fore Street,,
27-Nov,1926,William Henry,PEARCE,85,S. Veep,Buried under the Act,
31-Dec,1926,William,HONEY,71,"Silverlake, Lanlivery",,
01-Jan,1927,Annie,VINE,45,Queen Street,,
05-Jan,1927,Sarah Jane,MEESON,82,Rosehill,,
15-Jan,1927,Mary Elizabeth,CLARK,61,13 King Street,,
20-Jan,1927,Philip,RUNDLE,80,Arthur House,,
29-Jan,1927,Emma,TULLET,71,North Street,,
26-Feb,1927,Elizabeth Sarah,WOOD,72,Bridgend,,
05-Mar,1927,Selina Elizabeth,LEVERS,85,Avery House,Buried under The Act,
17-Mar,1927,Walter,HICK,70,Bodmin Hill,,
21-Mar,1927,Frank,WHITE,,Church Lane,Buried under The Act,age not recorded
22-Mar,1927,Silas Roy,PARSONS,6m,10 Tangier,,
07-Apr,1927,John,WHERRY,24,7 Bodmin Hill,,
18-Apr,1927,John Henry,WALKHAM,31,Church Street,,
14-May,1927,Elizabeth,HAWKEY,73,Quay House,Buried under The Act,
25-May,1927,Duncan Robson Carroll,DEMPSTER,52,St. Gluvias,,
15-May,1927,Francis,TRESISE,78,Rose Hill,Buried under the Act,
16-Jul,1927,Frederick John,THOMAS,75,St Clement (Truro),,
31-Jul,1927,Richard,WALKHAM,76,Bodmin Hill,Sexton,
24-Sep,1927,Emma,BUSSELL,82,Lostwithiel,Buried under The Act,
30-Sep,1927,Ida Elizabeth,ACKLAND,30,Lostwithiel,Buried under The Act,
10-Nov,1927,Peter,WELLINGTON,81,Lostwithiel,Buried under the Act,
20-Nov,1927,Richard Marks,THOMAS,87,Tangier,,
23-Nov,1927,Herbert John,HAWES,50,"Rose Hill, Lostwithiel",GWR Station Master,
08-Dec,1927,Eliza,RUNDLE,86,Arthur House,Buried under the Act,
20-Dec,1927,Mary Elizabeth,BREWER,56,Arthur House,Buried under the Act by the Roman Catholic Priest,
04-Mar,1928,Thomas,HILL,94,King Street,,
31-Mar,1928,Mary Elizabeth,NICHOLLS,70,Fore Street,,
12-Apr,1928,Mary Jane,TOMS,68,Church Street,,
,1928,Edith,CRAPP,,Victoria,Buried under the Act,no other details recorded
26-May,1928,Cordelia,PAYNTER,50,12 North Street,,
07-Jun,1928,Mary Emily,HAM,68,Victoria,Buried under The Act,
12-Jun,1928,Thomas Halls,KNIGHT,91,9 North Street,,
16-Jun,1928,Ann,VINE,87,Rundles Court,,
04-Jul,1928,John Bartlett ,NICHOLLS,69,"Middle Hendra, St. Teath",,
18-Jul,1928,Clara Judith Creswell,MARKS,73,"8 Clifden Terrace, Lostwithiel",,
22-Aug,1928,Lilian Margaret,BROOKE,19,St. Austell Road,,
07-Oct,1928,Elizabeth,BREWER,80,19 Tangier,,
14-Oct,1928,John,PHILLIPS,64,1 Addison Terrace,,
08-Nov,1928,Mary Ann,MAYNARD,98,Kingdon Cott,,
14-Nov,1928,Mary Ann,BENNEY,70,Quay House,,
20-Nov,1928,Frank,PALMER,73,Fore Street,,
06-Jan,1929,Mary,GOYNE,42,King Street,,
13-Jan,1929,Alfred David,BATTISON,17,Bodmin Hill,Buried by R C Priest from Priory? Bodmin ,
20-Jan,1929,Mary Jane,BELLRINGER,64,St. Austell,,
11-Feb,1929,Elizabeth Charlotte,VEALE,79,8 Victoria,,
