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 Lanivet Village c. 1900

Lanivet is a village and parish in the North Cornwall district, and is some 2 and 1/2 miles from Bodmin. The parish includes the hamlets of Bodwanick, Bokiddick, Lamorick, St. Ingunger, Trebell, Tregullon, Tremoore, and Woodly. Part of St. Lawrance is also in this parish. It is geographically the centre of Cornwall. The parish shares its boundaries with on the north Bodmin, on the east Bodmin and Lanhydrock, on the south Lanlivery and Luxulyan, and on the west Roche and Withiel. Lanivet means the 'Church site (lann), at Neved' At one time Lanivet had eleven copper mines, now all closed.

With so many parishes on its boundaries, if your ancestors cannot be found here, please check with the neighbouring parishes, as I have found that it was all to easy for them to "stray".

Church Exterior
© Pauline Pickup

The church is dedicated to St. Nivet, and dates from the 15th century. It is now a Grade 1 listed building. The bells in the tower of the church are both ancient and valuable. Now a full octave set to the key of F, they are currently housed in a chamber on the second floor of the tower some seventy feet, or perhaps more significantly seventy spiralling steps above ground level. From a brief history of the bells prepared in conjunction with an appeal for funds in 1924, it is learnt that in the thirtieth year of the reign of King Henry the eighth, 1539, a number of bells, which is believed to have been four, were purchased for the sum of £36/14/6 (£36 72p) the receipt for which was signed by a John Tregons. A terrier drawn up by the Reverend John Vashon, the Rector of Lanivet from 1701 to 1738, states that in the year 1727 there were five bells in the tower "lately newe cast". In 1808 these bells were again recast by John Pennington of Stoke Climsland and they currently occupy positions 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the octave. Although no mention has been found of the addition of a sixth bell between 1808 and 1869 it is known that one was acquired because in 1869 it has been recorded that the tenor, the heaviest bell in the tower had cracked and it had to be recast by John Taylor & Co the Bellfounders of Loughborough in Leicestershire.

Church Interior
© Mark Collins (
Lanivet Methodist Church
© Pauline Pickup

John Taylor & Co will say that this bell too was originally cast in 1808 by the Pennington family. The appeal of 1924 was launched to finance a most ambitious project which would see the replacement of the wooden frame on which the six bells were mounted by a composite construction comprising cast iron frame sides mounted upon a foundation of rolled steel girders with the girders taking their bearings in the tower walls. At this time too, two further treble or smaller bells were acquired, it is believed from the old Priory at Bodmin and all the bells were refurbished and mounted on ball bearings. Little wonder then that the church bells at Lanivet are considered by some to represent the Rolls-Royce of bell installations!

Pictured below left is the former Bible Christian Chapel and Sunday School, now the main place of worship for Methodists in Lanivet. The chapel was built in 1883, and the Sunday School built in 1908 was rebuilt in 1992.

Another interesting building in the village is St Benet's Abbey, which was built in 1411. St Benets is at the half-way point of the Saints Way, a medieval route taken by pilgrims on their way from Ireland to France which crosses from Padstow to Fowey.

St Benet's Abbey

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The OPC offers look-ups from 1841 to 1901.

Further Information can be found at COCP (Cornwall Online Census Project) which is complete for 1841 to 1891 and has been verified, FreeCen at Rootsweb, which has a very good search engine and information from COCP, as well as GenUKI, which has more reference information and alternative resources.


Marriage look-ups available from Phillimore's Transcripts (1608 - 1812) and from Parish Registers (1813 - 1910); Burials from 1813 -1837. Some non-conformist Registers are also available.

Some marriages of strays are available here (people from Lanivet who married elsewhere).

Images of Lanivet registers are available on the Family Search website. Click the browse through link near the bottom of the page.

For further Parish Register information, please see our online searchable database (C-PROP) which is updated frequently. The parish coverage page is here.


Various trade directories are available for look-ups and the following are online:

1852-53 entries from Slater's Directory (superseded Pigot's Directory).

1873 entries from the Post Office Directory.

1883 entries from Kelly's Directory of Devon and Cornwall.

1893 entries from Kelly's Directory of Devon and Cornwall.

1897 entries from Kelly's Directory of Devon and Cornwall

1902 entries from Kelly's Directory of Devon and Cornwall.

1914 entries from Kelly's Directory of Devon and Cornwall.

For further information, see GenUKI or visit the University of Leicester's Historical Directories website.



