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Above: View of Lostwithiel, © 2002, A. Tumser

Top right: Duchy Palace, © 2003, A. Tumser

Bottom right: Tudor Bridge © 2003, Charles Winpenny


Lostwithiel, in the hundred of Powder, is bounded on the west, north, and south by Lanlivery and on the east by St. Winnow. Situated at the tidal reach of the river Fowey, in a beautiful wooded valley, the delightful town lies tucked away just off the A390, a haven of peace and tranquility.

The name 'Lostwithiel' means 'tail of the forest', coming from two old Cornish words. In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, Lostwithiel was the capital of the Duchy, being further developed by the Earls of Cornwall. It was the centre for the administration of county affairs and the main trading centre for tin.

At that time the river Fowey was deep and wide and sea going ships tied up along the quay for loading the tin. The town was officially known as 'The Port of Fawi', and became the second busiest port on the south coast of England.

The medieval church (dedicated to St. Bartholomew), the 16th century bridge and part of the Great Hall (now known as the Duchy Palace) still stand as testimony to its original splendour.

Cornwall Online Parish Clerks

The Online Parish Clerk (Genealogy) for Lostwithiel is Ann Tumser, who can be contacted by Email.

For information about (and contact details for) the current town council, please see this website.
Contact details for the church can be found by searching here.

Lostwithiel OPC
A Message from the OPC:

Since the inception of the Cornwall Online Parish Clerk scheme in 2001, I've been the OPC for Lostwithiel. I am transcribing their records, and offer lookups from this data. Donations of transcriptions are always welcome. If you wish to contact me, please use the above link, but please place the words 'OPC Lostwithiel' as your subject for e-mails. Please note that I do not live in or near Lostwithiel, but I've spent five extended vacations in this charming town.




Information can be found at COCP (Cornwall Online Census Project) which is complete for 1841 to 1891 and has been verified, FreeCen at Rootsweb, which has a very good search engine and information from COCP, as well as GenUKI, which has more reference information and alternative resources.


The OPC has transcribed Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1813 onwards from the St. Bartholomew registers, and will gladly provide lookups from them. Those and other records are in our online database and Burials are here in register order. For further Parish Register information, please see our online searchable database (C-PROP) which is updated frequently. The parish coverage page is here.


  1830, Pigot's Directory  

The OPC holds directories for every year from 1791 to 1939 in which directories were published. Please contact her for lookups. For other information, see GenUKI or visit the University of Leicester's Historical Directories website.


The OPC offers look-ups from:

  • Independent Church christenings 1805-1837 (IGI)
  • Marriage and burial transcriptions
  • MIs
  • War Memorial photo with all names from WWI and WWII
  • Names of Incumbents of the Parish
  • Many photographs of Lostwithiel
  • I subscribe to the Lostwithiel Museum Association and have all of their publications since their beginning in 1996 (Lostwithiel Past and Present)
  • Map of Lostwithiel town
  • OS map (Explorer 107)
  • Brochures of "Walks Within The Town of Lostwithiel", "Walks Around Lostwithiel", "Lostwithiel, Celebrating 800 Years"
  • Copy of Frances M. Hext's book "Memorials of Lostwithiel"
  • "The Book of Lostwithiel" and "The New Book of Lostwithiel" by Barbara Fraser
  • Copy of "Lakes Parochial History of the County of Cornwall: Lostwithiel Vol III"

Bastardy/Filiation Documents:

  28 Apr 1804, Elizabeth ROSKELLY & Thomas JANE 8 Mar 1823, Peter GULLY & Maria TIPPET
  8 May 1811, Elizabeth ROSKILLY & William BERSEY  

Manorial Documents:

  1. Undated document for the Manor of Lostithiel, found amongst records for the Manor of Trebollett

Settlement Papers:

  19 Feb 1830, Thomas THOMAS (& Luxulyan) 7 Sep 1847, James Every BESWARICK, late of this parish

Voter Lists:

  1. 1851/52
  2. 1852/53
  3. 1856/57


  12 Apr 1573, John HARRYS 2 Apr 1750, Catherine STRANGWAYS
  3 Nov 1743, Charity LIBBY 3 Jan 1759, John WESTLAKE
  5 Feb 1744, Ann PHILLIPS 15 Jan 1822, Sarah POMERY, codicil dated 26 May 1846
  4 Apr 1746, Thomas ELIOTT 14 Apr 1823, John SAMWELL
  17 Oct 1748, John KENT 16 Dec 1839, John WHETTER, proved 1849
  3 Apr 1749, Elizabeth HAWKEY 11 Mar 1889, Richard REED


  1. 1 Feb 1836, concerning land in St Blazey but mentioning William MEDLEND maltster of this parish & Louisa his wife
  2. concerning Kings (or Jagos) Meadow, involving James HAMLEY of this parish, dated 1 Jul 1840, 2 Jul 1840, 11 Sep 1840, (also mentioning Alice TRELEAVEN) and 28 Sep 1844
  3. 21 Feb 1852 mentioning George Bell LAWRENCE, Dorothy BULLOCK his wife & William BURGESS all of this Parish
  4. 28 Feb 1871, naming Hugh SANTO, John OLFORD, Joseph JEFFERY, Jonothan GEACH, James MORRISH & others
  5. 16 Jun 1882, concerning Barneys Meadow, mentioning Richard RUNDLE & othe

Other Documents:

  1. An article concerning William BARTLETT (1837 - 1882), for some time a resident of this parish, hanged for a murder committed whilst he was Foreman of Messrs Freeman’s Colkerrow Granite Quarry, Lanlivery

Many other transcribed documents for this parish can be found on this website. Some include images of the originals.

For more information regarding history, population, etc., visit GenUKI.


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Lanlivery and St Winnow.


  1. Lostwithiel is included in The Parochial History of Cornwall, Volume III by Davies Gilbert, William Hals, Thomas Tonkin, Henry Samuel Boase, originally published in 1838. Also downloadable as a pdf from here.
  2. Phillimore's Marriages Vol VIII transcripts including Lostwithiel (transcribed and in our database)