12-Feb,1929,Bessie ,BESWARICK,62,The Moors,,
20-Feb,1929,Charity Hawken,SLEEP,2,2 Summer Street,,
20-Feb,1929,William,BENNEY,72,Quay House,,
20-Feb,1929,Jessie Kate,THOMAS,72,Leslie Terrace,,
26-Feb,1929,Joseph,HAM,89,Melville Terrace,Buried under the Act,
11-Mar,1929,Edward Henry,NETHERTON,72,Church Street,Buried under the Act,
20-Mar,1929,Joan,VINCENT,7m,Tangier,Buried under the Act,
10-Apr,1929,William Charles,PEARCE,3m,17 Tangier,,
19-Apr,1929,Amelia ,JEWELLS,74,Tanhouse,,
02-Jun,1929,William,SKELTON,64,King Street,,
07-Jun,1929,Sydney Frederick?,EYRE,57,Rose Hill,,
22-Jun,1929,William Henry,CLARK,65,North Street,,
07-Sep,1929,Mary Maud,FORD,62,Silver Lake,,
21-Sep,1929,Francis Hockin,SECCOMBE,66,15 King Street,,
09-Oct,1929,Robert,FORD,60,Silver Lake,,
24-Oct,1929,Reginald Adolph,HOLMES,3,Bodmin Hill,,
24-Oct,1929,Thomas,OATES,70,"Avery Terrace, Lostwithiel",26 years Peoples & Mayors Warden of this Church,
20-Nov,1929,George,SOLOMON,60,Bodmin,Buried under the Act,
21-Dec,1929,Jane,OLVER,79,5 Penknek Terrace,,
25-Jan,1930,Lena Jane,PARSONS,19,10 Tangier,,
02-Feb,1930,Elizabeth Ann,ROWE,78,Knights Row,,
19-Feb,1930,Susan Emma,ROSKELLEY,69,"Woodbine, Bridgend",,
14-Mar,1930,Richard Henry,PARNALL,62,Lostwithiel,Buried under the Act,
28-Apr,1930,William Henry,OLVER,58,Lostwithiel,Buried under the Act,
16-Jun,1930,John Granville,STEPHENS,66,Bridgend,Buried under the Act,
18-Jun,1930,Mildred ,BENNEY,19,Lostwithiel,Buried under the Act,
02-Sep,1930,Amelia Miller,SWIGGS,46,Summer Street,,
09-Sep,1930,Robert,TUCKER,82,20 North Street,,
10-Sep,1930,Sarah,EYRES,86,Summer Street,,
16-Sep,1930,Elizabeth Ann,REED,94,"Penvose, Lostwithiel",,Buried under The Act
04-Oct,1930,Charles Hicks,HARRIS,89,"Marston Avenue, Devonport",,
04-Oct,1930,Peter Moet,EAD,56,"Fore Street, Lostwithiel",,
22-Nov,1930,William Henry,SANDRY,52,Tangier,Buried under the Act,
18-Dec,1930,Melinda,BENNETT,72,Rosehill,Buried under the Act,
16-Jan,1931,John Bray,EYRES,92,Victoria Bungalow,,
21-Jan,1931,James Alfred,BROWNE,59,Queen Street,Buried by the priest R. C. from Bodmin Priory,
04-Feb,1931,Charles,RUNDELL,80,North Street,Buried under the Act,
14-Feb,1931,Lucy Ann ,WINTER,74,Restormel Road,,
06-Mar,1931,Preston,ROSKELLY,74,"Trewether, St Winnow",,
25-Mar,1931,Harry Percy,WAYE,58,Callington,,
17-May,1931,Susan,WILTON,87,Rundle's Court,,
18-Jun,1931,Matthew,JANE,,Addison Terrace,Buried under The Act,age not recorded
14-Jul,1931,Elizabeth Jane,JAGO,81,Bridgend,,
18-Jul,1931,Annie Augusta,WALKHAM,58,Lostwithiel,ob. E. C. Hospital Bodmin,