  1. Regarding Lamorock in Lanivet, dated 30 May 1787, naming William MARSHALL, his children William and Mary, Simon SAUNDERS, Francis COLE, Stephen COOK and Thomas TOM of this Parish.
  2. Between Samuel KEKEWICH (Devon) and Walter and John GROSE of Lanivet, dated 5 Mar 1804.
  3. Between Samuel KEKEWICH (Devon) and William MARSHALL of Lanivet, dated 30 Dec 1809.
  4. Barton Farm, Tremeer and other property in Lanivet,
  5. A long and complex Indenture, dated 21 Dec 1810 but referring to several previous legal documents of the 1700s, regarding Barton Farm and other property in Lanivet.
  6. Two related Indentures, dated 2 Oct 1811 and  1 Dec 1811, also involving Barton Farm and Tremeer, naming William LANYON, his widow Francis and Thomas THOMAS of this Parish.
  7. A third related Indenture, dated 8 Nov 1811, also involving Barton farm etc.
  8. Between Deeble PETER of Colquite in the County of Cornwall, Executor of the one part and Walter Hooper, Robert Hooper, Walter Hooper the Younger and William Hooper all of the Parish of Lanivet, dated 9 October 1831.
  9. Dated 21 Aug 1848, assignment of 'prospecting' rights to James BENNETTS and his adventurer partners by Elizabeth MARSHALL, widow.
  10. Dated 23 Sep 1858, concerning property in Warleggan but mentioning Jane Cole HENWOOD of this parish.
  11. Dated 3 Sep 1861, concerning land and property in this parish, naming William FITZE and his wife Frances Elenora, John FITZE, Richard HIGGS deceased, William CHAPMAN, James COWL, John STEPHENS, John PENN and James RETALLICK.
  12. A document concerning William MARSHALL and the 'inclosure' of Referry Common, dated 18 Jul 1867. Also an indenture, dated 29 Jul 1867, between William MARSHALL and Charles SOBEY, referring to the same land.
  13. 20 Oct 1882, indenture mentioning members of RETALLICK family of this parish
  14. An Indenture, dated 25 Mar 1891, between Elizabeth Ann TRUSCOTT and Edwin John HAMBLY, also naming William Flamank PHILLIPPS Esquire and Francis HAM.
  15. For a memorandum (dated 29 Jan 1903) on the sale of Penburthen to Mrs Rebecca BEWS by Thomas Julian HIGGS, click here.

Law Breakers:

Some names and details are available here.

Settlement Papers:

  Mar & Apr 1755, Robert VAGUE & family 10 Jul 1809, Alice GROSE (& Luxulyan)
  27 May 1762, William HAWKEN & family 21 May 1832, Isabella GROSE & children (& Luxulyan)
  14 Nov 1765, John STEPHENS & family (& Luxulyan) 9 Sep 1834, Catherine, James, John & Jenny WILLINGTON (& Lux)
  5 Mar 1767, Grace WOOLLCOCK (& Luxulyan) 19 Sep 1840, Martha PHILLIPPS (& Luxulyan)
  2 Dec 1773, Elizabeth ROSEVEAR (& Luxulyan) 3 Jun 1843, Thomas & Ann WARAM & children (& St Breock)
  2 Jun 1788, Joseph HAMBLY & children (& Altarnun) 24 Aug 1847, Elizabeth WOOLCOCK & children (& Luxulyan)
  16 Feb 1789, John BENNETT (& Luxulyan) 24 Jan 1849, Nicholas GROSE (& Luxulyan)
  21 Jun 1792, Elizabeth ALLEN (& Luxulyan) 1849/50, Ann BARRETT (& Sheviock)

Voters Lists:

  1. 1851/52 Voters List for the Parish
  2. 1853/54
  3. 1864/65


A list of available Wills and Probate Documents. Copies of those marked as CRO can be ordered from here using the appropriate reference.  For those marked as NA enter the reference in the search box on this page and follow the onscreen instructions.

  16 Dec 1592, Thomas MALETT 22 Feb 1741, Richard BULLOCK
  17 Jun 1602, Richard HOBBE 31 Jan 1742, Francis COLE
  10 Feb 1608, Edmond HAYNES 6 Apr 1744, Peter WILLINGTON
  26 Sep 161-?, Margerye HAWKIN 25 May 1745, Thomas HICKS
  1 Feb 1651, Udye HENDRA 12 May 1747, Edward HARRIS
  20 Nov 1679, Pathericke JENKYN 28 Jul 1748, John LUKEY
  10 Oct 1681, Margery TREHAWKE 23 Oct 1752, William BULLOCK
  7 Oct 1682, Rescemar SPRAGUE 30 Jul 1765, Thomas NEVIL
  3 Mar 1697, Richard KILBEE 27 Sep 1832, Walter HOOPER
  14 Jun 1716, Elizabeth CARHART 28 Sep 1847, William GOSS
  25 Jun 1736, James VASHON 28 Feb 1860, Elizabeth MARSHALL
  1. 4 Mar 1843, Will and Probate of John WARNE of St Mabyn, concerning land in Lanivet.
  2. 15 Nov 1871, Will and Probate of Richard FOWLER of Nanstallon, Parish of Bodmin, concerning property in Lanivet and naming Ann FOWLER (widow) and William FOWLER (son), Mary HUGO (daughter), Jane WILLIAMS (daughter), John DYER, Joseph HICKS, Nicholas MAGOR, John BARRETT, John NORTHCOTT, Ann VERCOE, Elizabeth GROSSE, William HAWKEN, William HUGO, Ann OKE, Henry ELLERY and John HARRIS.

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Bodmin, Luxulyan, Lanhydrock, Withiel, Lanlivery and Roche.


  1. Lanivet is included in The Parochial History of Cornwall, Volume II by Davies Gilbert, William Hals, Thomas Tonkin, Henry Samuel Boase, originally published in 1838 (page 384). Also downloadable as a pdf.
  2. The Cornwall Register by John Wallis, A.M. F.S.S., then Vicar of Bodmin, printed 1847. If the in-built search produces no results, use the index pages (474-476) to find your parish of interest. Tables of statistics and other data can be found at the beginning of the book, starting at page n9.
  3. Phillimore's Marriages Vol II transcripts including Lanivet (transcribed and in our database)