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1852/53 Voters List for the Parish of Altarnun, Polling District of Launceston

No. Forenames Surname Abode Nature of Qualification Property Address, Tenants etc
3657 Edward BENNETT Shillingham Saltash freehold land Dairy Wells and Bray's Ground
3658 Nicholas John BENNETT 19 George Street Plymouth freehold land West Carne
3659 Edmund BENNETT Saltah freehold land Penpont
3660 Thomas BOWDEN Tregune house and land as occupier Tregune
3661 Reginald BRAY Bray-Down land and building Cannaglaze and Bray-Down
3662 John BROWN Trethinna freehold land Trethinna
3663 Thomas BURNARD Oldhay land as occupier Oldhay
3664 William DENNIS Rook's Corner freehold house and shop Rook's Corner
3665 Luke DUNN Trewint house and land as occupier Trewint
3666 Richard HAM Bowithick freehold house and land Bowithick
3667 Jonathan HARRIS Trewint freehold land Trenelk
3668 Henry HARRIS Trewint freehold house and gardens Trewint
3669 John HERRING Tregunnon house and land as occupier Tregunnon
3670 Richard Barrett HICKS Penpont freehold house and shop Penpont
3671 John Kelly HORNABROOK North Petherwin freehold land Goodaver farm
3672 Stephen Robert JAGO 6 Crescent Plymouth freehold land Tresmayne
3673 Thomas JASPER Polgray house and land as occupier Polgray
3674 Edward JASPER Tresmayne house and land as occupier Tresmayne
3675 George JASPER Trelyn house and land as occupier Trelyn
3676 Richard KITTOW Tredawle freehold land Tredawle
3677 Richard LANG Lawhitton freehold land Treween
3678 Jose LANGMAN Rising Sun freehold land Rising Sun
3679 Joseph MORCOM Trecorner land as occupier Trecorner
3680 William MUTTON Five Lanes freehold land Five Lanes
3681 John NICOLLS Trerithick freehold land Ryland
3682 Jonathan NICOLLS Trebullom house and land as occupier Trebullom
3683 Robert NICOLLS Trebullom freehold land Tredawle
3684 Thomas NICOLLS Trebullom freehold house Lower Tregunnon
3685 William Rowe NORTHAM Five Lanes house and land as occupier Five Lanes and Tredawle
3686 Robert NORTHY Tregue house and land as occupier Tregue
3687 Richard NORTHY West Carne land as occupier West Carne
3688 John PARNELL Tregunnon freehold land Tregunnon
3689 Nicholas PARNELL Tregunnon house and land as occupier Tregunnon
3690 Robert PARSONS Trevague land as occupier Trevague
3691 Sampson PEARN Bolventor house and land as occupier Bolventor
3692 James PEARN Penpont freehold land Trenilk
3693 John PETER Cargelly freehold land Cargelly
3694 John PETER, Junior Cargelly land as occupier Cargelly
3695 Arthur PETER South Petherwin land Smith's Land
3696 William PHILP St Teath freehold land Penpont
3697 Philip PHILP Bowithick freehold land Bowithick
3698 John POPPLESTONE Trecollas freehold house Trecollas
3699 John POPPLESTONE, Junior Trecollas freehold house Trecollas
3700 George Bennett ROSEWALL St Ives freehold house and land Landinner
3701 Roger ROWE Tregunnon freehold house and land Tregunnon
3702 Robert SANDERCOCK Ryland freehold land Ryland
3703 William SHILLABEER Palmer's Bridge leasehold Palmer's Bridge
3704 Richard SPRY St James Westminster freehold land Tregue
3705 Richard STEPHENS Tresmayne house and land as occupier Tresmayne
3706 Walter STEPHENS Bowithick freehold house Bowithick
3707 John STROUT Treween house and land as occupier Treween
3708 John STROUT, Junior Poliphant Lewannick land and buildings Treween
3709 Robert Henry TRIPP Vicarage Altarnun freehold tithes and land
3710 Thomas TURNER Trekennick house and land as occupier Trekennick
3711 James VENNING Higher Treween freehold house and land Higher Treween
3712 Ralph VENNING Laneast freehold house Penpont
3713 George VENNING Trenarrett freehold land Trenarrett
3714 John VENNING South Carne freehold land Hodgeland
3715 James VENNING Trezebbitt freehold land Trezebbitt
3716 John VENNING South Petherwin freehold house and land West Trekennick
3717 Jacob VENNING South Carne house and land as occupier South Carne
3718 George VENNING Bazel St Clether freehold house and land Penpont
3719 Lotan VENNING Trebant house and land as occupier Trebant
3720 Daniel VENNING Trelawney house and land as occupier Trelawney
3721 George John VENNING Tresmeake house and land as occupier Tresmeake
3722 Edward VOSPER Tregenna land and buildings Tregenna
3723 Thomas WILLIAMS Trezebbitt house and land as occupier Trezebbitt
3724 Thomas WESTLAKE Hurdon freehold land and buildings Hurdon
3725 Henry WESTLAKE South Carne house and land as occupier South Carne
3726 John WILLIAMS Blisland freehold land and buildings Trevellon

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Source:- LDS Film No. 1471723