18-Jul,1931,Joseph,KNIGHT,69,"Pendene, Lostwithiel",,
10-Sep,1931,Florence ,TREZISE,54,"349 Queens Square, London, SW",,
27-Oct,1931,Ellen Maria,THANE,75,"Fore Street, Lostwithiel",Buried under The Act,
08-Nov,1931,Thomas,COOK,71,29? Fore Street,Buried under The Act,
23-Nov,1931,John Jagoe,PEASE,58,"Wood Close, Lostwithiel",,
23-Dec,1931,Albert,VINCENT,45,St. Georges Park,,
06-Jan,1932,Gladys G. M.,BALL,14,Summer Street,,
18-Mar,1932,David,RAWLINGS,2m,9 Fore Street,,
19-Mar,1932,Lilian Mary Beryl,SAUNDRY,2m,"Silverlake, Lanlivery",,
26-Mar,1932,Joseph ,NICHOLLS,66,St. Austell Road,,
25-May,1932,Joseph Cyril,DANIELL,70,,
28-May,1932,Ann,BROWN,90,Bridge End,Buried under The Act,
04-Jun,1932,William John,BENNETT,6,Park View,Buried under The Act,
04-Jul,1932,Mary,KEMBLE,78,"Penare, Mevagissey",,
05-Jul,1932,William Bear,RUNDLE,30,Bodmin,,
20-Jul,1932,Harriett,TUCKER,84,North Street,,
29-Jul,1932,Henry John,ASHTON,56,Quay St,,
17-Jul,1932,Charles Edward,BROWN,72,Bodmin Hill,,
01-Oct,1932,Emily,HAYNES,62,Bodmin Hill,,
06-Oct,1932,Emmeline A.,TRELEAVEN,74,Bodmin Hill,,
06-Oct,1932,William,BROAD,85,North Street,,
23-Oct,1932,Sarah Price,TALLING,66,Masons Row,,
03-Nov,1932,Beatrice,NICHOLLS,49,Victoria Cottage,,
05-Jan,1933,Fanny Jane,BENNEY,89,"Riverside, Lostwithiel",,
17-Jan,1933,Albert Edward,WESTAWAY,60,Restormel Road,,
15-Feb,1933,Mary Short,NICHOLLS,87,St. Veep (Wellsland),,
04-Mar,1933,Thomas,KESCEL,78,6 King Street,Buried under The Act,
14-Mar,1933,William Henry,JONES,59,Bodmin,Buried under The Act,
17-Mar,1933,Naomi,WILLS,71,2 King Street,,
20-Mar,1933,Charles,CONSTANT,71,"Uplands, Lostwithiel",Buried under the Act,
20-Apr,1933,John Henry,TREBILCOCK,68,Duke Street,,
03-Apr,1933,Ada,PERCIVAL,73,"Barngate, Lanlivery",Buried under the Act,
26-Jul,1933,Jane,TEARLE,71,Church Street,,
11-Jul,1933,John,SAMPSON,77,Kingdon Cottage,Buried under The Act,
06-Aug,1933,Thomas Reginald,BLAKE,52,Bodmin Hill,,
17-Sep,1933,Richard,CARNE,77,4 Duke Street,,
20-Sep,1933,Frederick,BROOKE,76,"Uplands, Lostwithiel",,
27-Sep,1933,Agnes Maude Mary,PRESTON,68,The Vicarage,,
30-Nov,1933,Francis Courtney,SAUNDERS,42,Lostwithiel,,
16-Dec,1933,Elizabeth Ann,JENNINGS,78,Wadebridge,Buried under the Act,
18-Jan,1934,Jessie Mary,ABBISS,62,Lostwithiel,,
18-Mar,1934,Frederick Charles,BARTLETT,73,Lostwithiel,,
20-May,1934,Philip Thomas,DOCKING,77,Lostwithiel,,
01-Oct,1934,Joseph,TRUSCOTT,66,Victoria Cottage,,
07-Nov,1934,William,HOPKINS,55,North Street,,
27-Dec,1934,Elizabeth Jane,FIDDICK,65,18 Victoria,,
30-Dec,1934,Margaret,JEFFERY,70,Lostwithiel,Buried under the Act,
