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1864/65 Voters List for the Parish of Altarnun, Polling District of Launceston

No. Forenames Surname Abode Nature of Qualification Property Address, Tenants etc
3360 John ALLEN Newhay house and land as occupier Newhay
3361 William AVERY Bolventure freehold house and land The Parsonage
3362 Richard BATH Five Lanes freehold land Trevague
Nicholas John BENNETT 19 George Street Plymouth freehold land West Carne
3364 Richard BRAY Five Lanes occupier of land Codda and Puddacombe
3365 Reginald BRAY Canaglaze freehold house and land Bray Down Carne Down and Canaglaze
3366 John BROWN Polyphant Lewannick freehold land Trethina
3367 John BROWN Trethina house and land as occupier Trethina
3368 Amos CHAPMAN Penpont freehold houses and land Penpont
3369 Isaac COAD Penpont lease of house and land Penpont and Moorgate
3370 John COCK Bolventor house and land as occupier Bolventor Altarnun
3371 Richard COUCH Oldhay house and land Hold Hay Hendra and Tigges Rooks Corner
3372 William DENNIS Rooks Corner freehold house and shop Rooks Corner
3373 Thomas GOOD Church-town Launceston freehold house and land Trenarrett Tregunnon and Puckays
3374 Jonathan HARRIS Captain's Ground freehold land Captains Ground
3375 John HARRIS Trewint freehold land Trethina
3376 Henry HARRIS Trewint freehold land Trewint
3377 John HARRIS Trevague house and land Trevague and Stirlifolds
3378 Reuben HAYMAN Dartmouth Devon freehold house and land Five Lanes
3379 John HENDER Lower Bamham freehold Trelyn
3380 John HERRING Tregunnon house and land as occupier Tregunnon
3381 John Kelly HORNDBROOK Goodever freehold house and land Goodever farm
3382 Edward HOSKIN Tregune farm as occupier Tregune
3383 Stephen Robert JAGO 6 Cresent Plymouth freehold land Tresmayne
3384 Thomas JASPER Polgray house and land as occupier Polgray
3385 George JASPER Trelyn house and land as occupier Trelyn
3386 Richard KITTO Tredaule freehold land Tredaule
3387 Richard LONG Lawhitton freehold land Treween
3388 Thomas LANGMAN Rising Sun freehold Rising Sun
3389 Edmund LEAN Trenilk house and land as occupier Trenilk and part of the Vicarage
3390 Philip METHERELL Trecorner house and land as occupier Trecorner farm
3391 John MULLIS Five Lanes freehold house and land Situate at Five Lanes
3392 William MUTTON Five Lanes freehold land Five Lanes
3393 Thomas NICHOLLS Trebullow freehold land South Carne
3394 Jonathan NICOLLS Tredaule freehold house and land Tregearl and Toldew
3395 John NICOLLS Trevithick freehold land Pryland
3396 Robert NICHOLLS Trebullow freehold land Tredaule
3397 Richard NORTHEY West Carne freehold land West Carne
3398 Richard PARNELL Tregunnon freehold houses Tregunnow
3399 William PARNALL Tregunnow freehold house and land Tregunnow Lane
3400 John PARNALL Tregunnon freehold land Tregunnon
3401 Nicholas PARNALL Tregunnon house and land as occupier Tregunnon
3402 Sampson PEARN Penpont freehold land Higher Penpont
3403 James PEARN Penpont freehold land Trenilk
3404 James PERRY Gunnon Lane freehold house and land Gunnon Lane
3405 Arthur PETER Southpetherwin freehold land Smith's Land
3406 William POPPLESTONE Gunnon Lane freehold house and land Gunnon Lane
3407 George Bennett ROSEWALL St Ives freehold house and land Landinner
3408 Robert SANDERCOCK Ryland freehold land Ryland
3409 Thomas SANGER 36 Doughty Street London freehold house and land called Darrow's Darrows
3410 Richard SPRY St James Westminster freehold land Tregue
3411 Richard STEPHENS Tresmain house and land as occupier Tresmain and Carkess
3412 Walter STEPHENS Bowithick freehold house Bowithick
3413 John STROUT Treween house and land as occupier Treween
3414 Robert Henry TRIPP Vicarage Altarnun freehold tithes and land Altarnun
3415 Thomas TURNER Tregew land as occupier Tregew
3416 Thomas TURNER Higher Treween farm as occupier Tregew
3417 James VENNING Trebray freehold houses and land Higher Treweens
3418 John VENNING Hodgeland freehol house and land Hodgeland
3419 Daniel VENNING Trezibbett house and land as occupier Trezibbett Treween and Trenarrett
3420 Ralph VENNING Laneast freehold house Penpont
3421 John George VENNING Trelawney house and land as occupier Trelawney and Tresmeak
3422 James VENNING Treween freehold land Trezibbett
3423 John VENNING South Petherwin freehold house and land West Trekennick
3424 James VENNING Trelawney land Trelawney and Trecollas
3425 James VENNING Tresmeak occupier of land Trelawney and Trecollas
3426 Edward VOSPER Tregenna land and buildings Tregenna
3427 Thomas WESTLAKE Hurdon freehold land and buildings Hurdon
3428 John WILLIAMS Blisland freehold land and buildings Treyellon

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