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The OPC (Genealogy) for Helston is is Gillian Hart, who can be contacted at

The previous OPC maintained a website which contains much useful information.

For information about (and contact details for) the current town council, please see this website.
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Information can be found at COCP - the Cornwall Online Census Project - which is complete for 1841 to 1891 and has been verified, FreeCen at Rootsweb, which has a very good search engine and information from COCP, as well as GenUKI, which has more reference information and alternative resources.


Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials are on the website, with other related sources as well. For other Parish Register information, please see our searchable database (C-PROP) which is updated regularly, and GenUKI.  The parish coverage page is here.


  1830, Pigot's Directory  

For more information, see the University of Leicester's website of Historical Directories or GenUKI.


Settlement Documents:

  11 Aug 1790, Benjamin PEARCE (& Truro)  

Voters Lists:

  1. 1832
  2. 1834


A list of available Wills and Probate Documents. Copies of those marked as CRO can be ordered from here using the appropriate reference.  For those marked as NA enter the reference in the search box on this page and follow the onscreen instructions.

  26 Aug 1542, Robert GYSKY 16 May 1749, Richard HOBLYN
  6 Sep 1580, William PENHILLICK 27 May 1749, Robert PAIN
  10 Nov 1611, William BOLITHO(E) 26 Jul 1750, James SANDOE
  20 Apr 1616, John BOLITHOE/BOLYTHO 25 Jun 1751, Elizabeth PASMORE
  16 Mar 1685, John RICHARDS 28 Feb 1752, John GILES
  2 Mar 1742, Elizabeth MOORE 17 Jun 1752, Francis PENNECK
  8 Jul 1745, Mary HAWKINS, proved 1754 24 Nov 1752, Samuel CORNISH
  24 Sep 1746, Thomas KELLY, the elder 21 Sep 1753, Sarah ANTHONY
  7 Nov 1746, John ANTHONY/ANTHONEY 7 Feb 1754, Lieut John MOORE
  17 Jun 1747, Ann ROWE 11 Jun 1754, Nicholas ANTHONY
  29 Jun 1748, Elizabeth ROGERS 26 Mar 1772, Joseph STEPHENS
  2 Jul 1748, Catherine JOHNS 1 Aug 1815, Rev William ROBINSON
  20 Apr 1749, Mary COODE 17 Feb 1825, Dorothy PASCOE

For a transcription of a marriage settlement between Thomas BOLITHO (concerning his daughter, Elizabeth) of Madron and John BORLASE of this parish, dated 13 March 1791, click here.

For more information regarding History, Population, and much more, visit GenUKI.


For a zoomable and printable map of Cornwall please visit Cornwall Council’s mapping website. To see the Parish boundaries, click on the Layers Tab for Government Boundaries.

For maps and satellite images use Google Maps.

To enjoy a "walk" around this parish, search for Helston at, then drag the person icon from above the zoom commands and place it at a specific location on the map.


Sithney and Wendron.


  1. Helston is included in The Parochial History of Cornwall, Volume II by Davies Gilbert, William Hals, Thomas Tonkin, Henry Samuel Boase, originally published in 1838 (page 154). Also downloadable as a pdf.
  2. Phillimore's Marriages Vol XXI transcripts including Helston (transcribed and in our database). For the Contents page, keep clicking Next until page 7/151 appears.
Helston Helston
Helston Floral/Furry Dance, 2002
© Karen Start
Helston Floral/Furry Dance, 2002
© Karen Start