12-Jan,1935,Ann Smith,STRONG,86,Lostwithiel,,
20-Jan,1935,John George,DUNKLEY,46,Lostwithiel,,
05-Feb,1935,Henry Joseph,HAWKINS,81,"Rose Hill, Lostwithiel",Buried under The Act,
06-Feb,1935,William Thomas,BERRY,59,Leslie Terrace,,
06-Feb,1935,Elizabeth Jane,STEPHENS,79,Queen Street,,
17-Mar,1935,John,HAWKE,64,The Moors,Buried under The Act,
10-Apr,1935,Ellen,REED,91,The Moors,Buried under The Act,
13-Apr,1935,Frank,BURROW,62,North Street,,
27-Apr,1935,Henry,VINE,55,North Street,,
25-May,1935,William Henry,PEARCE,75,Victoria,,
20-Jul,1935,Annie Evelyn,HAM,80,Bodmin,,
27-Jul,1935,Geraldine,SHARPLAND,85,"North Street, Lostwithiel",,
15/25?-Aug,1935,Walter George,YATES,37,Lostwithiel,,Day corrected & difficult to decipher
01-Sep,1935,Dorothy Alice,CHAPMAN,31,Lostwithiel,Buried under The Act,
02-Oct,1935,William Henry,NANCOLLAS,78,Lostwithiel,Buried under The Act,
07-Oct,1935,Annie Richmond,SEWART,78,Taunton,,
14-Oct,1935,Barnett,HIGGS,68,Lostwithiel,Buried under the Act,
10-Nov,1935,Mary Jane,CLIFT,32,"East Cornwall Hospital, Bodmin",,
30-Nov,1935,Leslie,PHILLIPS,25,"5 Park Road, Lostwithiel",,
05-Dec,1935,Muriel Alice,ABBISS,27,"St. Austell Rd., Lostwithiel",,
29-Dec,1935,Ann,SAGE,72,"Meredale, Lostwithiel",,
02-Feb,1936,Sydney,DAMERELL,46,"St. George's Park, Lostwithiel","Holman Brown, Methodist Minister",
23-Feb,1936,Francis John,BASSETT,69,"Bridge House, Lostwithiel",,
29-Feb,1936,Henry,BOYD,77,"Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",,
08-Mar,1936,Alice Mary,JOHNSON,70,"3 Park Road, Lostwithiel",,
20-Apr,1936,Agnes Margaret,MANISTY,81,"Addison Terrace, Lostwithiel",,
29-Apr,1936,Thomas Frost,MAY,80,"Rosehill, Lostwithiel",,
30-May,1936,Sidney,HICKS,65,Duke Street,,
05-Jul,1936,Blanch Mary,GOODMAN,41,Lostwithiel,Also the body of her still-born child,
08-Jul,1936,Mary Treffrey Hawkins,REED,66,Lostwithiel,"Died at St. Kitts, Wadebridge. Ceremony performed by Holman Brown, Methodist Minister.",
06-Aug,1936,Emma,CHAPMAN,63,Lostwithiel,"Died at Lamellion? House, Liskeard",
03-Sep,1936,Elizabeth Ann,POOLEY,90,"Summer Street, Lostwithiel",,
25-Sep,1936,William Henry,JEFFERY,84,"11 St. George's Park, Lostwithiel",,
26-Oct,1936,Kate Maria,MARCH,82,"Avery Terrace, Lostwithiel","Holman Brown, Methodist Minister",
09-Dec,1936,Arthur Richard,CARNE,54,Lostwithiel,,
22-Dec,1936,Patrick,SKELTON,72,Lostwithiel,"Died at Sedgemore Priory, St. Austell",
29-Dec,1936,Edith Annie,HATCHARD,70,"North Street, Lostwithiel",,
31-Dec,1936,Leonora Ellen,BEER,59,"Mill Hill, Bridgend, Lostwithiel",,
05-Jan,1937,Collins Edward,BROWN,89,Lostwithiel,,
