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The Will of Charles Trewbodye, dated 5 December 1644

quarto Martij 1644
Caroli [Charles] TREWBODY gent des pbat ....
In the Name of God Amen;
I Charles TREWBODYE of the pishe of Lanliverye and Countye of Cornewall gent, beeinge sicke in bodye; but pfect in Mynd and Meamorye (thankes bee unto All mightye God) doe make this my last will, and Testament the Fifth daye of December 1644 in manner and forme followeinge (vizt)
First I bequeath my Soule unto Allmightye God hopeing by the death and mearitts of my sweete Saviour Jesus Christ, that my sinnes shalbee forgiven and that I shall live wth him forever in his heavenly kingedome; And my bodye I bequeath to Christian buryall,
Item I give to bee distributed amongest the poore of the pishe of Lanliverye Twentye shillings; And amongest the poore of the Towne of Lostwithiell Twentye shillings
Item I give unto Johane TREWBODYE my wife all such goods as weere hers at the tyme of our marriage,
Item I give and bequeath unto Mary TREWBODYE my daughter, the some of Two hundred and Fiftye pownds, to bee payd unto her in manner and forme followeinge (vizt) One hundred pownds thereof at the end of one yeere next after my death; One hundred pownds more at the end of Two yeeres next after my decease; And the other Fiftye pownds (residue thereof) at the end of Two yeeres and an halfe next after my death; And if soe bee it that my executor (heereafter in these prsents named) shall refuse to take upon him the burthen of this my last will; Or if hee shall fayle of payement of the sayd Two hundred and Fiftye pownds at the dayes and tymes heerein limitted; Then I doe heereby will, devise and bequeath unto the sayd Mary my daughter, and unto her heyres and assignees forever; All my messuages lands Tenements and hereditaments in or called Laherryott wthin the pishe of Fowey and Countye of Cornewall aforesayd from that tyme forwards; And I doe then allsoe give, devise, and bequeath unto her, and her executors administrators and assignees, the severall Tenements, and Closes of land called Bodmen; and Hill pks wthin the sayd pishe of Lanliverye, For and dureinge all the Tearmes for yeeres (wch I have therein) wch shalbee then to come and unexpire; And likewise the Tenement called Little Polhurdren wthin the sayd pishe; And all the Tearme for yeeres wch I have therein; wch shalbee to come and unexpyre at the tyme of the death of Johane TREWBODYE my wife; And my will and meaneinge is, and I doe hee....y further devise and bequeath unto my sayd daughter Mary That my sayd Executor shall paye unto her dureinge the sayd Two ye[er]es and an halfe, and from thencefoarth untill the sayd Legacye bee payd her, after the rate of Eight pownds yeerely, by equall qu[a]rterly payements for her maintenance;
Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Petronell TREWBODYE when she shall attaine unto the age of Eighteene yeeres the some of One hundred Markes [1,600 pennies or £66:13:4] Soe as she shall then give allowance unto and acquite and discharge my executor of and from all su[ch] somes of money as have bene disburted by mee and her mother for ... [half line missing] ... executrix The pticulers whereof are contayned in a Schedule heereunto affixed; And if it happen her sayd Mother to dye, before the tyme limitted for the payement of the some heereby unto my sayd daughter Petronell devised Or before the payement of such moneys as are due from mee unto her as executrix unto her sayd brother; Then my will and meaneing is, and I doe heereby further devise and bequeath unto her, That my executor shall paye unto her untill the sayd Legacye and moneys bee payd as aforesayd; after the rate of Five pownds yeerely, by equall quarterly payements for and towards her maintenance;
Item I give and bequeath unto my servant Thomas LIBBIE Twentye shillings.
All the rest of my goods and Chattells not heereby given, or bequeathen, my debts and legacyes payd, and my will pformed, I doe hereby give, devise and Bequeath unto Peter TREWBODYE, my onely sonne, whom I make and ordayne my whole and sole executor of this my last will and Testament; heereby revoakeinge, adnullinge and makeinge voyd all former wills and Testaments what soever at any tyme heeretofore by mee made; In wittnes of all wch I have heereunto putt my hand and seale; and published this to bee my
last will and Testament geoven the daye and yeere first above written.
A Schedule of all such somes of money as have benn disbursed for Thomas SEARLE deceased; by mee
Charles TREWBODYE, and Johane my wife; And are to bee allowed and discharged by Petronell
TREWBODYE, executrix unto him the sayd Thomas; Payd him the sayd Thomas SEARLE the xijth, of March, Ano: 1641; as appeareth by a receipt by him subscribed, and to bee allowed in pte of the money due unto him by the last will of his Father, the some of ; --- xijli More payd him the xxiiijth daye of March Ano: 1642; and to bee allowed in pte of that moneys, As by an other Note by him subscribed appeareth; the some of ; --- xvjli-vijs-iiid More sent for him unto Oxford since that tyme; --- vli
Layed out for him in his last sicknes ; --- iijli
For his Coffyn and hearse Cloath ; --- jli-xs
And unto Mr COLLYER for his buryall place and funerall sermond ; --- jli
There was to bee allowed by him for Coste of suit in lawe wth John WHITE for the avoydeinge
of the lease of Blericke in Anthoney; the some of ; --- xxli
Sum totall to bee allowed ; --- lviijli-xviijs-iijd
Wittnes my hand: Charles TREWBODYE;
Published & declared to bee the last Will and Testament of the
wthin named Charles TREWBODYE in the prsence of us whose names
are heereunto subscribed viz: William COLLYER Cler: Walter LUDGAR
An Inventorye Indented of all the goods & Chattells of Charles TREWBODYE late of Castle wthin the
pishe of Lanliverye and Countye of Cornewall gent deceased; taken and appraised by Thomas
HICKES a.s Trevarryan of the pishe of Tywardreth wthin the sayd Countye gent: and John COUCH of the sayd pishe of Lanliverye yeoman; the Fowerth daye of Februarye: Ano: din, 1644

