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has been given a variety of names, including Antony-in-East, Antony St Jacob, and East Antony. It has also been called Antony-by-Rame, and was called Antone in the Domesday Book of 1086.
Situated in the Hundred and deanery of East, and separated from the town of Devonport by the Hamoaze, Antony is nestled in the South-eastern corner of Cornwall. The parish is named after Saint Antony and possibly Anta's Farm. The parish of Antony is now in the Caradon District Council.
Antony should not be confused with Anthony in Meneage in the Lizard peninsula, nor Anthony in Roseland, which is just across the bay near Truro. (Click here for close-up map) Many older records did not distinguish between them clearly; all have been referred to merely as "Anthony" at some time. The 1884 parish locator map on our site has indicated "Anthony" for this parish.
The "new" parish of Torpoint, created from Antony in 1819, lies in the south-east corner of the older Antony parish. The parish is mainly farmland to the West, while the town of Torpoint lies in the east of the parish. There are two forts in the parish, Scraesdon and Tregantle; the latter is currently used as a base camp for the adjacent military firing range. Tregantle was built in 1865 to protect the port of Plymouth from French iron-clad ships, and was designed to hold 35 guns.

The elegant church, with its spire, was dedicated to St James (the Great) on 14th October 1259. The present church is thought to have been built around 1420. It is situated on an eminence above the village, and the ascent to it is by flights of granite steps. The church was completely renovated in the middle of the 19th century. The old bench ends in the church have been incorporated into the pulpit and the stalls in the chancel.

There is another Anglican Church (formerly a chapelry) at Merrifield (Maryfield). The building is small and plain in the Decorated style, containing several stained-glass windows.

Entrance to Tregantle Fort
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The OPC (Genealogy) for Antony is Em Gordon.

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  1830, Pigot's Directory for Torpoint  

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To view a Bastardy Order, dated 19 Jun 1749, naming Mary and Grace SHELTON/SKELTON of Landulph and Thomas POMEROY of this Parish, click here.

Overseers' Accounts:

  1. 1809-1811, mentioning the names of many local residents

Settlement Papers:

  15 Feb 1788, Margaret MACMANNERS (& Truro) 14 Mar 1822, Ann BURKE, Antony (& Sheviock)
  19 Sep 1793, Thomas JOHNS and family (& Sheviock)  

Voters Lists:

  1. 1851/52
  2. 1852/53
  3. 1864/65


A list of available Wills and Probate Documents. Copies of those marked as CRO can be ordered from here using the appropriate reference.  For those marked as NA enter the reference in the search box on this page and follow the onscreen instructions.

  20 Dec 1602, Elizabeth HICKES(S) 22 Jul 1802, John GRAVES, Lt.
  31 Mar 1604, Arthure POMERYE 12 Jul 1807, Agnes ROBERTS
  22 Jan 1606, Thomas HENDY 24 Sep 1808, John Alexander DOUGLAS, Lieut.
  20 Dec 1609, John HARROD 21 Feb 1810, James DUNN
19 Mar 1611, Stephen HODGE 7 Jun 1813, Daniel TOM
10 Dec 1621, Anthony SEARELL 18 Nov 1813, Jane SPRY
  10 Aug 1638, Ferdinand TRIGG, proved 1653 30 Nov 1813, Erasmus ROBERTS
  8 Oct 1652, Elizabeth HARRY 10 May 1816, John WALSH
  20 Aug 1654, Alnutt/Allnutt HARRY 13 Jun 1817, John JEFFERY
  30 Jan 1656, Josias HOOPER 7 Mar 1818, John HOSKYN
  9 Feb 1656, John POPLESTONE 11 Apr 1818, John LAMPEN, proved 1824
  18 Nov 1678, Dame Jane CAREW 25 Jul 1818, Conrad BARTHLEIN
  25 Jun 1681, Johan/Joanna TREMAN/TRENAMAN, proved 1704 19 Nov 1819, James JACKSON
  15 Sep 1686, Frederick(e) STEUR 25 Oct 1823, John Pope
  25 Aug 1696, John TREIS 20 Dec 1830, Francis BULLIN
  18 Jul 1744, Ralph READY, mariner 5 Jul 1831, Joseph FLEMING
  14 Feb 1745, William VINSON, mariner 3 Mar 1835, John BLACKLER, proved 1849
  5 Jun 1746, Philip PETT 27 Feb 1837, Jane DAPLIN
  20 Feb 1747, Sir Coventry CAREW 17 Oct 1837, Benjamin BAWDEN, proved 1843
  28 Jun 1755, John LOREMORE, proved 1762 2 Apr 1839, Alexander GILBERTSON
  18 May 1758, Henry HARRISON, Esqr. Vice Admiral 18 May 1840, Anthony PIKE, proved 1847
  29 Oct 1759, John BARTLETT 11 Jan 1842, Catherine AXFORD
  16 Jun 1771, John CAREW, Esquire 30 Dec 1843, Edward KITT
  17 Dec 1773, Joseph HOOPER 3 Sep 1846, John BOGER
  2 May 1789, John ARKILL, Mariner 16 Nov 1851, John Pike JEFFERY
  20 Mar 1793, James ROBERTS 17 Sep 1852, John PIKE
  17 Feb 1798, John PEARCE 28 Aug 1854, Ann(e) BILLING

Notes on the JACKSON family of Antony, discovered and contributed by John Hine.

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Sheviock, St Stephens by Saltash, Torpoint (post-1813), Millbrook (post-1867) and Maker (pre-1867).


  1. Antony (St Anthony in East) is included in The Parochial History of Cornwall, Volume I by Davies Gilbert, William Hals, Thomas Tonkin, Henry Samuel Boase, originally published in 1838 (page n72). Also downloadable as a pdf.
  2. The Cornwall Register by John Wallis, A.M. F.S.S., then Vicar of Bodmin, printed 1847. If the in-built search produces no results, use the index pages (474-476) to find your parish of interest. Tables of statistics and other data can be found at the beginning of the book, starting at page n9.
  3. Heraldic Church Notes from Cornwall; containing the Heraldry and Genealogical Particulars on every Memorial in Ten Churches in the Deanery of East, by Arthur J. Jewers, F.S.A. Includes extracts from parish registers &c.