09-Jan,1937,Shirley Mary,BLAKE,20m,Lostwithiel,,
20-Jan,1937,George Ch---? ,PERCIVAL,82,Lostwithiel,"Holman-Brown, Methodist Minister",
06-Feb,1937,William Henry ,LOBB,80,Lostwithiel,,
18-Feb,1937,Harry,BEER,64,"Bridgend, Lostwithiel",,
13-Mar,1937,Mary Elizabeth,BRIDGE,75,Lostwithiel,"Holman Brown, Methodist Minister",
25-Mar,1937,Elizabeth Mary,BONNEY,74,"Sedgemore Priory, St. Austell",Died 22 Mar 1937 - late of Lostwithiel,
28-Mar,1937,Elsie Maud,ASHTON,49,Lostwithiel,Died 25 Mar 1937 - buried Easter Day,
21-Apr,1937,Thomas Henry,WELLINGTON,81,Lostwithiel,"Died 16 Apr 1937. Ceremony performed by Holman Brown, Methodist Minister.",
01-May,1937,Susan E.,THOMAS,81,Lostwithiel,Died 28 Apr 1937,
13-May,1937,William,ROUSE,62,"Tangier, Lostwithiel",Died 8 May 1937,
16-May,1937,Mary Martha,BARBER,66,Lostwithiel,"Died 13 May 1937 at 1 Sedgemore Priory, St. Austell",
19-May,1937,Robert,MASON,81,"Victoria, Lostwithiel",Died 17 May 1937,
17-Jun,1937,Edward,BROWN,69,"Pentillie, Lostwithiel","Died 14 May 1937 at East Cornwall Hospital, Bodmin",
19-Jun,1937,Doreen M. G.,SAUNDRY,4,Lostwithiel,Died 15 Jun 1937 ,
25-Jun,1937,Richard Stephen,WHERRY,77,Rose Hill,Died 22 Jun 1937,
13-Jul,1937,Mary Rachel,CAUST,82,"Kingdom House, Lostwithiel",,
03-Aug,1937,Rosa Helena,RUNDLE,87,"North Street, Lostwithiel","R.R. Greenslade, Methodist Minister",
27-Jul,1937,George,BRIDGE,88,Lostwithiel,Died 24 Jul 1937 in Birmingham. Ceremony performed by Methodist Minister.,
10-Oct,1937,Wm. Henry,TULLETT,81,"The Moors, Lostwithiel",Died 7/10/37,
16-Nov,1937,Ann,HARRIS,81,"Holmbush, St. Austell",Died 12/11/37. Ceremony performed by Methodist Minister.,
20-Nov,1937,Baby,JEFFERY,3h,Lostwithiel,Died 19/11/37. Buried by the Sexton Talling?,
05-Jan,1938,Edwin David,BENNETT,83,Lostwithiel,"Died 2/1/38 at Prince of Wales Hospital, Plymouth. Ceremony performed by the Methodist Minister Wm. Pick----?",
26-Feb,1938,Baby,HONEY,30mins,St George's Terrace,Died 25 Feby. 1938. Buried by Sexton.,
04-Mar,1938,William Thomas,HONY,77,"Clifden Terrace, Lostwithiel",Died 1 March 1938,
17-Mar,1938,Helena Augusta,HONY,86,"Clifden Terrace, Lostwithiel",Died 11? Mar 1938,
03-Apr,1938,Charles,STEPHENS,55,Lostwithiel,"Died 1 Apr 1938 at East Cornwall Hospital, Bodmin ",
20-Apr,1938,Richard Edwin Rowe,TANCOCK,51,"Tangier, Lostwithiel","Died 17 April 1938 at Prince of Wales Hospital, Greenbank, Plymouth",
29-May,1938,John Thomas,TULLETT,67,"The Park Road, Lostwithiel",Died 26 May 1938,
09-Jun,1938,Mary Uzella,PROBERT,57,"Carlton House, Fore Street",Died 6 Jun 1938,
