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The Online Parish Clerk (Genealogy) for St. Clement is Gillian Hart, who can be contacted at

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Please visit COCP (Cornwall Online Census Project), which is complete for 1841 to 1891 and validated, FreeCens at Rootsweb - both are free, searchable databases - or check GenUKI for other alternatives.


For Parish Register information, see our searchable database (C-PROP) which is updated frequently or GenUKI. Link below.


See the University of Leicester's Directories website, which has many directories online to view for free, or GenUKI (link below).


Bastardy/Filiation Docimentss:

These usually name the local Justices of the Peace, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor, as well as those people mentioned below.

  10 Jan 1703, Elizabeth PENROSE 7 Mar 1785, Joseph LAWRENCE
  Dec 1704, Jane HARRIS, William DAVIES & Richard HARRIS 12 Dec 1785, Jenefer WEB
  7 Jan 1727, Mary RUNDLE, Nicholas CROW(E)S & John SPRY 31 Jan 1786, Ann PEARCE
  3 Oct 1741, Elizabeth TRENGROWSE 30 Jul 1787, Ann BEARD, William GATLEY & Thomas GATLEY
  1 Oct 1742, Patience WATTS 3 Dec 1787, naming Jane DENNITHORNE, John BARNES
  3 May 1743, Blanch ROBERTS 16 Oct 1789, Phillis WILLIAMS & David WILLIAMS
  13 Aug 1746, Alice KNEEBONE 2 Mar 1791, PHILLIS WILLIAMS
  11 Mar 1752, Alice KNEEBONE 2 Dec 1793, Martha RALPH & John WRIGHT
  21 Jul 1752, Catherine RAWLING 14 Apr 1794, Sarah LAWRANCE & Joseph BEARD
  13 May 1758, Mary HEAD 11 Jun 1795, Mary MAY, widow
  1 Sep 1777, Margaret MAY, John & John VERCOE the younger 13 Jan 1796, Martha RALPH, Saml. THOMAS & John WRIGHT junr
  11 Jun 1779, William SIMS 7 Dec 1799, Elizabeth MENEER, John CROWL & Peter MARK
  28 Oct 1781, Jane HEAD 3 Apr 1802, Henry PRESTON, John HAMBLY, Elisabeth HOW
  5 Dec 1781, Phillippa/Phillis CLEMOW, Edward & James GIDDY 19 Nov 1804, Priscilla MORGAN
  27 Mar 1782, Elizabeth HARRIS, John HORE 21 Mar 1808, Matthew COURTENAY, Martin SKINNER, Mary CARNE
  17 Sep 1783, Elizabeth HARRIS & John HOARE 4 Jan 1809, naming Richard COKE
  1 Mar 1784, Mary ENDEAN & James HAWKEY 24 Oct 1822, William BEHENNA & Martha CULLOM
  16 Nov 1784, Mary THOMAS 16 Apr 1834, Betsey COURTENAY & Edward BROKENSHIRE
  28 Nov 1784, Jenefer Dingle HEAD  

Other Documents:

  1. an Indemnity Order from the Parish of St Clements to the Borough of Truro, dated 1 Apr 1772, regarding contributions to the upkeep of the Poorhouse.

Settlement Papers:

  25 Mar 1756, Charity LANG---? (& Probus) 9 Aug 1785, Phillippa COOMBE & children (& Truro)
  3 Sep 1764, Richard TREHARE & family (& Luxulyan) 5 Dec 1787, Mary DANIELL & son (Truro)
  1 Mar 1773, Elizabeth & Jenefer RICHARDS (& Probus) 21 Mar 1793, Blanch HODGES (& London)
  2 Jan 1775, Constance TEAGUE (& Truro) 3 Feb 1817, William SEARLE (& Probus)
  7 Dec 1784, William TREGEAR (& Truro) 23 Jun 1842 - 7 Apr 1847, the BARTLE family (& Budock)


A list of available Wills and Probate Documents. Copies of those marked as CRO can be ordered from here using the appropriate reference.  For those marked as NA enter the reference in the search box on this page and follow the onscreen instructions.

  29 Aug 1740, Robert ROBINS 5 Sep 1749, John MOORE
  6 Aug 1744, Walter ALLEN, mariner 2 Jul 1750, Joan DUNGEY
  29 Dec 1746, William HEARLE 28 Dec 1876, William CRAGOE
  1 Sep 1749, Samuel GATTY  

For more information regarding history, population, etc., visit GenUKI.


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Kenwyn, Truro, Kea, St Michael Penkevil, Merther, St Erme and St Allen.


  1. St Clement is included in The Parochial History of Cornwall, Volume I by Davies Gilbert, William Hals, Thomas Tonkin, Henry Samuel Boase, originally published in 1838 (page n242). Also downloadable as a pdf.
  2. Phillimore's Marriages Vol XXVI transcripts including St Clement (transcribed and in our database). For the Contents page, keep clicking Next until page 7/218 appears.