Imprimis; his weareinge appell, sword and belt ; --- 13-06-08
Item his purse, and the money in it ; --- 00-10-00
Item 5 Feather=bedds; 5 Feather=boulsters; 3 Feather
pillowes, 5 payre of blanketts; and 5 rugges ; --- 15-00-00
Item his silver plate ; --- 05-00-00
Item 4 beddsteedes and 2 truckell beddsteedes ; --- 03-00-00
Item 3 dustbedds, 3 dust boulsters, 3 payre of blanketts, 3 rugges and 3 beddsteedes ; --- 02-00-00
Item sheets, pillowbeares, table cloathes, table
naptkins, towells and other lyninges ; --- 04-00-00
Item 1 Cupboard, 1 Trunke, 1 Chest, and 1 greate box ; 01-10-00
Item 1 Settle beddsteede, 7 Chayres, 6 ioyntstooles
4 lowestooles, 4 table boards, 4 furnes, 1
Court Cupboard, and 2 Carpetts ; --- 04-00-00
Item 18 pewter dishes; 1 bason and ever, 1 voydyer,
3 dozen of trencher plates, 4 sawsers, 6 pewter
candlestickes and 3 Chamber potts ; --- 03-06-08
Item 8 brasse pannes, 1 brewinge furnace, 2 Caldrons,
2 brasse skilletts; 1 warmeinge pann; 5 Crocks and
1 brasse pestell and morter ; --- 08-06-00
Item, 1 payre of hand=Irons, 1 payre of Iron=doggs, 2 spitts
2 payre of potthangers and Crookes; 1 Fyre pann,
1 oven pyle; 1 Fyre pronge and 1 Saueinge=Iron ; --- 00-18-00
Item 3 brewinge keeves, 4 hoggesheads; 4 barrells
2 Siltinge tubbs, 3 tymber bowles, 1 dozen
of trenchers, and other old tymber vessells ; --- 03-10-00
Item, Seives , sarke, 1 wyndinge sheete, 2 wooll turnes, and
1 threede turne ; --- 01-00-00
Item, Wool ; --- 02-00-00
Item, Clomeinge dishes and other small Impleaments of howse ; --- 00-02-00
Item, 1 Muskett and Bandoleers, 1 Fowleinge peece, 1 byrdinge
peece, 1 Pistoll and some Match ; 01-00-00
Item 3 oxen, 7 kyne, 10 yearelings; 1 Steere of 2 yeeres old
7 Coults; 2 Calves and 35 sheepe ; --- 47-00-00
Item 6 Pigges; geese and other powltrey ; --- 02-00-00
Item 3 payre of wheeles, 1 butt, 1 wayne, 2 drayes, 3 harrowes
1 plough wth the yoakes chaynes and other impleaments ; 11-00-00
Item 3 ladders and some Tymber stuffe ; --- 02-00-00
Item Wheate in the grownd ; --- 13-06-08
Item other smale things about the howse not pticulerized ; 00-03-04
Item One halfe of a Sand barge wth her Tackell ; --- 02-10-00
Item Chattell Leases ; --- 106-13-04
Sum totall ; --- 253li-02s-08d

N.B. Words in italics within brackets are inserted by the transcriber e.g. (signed)

Contributed by Grantley Hutchens

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