18-Jun,1938,Augusta Maria,HART,76,"Rose Hill, Lostwithiel",Died 16 Jun 1938 - the first buried in the Borough New Cemetery,
18-Jun,1938,Thomas Henry,BESWARICK,71,Lostwithiel,Decd. 15 June 1938,
29-Jul,1938,Elizabeth Ann,SAUNDRY,79,"Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",Died 26/7/38,
06-Aug,1938,Fanny,HOLBRY,75,"King Street, Lostwithiel",Died 1/8/38,
07-Aug,1938,Samuel Alfred,WALKHAM,36,"Mason's Row, Lostwithiel","Died 4/8/38 at East Cornwall Hospital, Bodmin",
11-Oct,1938,Deborah,TANCOCK,83,"5 Halgavor Terrace, Bodmin",Died 8 Oct 1938 - formerly of Lostwithiel,
29-Nov,1938,Frederick William,HARRIS,74,Lostwithiel,Died 26 Nov 1938. Buried by the Methodist Minister.,
14-Dec,1938,Elizabeth Mary,BROWN,78,Lostwithiel,Died 10/12/38 at Par,
16-Dec,1938,James Reginald,THOMAS,69,"Lynam, Lostwithiel",Died 12/12/38. Buried at S. Winnow after service at Lostwithiel.,
23-Jan,1939,Mark,THOMAS,80,Lostwithiel,Died 20/1/39. Buried in the New Cemetery.,Buried in Castle Hill Cemetery
25-Jan,1939,Jean Kathleen,REDMOND,6,"Summers Street, Lostwithiel",Died 21/1/39,
28-Feb,1939,Hayden Gilbert,RUNDLE,1,Lostwithiel,Died 25/2/39. Buried in the Borough Cemetery.,
10-Mar,1939,Emily Maude,STACEY,63,Lostwithiel,Died 4/3/39 at University College Hospital London,
18-Mar,1939,Lydia,BAWDEN,93,"Fore Street, Lostwithiel",Died 15/3/39,
07-Jun,1939,Terence Michael,SAUNDRY,2m,"Robartes Terrace, Lostwithiel",Died 4/6/39 at Fowey Cottage Hospital,
18-Jun,1939,Hannah Joyce,PARSONS,19,"2 Duke Street, Lostwithiel","Died 15/6/39, buried by Rev W Pickering, Methodist Minister",
27-Jun,1939,,LAWRY,23 hrs,"19 Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel","Died 27/6/39, unbaptized 'Service' used",Forename of Parvin inserted in brackets
18-Jul,1939,Ethel Douglas,FOORD,73,"Benbole, Lostwithiel",Died 14/7/39,
02-Aug,1939,Elizabeth Anne,DAVEY,91,"Tanhouse Road, Lostwithiel",Died 30/7/39,
05-Aug,1939,Ernest,STEAD,54,"Mason's Row, Lostwithiel","Died 3/8/39 at Sedgemore Priory, St Austell",
08-Aug,1939,Thamson,BENNETT,80,"6 Addison Terrace, Lostwithiel",Died 5/8/39,
25-Aug,1939,Mary Ann,SWIGGS,63,St. Austell,"Died 21/8/39 at Cornwall Mental Hospital, Bodmin formerly of Lostwithiel",
04-Oct,1939,Mary Ann,STEVENS,78,"22 Queen Street, Lostwithiel",Died 1st. Oct: 1939,
11-Oct,1939,Minnie,VINCENT,59,"21 Well Way, Newquay","Died 8 Oct 1939, formerly of Lostwithiel. Ceremonu conducted by The Revd. W. Pickering, Methodist Minister",
28-Oct,1939,Beryl Beatrice,THOMAS,2w,"15 Tangier, Lostwithiel",Died 26 Oct 1939,
29-Oct,1939,George James,SELLEY,76,"7 Tangier, Lostwithiel","Died 26 Oct 1939, buried in the New Cemetery",
