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The Online Parish Clerk (Genealogy) for Sheviock is Fred Hancock, who can be contacted by Email.

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Information can be found at COCP (the Cornwall Online Census Project) which is complete for 1841 to 1891 and has been verified, FreeCen at Rootsweb, which has a very good search engine and information from COCP, as well as GenUKI, which has more reference information and alternate resources.


For Parish Register information, please see our online searchable database (C-PROP), which is updated frequently, and GenUKI. The C-PROP parish coverage page is here. Additionally, information about missing registers can be found here.


For information, see the Cornwall Towns & Parishes link on GenUKI or visit the University of Leicester's Historical Directory website.


Apprenticeship Indentures:

  25 Apr 1794, Elizabeth BARTLETT to John STROUD 26 Apr 1810, John ALLEN to Thomas LITTLETON
  6 Sep 1794, Thomas HARRIS to Robert WARREN 3 May 1810, William WILLCOCKS to Thomas LITTLETON
  13 Oct 1794, Sarah WARNE to John SOBEY 22 Apr 1814, William BENNETT to John TREVAN
  15 Oct 1795, Mary BEVER to Samuel LITTLETON 7 Apr 1817, William HENNING to John BATTEN
  12 Apr 1796, Mary HARRIS to Thomas HELLMAN 6 Apr 1819, Richard CHANNINGS to Robert WARREN
  21 Apr 1797, Arthur DAWE to Peter KITT 6 Apr 1819, John HENNING to Nathaniel HAWKINGS, sen.
  21 Apr 1797, John JOHNS to William STEPHENS 6 Apr 1819, Mary POWEL to John LITTLETON
  13 Apr 1798, Loveday BEVER to John BICKFORD 6 Apr 1819, Thomazine BENNETT to Samuel LYNE
  22 Apr 1799, Thomas Henning to William SEANS? 6 Apr 1819, William BEAVER to Samuel LYNE
  22 Apr 1799, John BOND to Frances TREVAN, Mrs. 6 Apr 1819, Hugh BUTTERS to John LITTLETON
  17 Oct 1799, Samuell SMALL to Joseph HOOPER 5 Apr 1821, Mary COCK to Nathaniel HAWKINGS
  24 Apr 1800, Ann BEAVER to Thomas BEWS 5 Apr 1821, Henry ROSEVEAR to Samuel LITTLETON
  28 Apr 1801, William JOHNS to Arthur PETER 8 Apr 1822, James BUTTERS to William MARTYN
  28 Apr 1801, John ELIOT to Samuell PETER 8 Apr 1822, James HENNAN to Samuel LYNE
  27 Apr 1802, William BOND to Samuel LYNE 5 Jul 1826, Francis HANDS to Thomas BEWES
  27 Apr 1802, Edward BEABER to John STROUD 1 Apr 1828, Jane JAMES to Robert RICKARD
  27 Apr 1802, Rebecca JOHNS to Nathaniel HAWKINS 1 Apr 1828, Joseph WILLCOCKS to Robert RICKARD
  27 Apr 1803, Ann MARTYN to Robert WARREN 1 Apr 1828, John WESTLAKE to John BATTEN
23 Apr 1805, Susanna BABER to Mary AVERY 6 Apr 1830, Maria HARRIS to Nathaniel HAWKINGS
  27 Apr 1808, William HENNING to John POLLARD 6 Apr 1834, Rebecca BENNETT to Nathaniel HAWKINGS

Overseers Accounts:

These mention the Overseers of the Poor and the people to whom money was paid.

  1. From 1745 - 1784 (not all years)
  2. Church Rate, undated but probably late 1700s

Settlement Papers:

16 May 1791, examination of Elizabeth BARTLETT 6 Jun 1828, Elizabeth HAMBLY and son (& Luxulyan)
  16 May 1791, examination of Joseph MAY 1842, John and Joanna TREVTHICK
  19 Sep 1793, Thomas JOHNS and family (& Antony) 1848/49, Ann PAWLY and family (& Menheniot)
  1819/20, George and Elizabeth ALLEN and daughters 1849/50, Ann BARRETT (& Lanivet)
  17 Nov 1820, John RICKARD and family (& Landrake) 15 Feb 1850, John & Mary Jane MORRISH, children of George
  14 Mar 1822, Ann BURKE (& Antony)  

Vestry Minutes:

These contain the names of Churchwardens, Overseers and others.

  1. dated 4 May 1766, concerning Apprentices
  2. dated 17 Apr 1786, concerning payments for theft prosecutions

Voters Lists:

  1. 1851/52
  2. 1852/53
  3. 1864/65


  28 Dec 1742, Richard TREWEEKS 11 May 1746, William LAVERS
  15 Jan 1744, William MITCHELL 22 Feb 1750, Mary PITT

For information regarding history, population, etc., visit GenUKI.


For a zoomable and printable map of Cornwall please visit Cornwall Council’s mapping website. To see the Parish boundaries, click on the Layers Tab for Government Boundaries.

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St Germans, Hessenford (post-1834), Landrake St Erney, St Stephens by Saltash and Antony.


  1. Sheviock is included in The Parochial History of Cornwall, Volume III by Davies Gilbert, William Hals, Thomas Tonkin, Henry Samuel Boase, originally published in 1838 (page 436). Also downloadable as a pdf from here.
  2. The Cornwall Register by John Wallis, A.M. F.S.S., then Vicar of Bodmin, printed 1847. If the in-built search produces no results, use the index pages (474-476) to find your parish of interest. Tables of statistics and other data can be found at the beginning of the book, starting at page n9.
  3. Phillimore's Marriages Vol IV transcripts including Sheviock (transcribed and in our database)
  4. Venning's New Century Postal Directory of 20 Parishes in East Cornwall, published 1901. Included several pages of advertisements from local businesses, as well as being a parish directory
  5. Heraldic Church Notes from Cornwall; containing the Heraldry and Genealogical Particulars on every Memorial in Ten Churches in the Deanery of East, by Arthur J. Jewers, F.S.A. Includes extracts from parish registers &c.