30-Oct,1939,William Charles Seaford?,BEAVIS,75,Lostwithiel,Died 26 Oct 1939 at Kilnanort? Braedock?,
16-Dec,1939,Francis,HARVEY,83,"1 Glentworth Terrace, Lostwithiel","Died 12 Dec 1939. Ceremony conducted by Rev W. Pickering, Methodist Minister",
20-Dec,1939,Rhoda,SWIGGS,78,"28 North Street, Lostwithiel",Died 17 Dec 1939,
12-Jan,1940,Mary Elizabeth,LEWIS,86,"27 Fore Street, Lostwithiel",Died 10 Jany 1940,
20-Jan,1940,Elizabeth Ann,STEPHENS,88,"Rosehill, Lostwithiel",Died 17 Jany 1940,
07-Feb,1940,William,OLVER,54,"5 Penknek Terrace, Lostwithiel",Died 2 Feby 1940,
13-Mar,1940,George,PEARCE,73,"The Bungalow, Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",Died 10 March 1940,
29-Mar,1940,Edward Thomas,SAGE,77,"Morevale?, Edgecumbe Road, Lostwithiel",Died 26 March 1940,
30-Mar,1940,Ernest George,CARNE,49,"St. George's Park, Lostwithiel","Died 26 March 1940 at Prince of Wales Hospital, Lockyer St., Plymouth",
02-May,1940,William,BESWARICK,72,"Coombe Park, Lostwithiel","Died 29 April 1940, Ceremony taken by Rev. R. R. Greenslade, Methodist Minister.",
15-Jun,1940,John,STEPHENS,73,"8 Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel","Died 12 June 1940. Ceremony taken by Rev. W. Pickering, Methodist Minister",
11-Jul,1940,Mary ,BLAKE,26,"30 North Street, Lostwithiel",Died 8 July 1940,
24-Jul,1940,Edwin James,BENNETT,59,"35 Pyder Street, Truro","Died 22 July 1940. Ceremony taken by W. Pickering, Methodist Minister.",
10-Aug,1940,Mary Jane,JEFFERY,85,"15 Fore Street, St Blazey","Died 7 Aut.g 1940, formerly of Lostwithiel",
19-Aug,1940,Richard William,ANTHONY,66,"Talbot Hotel, Lostwithiel",Died 16 Augt. 1940. Buried at the Boro' Cemetery,
22-Aug,1940,Cordelia,DOWNTON,82,"29a Fore Street, Lostwithiel",Died 19 Augt. 1940,
28-Aug,1940,Elizabeth,SKINNER,92,"28 Fore Street, Lostwithiel","Died 25 August 1940. Ceremony taken by W. Pickering, Methodist Minister.",
19-Oct,1940,Alfred ,HEAYNS,76,"20 Bodmin Hill, Lostwithiel",Died 16 Oct 1940,
19-Oct,1940,Margaret Beryl,WATTS,4,"Penrose, Lostwithiel","Died 16 Oct 1940, death result of an accident. Borough Cemetery.",
03-Nov,1940,Peter Joseph,DAWSON,4,"15 Summer Street, Lostwithiel","Died 31 Oct 1940 at Prince of Wales Hospital, Plymouth",
28-Nov,1940,Richard,EYRES,61,"3 Duke Street, Lostwithiel",Died 25 Nov 1940,
30-Dec,1940,John Maurice,ROWE,85,"Becoven, St. Mabyn",Died 27 Dec 1940,
31-Dec,1940,Frank,LAMERTON,70,"1 Mason's Row, Lostwithiel",Died 27 Dec 1940. Boro' Cemetery.,


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Transcriptions by Ann Tumser, OPC for Lostwithiel